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A Retrospective Account of 2016!

I honestly entered this year with little/no dreams or aspirations. There were no 'this year, I must do this' talks. I was just normal. Nothing more, nothing less. Using my phone's gallery as a guide, I decided to break my 2016 down and lessons learnt. This post might be picture overload but I'd try to keep it short and simple. JANUARY No blog post from me because this blog didn't exist till sometime around 24th and I still wasn't sure. I wasn't particularly ecstatic about it because I made the mistake of wanting everything to be perfect not just before starting but even before telling anyone. I probably told just two people because I didn't want any external motivation which turned out well if you ask me. The highlight of the month for me apart from having a blog URL in my name was baking bread rolls for the first time. FEBRUARY  I had to resume school and that kinda put blog work on the back end but I still managed to publish my first post on

My Top 5 Favourite Things About Christmas

Christmas is in 2 days and I've giving up on having that Christmassy feeling. I guess there's really such a thing as outgrowing it. I think those primary school days were the really fun ones when we always get nice packages from Father Christmas and always get really anxious to see what we were given. On a general basis and in the spirit of Christmas, I decided to share my top 5 favorite things about Christmas in no particular order. 1. Hampers : I've got a special love for this and I can't even explain it. I can still remember the very first hamper we got years ago and how excited I had been at finding variety of items in the basket. A new hamper came in today and you should have seen me giddy with excitement. This snap was from last year and the love is still as strong. 2. Giveaways - So, way before I had a blog that made me join Instagram, I used to say I'd join only because of giveaways and I meant it. There was this giveaway I was totally interested

Life Lately

This morning I was pretty sure I wouldn't publish a post this week talk less of today simply because I don't feel like publishing any of the posts I have drafted but then, here I am. I guess I'm less of a planner and more of a spontaneous person and not exactly in between as I mentioned in this POST .  So basically, I've been writing exams for like forever and it's like it doesn't want to end. Here's what I've been up to.. One of those exam days  1. A Gratitude Challenge  : Talked all about it in this post . Honestly, there are some days when I'm already shutting my eyes and I remember I haven't filled in my entry for the day, I just force my eyes open. It's very easy to forget really but I've been making a conscious effort not to miss it. 2. Exams - I have just one left. Yaay. I would have finished today but life happened and there was a public holiday on Monday so the exam for that day was shifted to next week. It's been

On Being Appreciative (+ A gratitude challenge)

It was one of those sunny afternoons when cabs were scarce. I didn't fancy the 2 minutes and counting wait at the junction but I had to get to school. Good thing was that I wasn't alone ; we were about 15 waiting and then this red bus came into view. It was a familiar one with the university's name inscribed on it and the driver was ready to give as many of us as he could a jolly ride to school. I was reluctant at first but when I thought about the sun, I hopped in. As the bus started moving, I began to feel uncomfortable not only because of the passers-by looking in but also because I was sitting by the window. During the journey that seemed very long, I remembered the two ladies I had offered my seat to because I knew they had an exam that afternoon and I didn't and how they had refused and then the look in their eyes. Or maybe I imagined that? When we finally got to school, I started praying that the driver would stop at a location far away from people's view.

Life|Hello December!

HAPPY NEW MONTH!! It's the last month of the year! 2016 seems long and short at the same time. It feels just like yesterday when there were chants of Happy New Year and at the same time, it feels like I've been blogging way earlier than this year! There has been so much to learn in this journey and so much fun too. The taking stock format for me is here to stay. Here's saying a very big thank you to whoever started it. So, basically throughout November, all these went down... Learning - Or maybe relearning that life is too short to let worry steal some of it. I had to face this for more than half of the 30 days in November and it's getting better. Hoping - That the decisions I made these past few days are the right ones and not a virtue of me being irrational. Wanting - A surprise christmas gift. Maybe I should publish a Christmas wishlist post? Wishing - That I could sometimes take a sneak preview into what's going to be the outcome of certain situa