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10 Reasons You Might Be Breaking Out.

When I wrote this post for   HERE , I didn't think I'd be publishing it on my blog so soon because well as I said in this POST , I finally developed skincare routine. Life happened, I got lazy and I suddenly woke up to massive break out one fateful day. It wasn't exactly that time of the month thingy. This selfie does no justice, actually but you can still see the 'bumps' without zooming.   It's just my punishment for being frugal with my face cleanser because it became more expensive and many other skincare routine mistakes I've been making. So, if you've been cleansing, exfoliating and all and still breaking out, this post is for you (us). Let's dig in 1. You carry out your routine without washing your hands first. This is a No, No. From touching your cellphone to your doorknob and all those fomites, your hand carries numerous bacteria so just make sure you wash your hands first before washing your face.  2.  Your hand is

A Moment of Excited Curiosity

I was reluctant but I just had to do it. The hustle to sleep early the previous night apparently didn't pay off. I guess I congratulated myself too early even as I woke up that morning and didn't doze off during my morning prayers. I was glad as I saw empty seats in Church signifying that I arrived quite early. Everything was going smoothly until it was the time for the message. I found myself constantly batting my eyelashes in an attempt to stay awake. I tried shaking my legs continuously to ward off sleep. I even cleaned my fingernails. Even as the first preacher rounded off and it was time to pray, I made sure I held the chair in front of me just in case. I tried every tactic I could. I even contemplated going out to stroll but the idea wasn't quite embracing. With each chant of 'I must not sleep, I must listen attentively', I understood better the "You can't cheat nature" line.      While fiddling with the zip of my handbag, I remembered somethin

The Meat Question || HR 02

Way before I knew I'd have a blog, I had a book where I wrote down health topics that confused me. In this book, I put down my 'research' results just for putting down sake lol. I just enjoyed putting the words together even though I was pretty sure no one but me would read it. When the idea to start a blog came, I decided to include a Health segment. You can read more about that  HERE . I have just a post in this category because I wasn't 100% sure of all I was putting down plus as they usually say not everything on Google is correct and well, I'm not a medical practitioner.  I was just reading my very first health 'research' which was on meat and I decided to post it because well, it's my blog and then I'm definitely open to corrections. I wrote this sometime last year and because of reasons I can't pinpoint, I decided to copy and paste it from my drafts. No edits, nothing so forgive my errors. Here it is.       MEAT: Safe or not? You pr

Staying True To Yourself

                             Hello Hello. How was the holiday at your end? Hope you slept as much as you planned to and you spent time doing all what you planned to do well? So,this isn't the kind of post where I abstractly talk about being yourself,being original and all. I know you've read more than enough on that. This is a really personal post where I'd be sharing times when I went off track with my originality and I paid dearly for it. It's amazing how the many things we laugh at ourselves over are the ones that teach us some of our greatest lessons.         Cooking Style: Okay,this one is hilarious and just don't laugh at me too much. A random fact about me is that I hate spicy food. This day in the hostel,a friend prepared noodles for both of us and it had this cool,different look (I don't add anything to my mine) so I just figured out it was pepper because of the hot,spicy taste plus it had a really attractive colour. Few days later,noodles once ag

Wedding Day Thrills : 6 Things I Look Forward to & 3 That I Don't!

Hey guys, I've not posted in a while. Isn't it nice how that screams consistency? Lol jokes. I promise to do better. I was watching TV the other day and came across this 'It's my wedding' program that showcases all the activities couples go through in prep for their wedding day. I remember being insanely attracted to all the Ovation magazines with wedding pictures when I was way younger.  I was constantly devouring the pictures and you'd think I'd grow up to become a bridal consultant or something close. Life oh Life. My mantra has always been 'I'm looking forward to my wedding day and not exactly to marriage' but who am I deceiving? Lol. I think every girl has their wedding fantasy kept somewhere close for easy editing and all so I thought to share some of the reasons I'm looking forward to getting wedded. •  Pre-wedding shoot : Some years back, this wouldn't have been on the list but with all these beautiful and also hilariou