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Blogiversary 01 : is 1!

Whoop Whoop. It's February 21st. The first day I hit publish on this web space of mine. I can remember writing that Post  and wondering if it would be enough and if I'd be able to pull this blogging stuff off. I think I was too nervous the day I published it because not only can I not remember where I was on that day, I didn't even bother noting the date till I saw a blogger celebrating her Blogiversary and I went "Omg, I didn't note the date" like the blogger app wouldn't put in the date. Lol I can't believe it's been up to a year. Like, I had to check again. It was so overwhelming that I had to take the whole of last week off. I didn't do anything blogging related. One of the very first posts I wrote was on how I got the idea to blog and even though I haven't published it till this day, I go over it and I realize everything can be summarised into one word : Epiphany. My story isn't the one where I've always wanted loved wri

4 Secondary School Habits that never left (+2 I wish stayed)

If you already read My Jumping Tale post, you'd probably think I'm doing a sort of personal educational recap but I'm not. There's definitely a such thing as coincidence. This post has been sitting pretty unfinished till today when during my sister's birthday outing, one of the topics we had fun discussing was our secondary aka high school and all its drama. It brought back cool memories and I even remembered some people I'd forgotten about so I just decided to take advantage of that and finish this up! Whether you went to a boarding school or not, one thing that is certain is there would be few habits or ways of doing things in secondary school aka high school that never really left you and probably might never do. I mean, it's 6 years as I'm pretty sure there were hardly any cases of jumping . Even though I always have this nagging feeling that I didn't have as much fun as possible back then, I definitely have certain habits that stuck and I'

Life Diary || January

Even though I know you've read about how January took so long and probably whined about it too a thousand and one times, I'm sorry you'd have to read about it here again. New years' day feels like 6 months ago to me and I'm not even exaggerating. Despite the fact that I didn't really have much fun last month, I wasn't really waiting for February to come so that I'd start living the way I wanted to. It's all part of the process and it has to be enjoyed no matter how hard it may seem. I think I experienced literally every emotion there is to experience last month because my tired was just tired and there were a whole lot of things to learn, accept and realize. - Whatever is yours will always come back to you : When this hit me, I realized that I've always looked at it from the relationship angle because well, that's where I always come across it 80% of the time till I almost lost my subscribers. Long story, how that happened. Scratch tha