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TMI TAG - Too Much Information

Too Much Information. I've been using this slang quite too often these days. Like, I jump at any opportunity that allows me make use of it. So I was tagged on some blogs and at first was skeptical because tmi but I read many others, saw that I enjoyed reading them so why not try to make someone else enjoy mine? It's been on the blogosphere for sometime now and I really should get a LASTMA jacket! Funny how I read other bloggers post and I felt the questions weren't tmi but answering mine actually feels like tmi...  1. What are you wearing? Not tmi, so a yellow top and black pyjamas. Super comfy. 2. Ever been in love? Tmi but yes! Cupcakes, ice-cream, shortbread and all that. Ok ok, yes. 3. Ever had a terrible breakup? An Abusive Relationship, yes .  But terrible breakup, no. Not tmi 4. How tall are you? I checked sometime in 2014,I was 1.8m or thereabout. Fast forward to 2016,I checked and I was told 1.77m. Reduction in height? I doubt it. Someone just doe

The Confident Woman : Joyce Meyer

I don't think a post has ever been long overdue the way this one is. In my JUNE  recap, I mentioned that I had been reading this book for ages and would share lessons from it as soon as I'm through. Four months gone and guess what? I'm still not done reading it. I actually haven't picked it up since then. It's not only with this book ; many others. Both e-books and non e-books but that's fine. Let's talk about why I dropped this book in the first instance. Plain truth is I didn't want to finish it. Funny, I know.The book is loaded with so many things for me and I felt I was rushing it plus I didn't just want to read it and get over with it. I wanted to digest and practicalise all there was in it. Funny thing is I borrowed it from a friend initially and when I realised the book was tearing apart and I didn't want to part with it , I just got her a new one. That's how cool the book is. Anyway, this is not a review of any kind. I'm just

My Favourite Movies of All Time + Fun Facts

Has anyone seen Lights Out? It's a 2016 movie that I should have seen by now but haven't because it's horror and I can't even watch it at night which is the only time I have. I'm kinda idle  right now not because I've finished reading everything in preparation for my exams in 2 weeks but because I've had tests back to back this week and I just need my brain to rest. The plan was to achieve this by seeing movies but as at the time of typing this blog post, there's only Lights Out available and the snippet I saw is really scary. The available options were either to sleep or publish a post and I decided to go for the latter and share my favourite movies of all time. The ones that have a really special place in my heart. So, let's dig in 1. My Best Friend's Wedding  : A 1997 movie that I never got tired of watching and would still watch over and over again because my love for  WEDDINGS  has been around since forever. Made me love Julia Roberts