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Every year, when the kitchen workload that comes with a Christmas 'party' in my house begins, I always make it a point of duty to tell my mum that stressing ourselves on this day is counterproductive because it's a holiday and to me, holidays mean rest. How nice would it be to just go out and chill or stay at home and sleep or better still, just not have any guests (too much?). Along with these thoughts and whinings is always this part of me daydreaming about how I'd make sure Christmas is much more different for me when I start a family of my own. One of the activities that always pop up, year in, year out is traveling to someplace fun to sightsee, relax and make new memories.
I honestly think that in one's lifetime, it would be fun to visit as many countries as possible but taking many many factors into consideration such as the fact that there are 195 countries in the world, how feasible is that and how many is actually 'many'? I however have a list of places that would make the perfect Christmas destination for me but in no particular order, let's cut it down to 5, shall we?

1. Greece: When I think of Greece, I think of a history so rich and buildings so ancient and picturesque that you literally gape in amazement. My interest in Greece was ignited while reading a book I love so much- Sidney Sheldon's The Other Side of Midnight- where he magically painted the beauty of Athens, the capital city of Greece whilst also describing how certain places there came to be. I definitely know that whenever I get to travel to Greece, that book goes along with me.
Fun fact about Greece: Remember Santorini and how it got the internet buzzing with it's aesthetically pleasing views? Yes? It's in Greece!

2. USA: Because, why not? I feel like even if you've traveled to 10 countries in the world and you haven't visited the United States of America, you're missing out on a lot. For those of us in this part of the world, America has always been the dream because almost every Nollywood movie we watched while growing up that involved an overseas scene always featured Flights to USA. There's the Hollywood sign to go see as well as the famous Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Millennium park et al. I could actually go on and on but I'd keep it simple. Extra topping? You could actually book Cheap Flights to USA to go see these places and more.

3. DUBIA: Who writes a top Christmas destination list without featuring the most popular emirate of the UAE? Definitely not me. I mean, you get to see the world famous Burj Khalifa tower (tallest building in the world). Pictures of Dubai scream opulence and class. I definitely want to experience some of that.

4. ITALY: Growing up, I used to think of Italy as a no go area because of the stories of people being trafficked there. I actually remember reading a book to this effect and it was quite graphic but all that is in the past now. I'm super eager to eat Italian food because I've read so much about it, see The Colosseum- one of the new wonders of the world and so, Italy is definitely a personal favorite.

5. PARIS: The capital city of France has always been what I wrote in all those parting notes we used to fill in Secondary school as my dream place and years later, nothing has changed. Hello, Eiffel Tower! Definitely a go-to for anyone who visits Paris because it is one of the most recognizable structures in the world! I read that it attracts nearly 7 million visitors yearly. I definitely want to be one of them!

Writing this post made me super dreamy and Nollywood movies aside, I'm almost sure that when I start traveling, I'd kick it off with a few Flights to USA. To be more precise, Cheap Flights to USA.
What destinations do we have in common? I'm guessing hoping there would be at least one
Which of these places have you been to?


  1. 195 countries in the world? There should be more joor,does that list include the "Lost city of Atlantis"? Lol I'm just messing around. I would definitely love to travel around the world,I believe it would be good food to my soul seeing other ethnicities and parts of the world,just another reminder that the world though called "a very small place" is actually much bigger than we can fathom, great read for this month of December and I wish you a very beautiful Christmas and a Happy new year

    P.S Manage the workload okay? You most probably always do it right that is what they need you.CIAO


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