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My Jumping Tale

Am I the only one who lowkey misses those primary school days when all that was our concern was collecting daily allowance to spend on yogurt and the likes? Can't be. I actually attended two primary schools. One where I started and was always getting into different kinds of trouble ranging from bursting into a class and talking to who I came to see without acknowledging the teacher a lot of times till he finally got tired of me and whopped my ass to getting my teacher all smelly and stained because I got unboiled eggs for an assignment instead of boiled ones and the other school where I spent just a session before going to secondary school. I happened to be this exceptionally brilliant child in primary school which I guess made certain people believe so much in me that they felt I'd thrive so well in secondary school without necessarily completing my primary school education. So maybe I did thrive well but recently, I realized that I didn't thrive as well as I could have

The Small Things!

Have you wanted anything so bad but for some reasons you couldn't get it? I definitely have and it isn't a very pleasant feeling. I mentioned in my last post HERE  that the first few days of this year have been somewhat gloomy for me for way too many reasons I can't share right now. Also, I wanted something badly, there was no way I could get it and that's equal to lots of frustration if not controlled. Last week, I actually prayed for a surprise not exactly with what I wanted in mind. I just wanted something different and pleasant to happen and I wanted this surprise before the end of that week. Towards the end of the week, I started wondering why I hadn't gotten any surprise and then I realised I actually did get a surprise. Maybe not exactly what I hoped it would be but finding a thousand naira note in a bag I'd totally forgotten about counts as some surprise. 2017 I heard is going to be a year of pleasant surprises according to men of God and I'm so


Hi guyss, Let me just drop in like I went nowhere. Happy New Year!! It's 2017,yo! That means 2007 was just 10 years ago and 2020 is in 3 years! Which is more scary? If you ask me, I'd say the latter and that's probably because most people talk about vision 2020 for certain projects and all that and moreover I don't think anyone ever witnessed a 1010. Okay, I digress. I'm typing this right now on my phone by 1am with the post title space blank because I don't know what I'm going to write on. I just had a huge spontaneous moment some seconds ago and here I am. It's the second week of the new year and I'm just kind of uninterested in a lot of things, well except Twitter as I've left the scroll and retweet gang and I've been tweeting. You can follow me HERE . I don't know if this is bad or not but I can already envision the last post of this year by December and how I'd talk about the first few days of the year and how they didn&#