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Lessons I learn. Moments/Experiences worth sharing. My random musings and my idiosyncrasy. This page is all about these. I want to try to strike a balance between living life and describing it. Life is all about learning and relearning and I intend to share my many experiences and lessons via this medium. They are actually going to be stuffs you can relate with or probably have gone through at one point or the other. Life just gets better when you realise you're never alone and others have gone through similar experiences and come out strong. Live life. Learn lessons. xxx


There are certain people you meet, hear or read about and you can't help but admire something if not everything about them. Strength, talents, creativity and all. This page is for such people though right now I have none in my head. Some of them I read about in newspapers (Yes, I still read newspapers), some in magazines, some I know personally and some I know by reputation. Yes! I'm going to feature any fictional character I fall in love with. I'll do my best to bring them alive don't worry.            Enjoy. xxx


Fashion, Fashion, Fashion. To be honest, I'm no fashion enthusiast. In fact, fashion is like the least thing I'm passionate about but I do admire those who are fashionable and for me, the next attractive thing about a person after their self-confidence and intelligence is their dress sense. I'm not exactly sure how it's going to be like but this page is basically going to be outfits that make my jaw drop, my fashion crushes and all things fashion /style/beauty. I'll muse on this "Don't let what you can't do stop you from doing what you can do " and make the best of this page. Hopefully, you'll be here with me to witness anyhow it goes.


I'm no medical practitioner neither am I a RD (Registered Dietitian). I'm just a dilettante in health related issues. I'm not sure if it has more to do with my course of study or my inquisitiveness but I enjoy researching various topics whose explanations seem vague to me. When I started this, it was partly because of inquisitiveness and partly because of boredom. What I didn't understand was why I was always writing them down. Well, now I know and I'm glad I followed my instincts. I knew I wanted others to read my write-ups but I didn't know how to go about it. Health magazines was a No No because I'm not a pro. I actually tried to write for one tho but I got no reply. Tsk tsk. Please do not expect a 100% accuracy from the posts with this label. The best I can give is 85. Lol. I hope I get to satisfy not only my own inquisitiveness but yours too.                                                   Kisses|LLB.

Choosing positivity

It's a new week! (This post should have gone up since last week but procrastination got me) I know virtually everyone dreads Monday for one reason or the other. For most, it's because another week end has come to an end. For students like me, it's because of all the lectures ahead even though we were longing for it during the holidays. Well as for me, this week is going to be the beginning of something different so I've been looking forward to it. The past two weeks have been annoyingly terrible for me or should I put it as terribly annoying? Either one, I'm sure you get my point. I think if you're not yet settled down after two weeks of resumption and you have a choking timetable, you'd agree with me that 'terribly annoying' describes it all. As if going through all that stress was not enough, I had this very negative attitude towards everything. Where it came from, I don't know. I was just whining and beating myself up over things I couldn

Yaay! Let's get it started!

For some days now, I've been racking my brain on what a first blog post should look like. It's a personal blog, a freestyle thing and all that but still, I kept racking my brain. I finally decided to just pick up my pen and write whatever comes to me. So, looking around me, I can't find anything to inspire a write-up. I picked up a souvenir from a company and their Mission Statement reads "We commit ourselves to people over things" and as I was about to question it, I remembered a message I once listened to. I ruminated on it and there and then, I decided it was worth sharing. I can't recollect the topic of the message but I do remember some part of it. The two major points I can remember are "You don't stumble into your future, you create it." and "Be person oriented not things oriented". Deep I must say. I wish I still have the message but life happened so I don't. I'm just going to write down the way I interpreted it to m