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Of Dreams That Come True...

I didn't think I would be writing this so soon. I assumed I'd wait till later this year to write this post but one sleepless night changed my mind. I reminded myself that the best time to do almost anything is NOW. So, here goes nothing. Scratch that, here goes SOMETHING I AM A GRADUATE! A FIRST CLASS GRADUATE! I still have to remind myself occasionally that no, it's not just a semester result. It is the accumulation of all my GPs and CGPAs. It's surreal. And yes, it is a dream come true. Not a big deal these days but it feels good achieving what I had been working on. If you think I seem shocked and surprised, then trust me, I am. Why? So many reasons but the single most important one is that graduating with a first class is something I only started working towards in my final year Weird, I know. I thought so too but I did what I had to and I'm super grateful that God made it happen. If you're already wondering why I only started working towards it