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Quick Life Update : The Abusive Relationship I Am In

I trusted him completely but he broke my heart and still is in the business of breaking it. His promise to always be with me Everywhere I Go was alas a lie. He said that only to catch my attention and make me his. He gave me mouth-watering packages that offered me less for more but it turned out to be a façade. I'm tired and frustrated. I can't carry out my normal routine with all he's been doing. I trusted him just this once and he disappointed me. I never should have promoted him from the zone I placed him in initially. I remember all the times I heard people complain about theirs and I was always relieved I wasn't in their shoes but guess where I am now? I guess that's what life does. Sit in a corner and laugh at you. Nice job. He looks so attractive on the outside but deep down, there's nothing exciting about  him. A big fat façade. I miss the things I could have been doing if I hadn't made the mistake of trusting him too much. His favourite colour is

Why You Should : Walk Deliberately

I'm the type of girl who tells her friends they are her eyes and that they'd get into trouble if she trips or falls down while fiddling with her phone. On the road. I recently came across two posts about social media and how we're always all about our phones. The constant need to do it for the 'gram', update our snaps, stories just so our followers know how much fun we're having. I can't recollect the other blog I read from but you can read the other HERE . That wasn't even the problem. The problem was that despite the fact that I read these posts days apart, I was doing the same thing while reading them. WALKING. Though it wasn't on a particularly busy road, the second time I realised this, it got to me in a really inexplicable way. Maybe that was pretty understandable because I always try to make the most of every single time I could to network but what about the other day when I was going somewhere, had no one waiting for me, no appointment to k

Why I Love : Keeping my nails + Interesting Facts

Okay Okay, before somebody freaks out, I'm not talking about the vampire kinda nails. Not like they've ever gotten that long ; something always breaks them. I'm talking about not having my fingernails looking all low and well trimmed. I've come to realise that I love mentioning what births my posts just as I did with this post , my first post  and many more. I'm thinking of starting a series where I share different things I love and to be honest, apart from wanting to know other people's reasons, I can't point out why I'm starting with reasons I love keeping my nails but let's get to it, shall we? 1. To ease boredom  : Okay, now I remember. A boring meeting/atmosphere I was in birthed this post. And because using my phone would have seemed rude and stuff, I kept on and on with cleaning my left fingernails with the right just to keep myself busy. Huge lifesaver. 2. To avoid sleep  : This works hand in hand with boredom and works 80% of the tim

6 Life Lessons From My Pancake Fails!

While it doesn't particularly look this cool, attractive and oh so mouth watering,(Couldn't get a decent photo of mine)  I can boldly say you wouldn't discard my recent pancakes either because of its looks or its taste. Yes! My pancake game has gotten stronger like I already said in this post . It's much of a big deal for me because of reasons I can't even explain. I'm just really excited that there's no such thing as flour, eggs, milk, sugar wastage anymore when it's time to make pancakes. In previous times, it's either I get a really awkward shape or it feels sort of rubbery and I'm all for the right/perfect shape and feel. Luckily for me, it always had a great taste but you wouldn't want to eat what doesn't look attractive now would you? I was just musing over what and what I had been doing wrong when I realised there were amazing intertwined life lessons there and I thought to share it here as I already mentioned in my September R

Don't Look Into That Mirror!

                Both literally and figuratively I mentioned in my September RECAP  that I'm learning that asking others for their opinion at times is like giving them a cutlass to cut you with. A mirror is a mirror and people could be mirrors too. For this post, a person becomes your mirror when you seek their opinion. Believe me, I've come to realise that sometimes it's really unnecessary because of 3 points I'd be sharing. 1. You might inadvertently ruin your self confidence  : Because the mirror might show you some of your flaws and imperfections and if you can't deal with it, your self confidence could be ruined. For example, you prepare a delicious meal, give someone to eat and you're waiting for the person to compliment you but it doesn't come, then you go 'What do you think about the food?' and the reply crushes you. What happens then? You really didn't have to ask. 2. The mirror might want to make itself feel better : I don't


September was a really outstanding month for me.  I literally spent the whole 30 days indoors. I went out just like thrice. My couch potato game is a 10. Most of the days followed the basic routine of waking up late, eating, fiddling with my phone, sometimes reading, sleeping very late and like that. Nevertheless, God was (is) still God throughout and I'm sharing my September lessons in the taking stock format. Learning - That sometimes, seeking for the opinion/approval of people is like giving them a cutlass to cut you with. Hoping - That I make the right choices as regards everything Wanting - To change my blog theme. I've been eyeing some really cute ones on Etsy. Wishing - That I actually bought one of the cute themes when I saw them and dollar exchange rate wasn't this high. Sigh, no such thing as perfect timing guys. Do what you have to do. Praying - That Nigeria gets better. Reading - Many things at a time with very little concentration because I basica