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Birthday Talk and Pictures

I didn't plan to do a birthday post but I realized how much fun I had going through last year's Post mentally and I decided to just put together something and then, what better way to preserve pictures than on here? I actually did have a fun day and I realized that the last time I celebrated my birthday at home was 9 years ago when I was in JSS2. I tweeted this and somehow someone was able to accurately get my age. I'm a small girl, lol. I'm not sure I look my age tho. My new age resolution is to finally stop hiding my age, so feel free to ask me. Hehehe I had to leave home rushing and that's something I actually do not enjoy. I didn't expect to have as much fun as I did because I was expecting very few people as most of my friends stay in Lagos but at the end of the day, I realized that less is actually more. I had an amazing surprise guest too. I wish I could blog about how thrilled I was but I'd end up writing gibberish as much as I like to think I'

Books Vs Movies : Would you rather read or watch?

This is definitely not up for argument as the title might imply. It is more of a discussion as I'm tired of thinking about it and explaining it to myself and others. For the longest time, I've been asked why I haven't seen a full episode of Game of Thrones or why I don't follow this or that series/ haven't seen this movie and the likes. Even though I have a few   Favorite movies of all time , I honestly find more solace in reading books for reasons I wasn't certain until recently. It was an online interview (I'd have linked back to it but it hasn't been published) and I was asked what my favorite TV show while growing up was. After thinking hard, I realized I had none and the reason was not far fetched. I grew up with my grandmother and I hardly watched TV  because there was a fixed routine during weekdays of going to school, getting back home to play for a little while, doing homework and then freestyling till night falls with the television left unt

Life Diary||February

Happy New Month! The third month of the year is here. And it's my birth month. Whoop. February was really sweet. Just 28 cute and fun days that went by pretty fast. I didn't take stock last month because I wanted a change but right now, I'm too lazy and busy at the same time (how contradictory) so I guess I'd just stick with it for now. Here it goes Learning  - That nothing is actually perfect in reality. There's always some sort of covering up that happens - in every area. Hoping - That I get some really pleasant surprises in this new month and that I make the most of the 31 days. Wanting - A cute pink/purple Bible. All those ones with nice inscriptions by the side to make reading and understanding easier. Birthday gift idea! Wishing - Someone would just hit me up and bless my bank account. Yes, just like that. 😒😒 Reading  - Currently, The Joys of Motherhood by the late Buchi Emecheta. Apparently almost everyone read this book in Secondary sc