Tuesday, 10 October 2017

4 Cliché (Not so Cliché) Lessons From A Short Trip.

I have a love hate relationship with a lot of things and situations such as with skirts as I wrote about in this POST. I have a love hate relationship with traveling. I absolutely love to see new places, learn new things and all that but I hate the long distance that has to be traveled as a time always comes during every journey that I get claustrophobic and then there's always one or two accident scenes on the road. It's not always pretty. You'd probably think I'm talking about a 7 hours journey but No. Laugh all you want but a 3hours with almost 30 minutes journey inspired this post while I was looking out of the window at nothing in particular. I realized some lessons the journey thought me and though cliché, I thought to share it still on the blog as this act would make the lessons stick and also to reach out to someone who might need this.

1. Inanimate objects could ruin your mood- If you let them. :  If you've ever had problems with gadgets, you'd know the most practical example here are our phones but in this case, it was a car. One that has not had problems in a very long time but decided to start jerking all of a sudden as the journey started. Frustration doesn't do justice to describing how we felt but we took solace in the fact that God definitely saved us from something terrible as it actually started jerking as soon as we hit the expressway. 😭😭😭

2. Going up a mountain is harder than coming down from it - In this case, going to our destination was wayy more difficult than returning home. Apart from the car incident, the road was even better on the returning end. So, basically sometimes in Life, it is very difficult to climb a ladder and get to whatever peak we have in mind but staying there still requires much more effort because once we begin to step down, all of the effort put in while going up becomes forfeited.

3. Things are better done in the morning : I understood clearly the importance of eating the frog (doing the seemingly most difficult task) early in the day. Though my bum still ached when we were going back home early in the morning, I'd choose the cool atmosphere and body strength over how tired it was in the evening on the day we first embarked on the journey. So be sure to eat the frog as early as possible! This is a personal message for me because I'm so not a morning person. 😔😔

 Mark Twain said “If it’s your job to eat a frog, it’s best to do it first thing in the morning. And if it’s your job to eat two frogs, it’s best to eat the biggest one first.”

4. Mothers are always right : (Sometimes). My mum kept mentioning that she feels there won't be food in the guest house that was reserved for us. Every time she brought it up, we argued that it wasn't possible. Well, we got to the guest house as late as 8pm and were shocked at the state it was in. As if that was not enough, there was no food! We actually had to start looking for another hotel that late and that proved to be an herculean task as it was a Friday night and almost all hotels had all their rooms occupied! The lesson here is to stop thinking we're all knowing and actually listen to our mums (and dads by extension) as there's every chance they are right.

And on a lighter note, I learnt that Minimie chinchin doesn't break any boredom (this is the core statement in their ads) . It only adds to headache if you already have one or gives you one especially when you're not hungry because it's quite hard and you have to expend a lot of energy while chewing it. I love it still however.

Friday, 22 September 2017

The Insecurity Tag : 10 Things I'm Insecure About

I came across this tag on Instagram (Follow me HERE ) and I realised reading about the insecurities of other people really made me feel something not exactly because I could relate with their insecurities but because it warmed my heart and inspired me in ways I can't explain. This is why I decided to share a few of mine: both the ones I used to have and the ones I still have. The tag says ten and I hope I'm able to come up with that many.
In real life, I'm covering my eyes because you're about to read my never been told secrets. 

1. I used to be really insecure about my face in Secondary school because pimples ridden. I remember that when I was in SS1, it was at its peak and I used to talk to people especially seniors with my face down. I got tired of hearing "What happened to your face!?" every time someone was sending me to go fetch her water or whatever the errand happened to be.

2. I'm pretty insecure about not having any stereotype talents. Singing, dancing, acting, drawing and the likes. I'm not exaggerating when I say I used to think I was the only one God created like that. Really dealt with my self confidence for a long time. Those were the days when social media wasn't the hype but now that it is, it has made me see that there are other people like me who are making waves in their unconventional fields. I've now accepted that I'm still a creative despite the fact that I can't do all what is traditionally tagged as creative. I'm however not going to pretend that I don't sometimes wish I could sing well or dance or draw!

3. Even though I get told that I have nice dentition a lot, there's still something about it that I'm quite insecure about. I have extra tooth on both sides of my mouth that makes me not want to open my mouth too wide while laughing around people I'm not very free with. Funny thing about this is that I know they can't see it but I just keep being careful.

4. My mood swings. I'm insecure about them. How it can take me from 100-0 is annoying and I hate the fact that I sometimes can't control how it makes me relate with people when it comes on.

RELATED ON THE BLOG  : For Times When You Go From 100-0 And You Can't Explain It.

5. I know gone are the days when being smart was restricted to academics alone but I still feel really bad about not being a mathematical 'genius' cause I developed interest in it wayyy too late which makes me feel like a fraud when people tell me I'm smart if we're talking academics.

6. I'm insecure about my ability to totally overthink any thing possible. Exactly why I hate being idle cause when I am, my mind begins to wander and a random fact? I could be psychic (I don't mean the crazy crazy psychic powers Lol!) . So just imagine how much energy I have to use when bad thoughts pop up.

7. I know almost every lady can relate with this maybe not as serious as I do but I do feel really insecure about my 'abilities' as a lady when dysmenorrhea comes knocking and I'm all over the place. I've met people who have it worse but there's still this part of me that gets angry because I can't just pull myself together cause of some hormones.

8. I could be really secretive which is why an insecurity coat comes on whenever someone I know asks for my blog url or tells me they read my post. I know that's the essence of the whole thing, to get everything out of my head and have people read them but I can't help but have my heart beating faster while thinking "Oh no, this person is about to get into my head."

9. I tend to be really indecisive which is one crazy insecurity I have. It leads to a whole lot of other insecurities because when you're supposed to make a choice between two very simple options and you can't, you'd start to consider yourself dumb. That isn't cool.

10. Every other insecurity has been quite serious and though I'm not very sure this counts, I'd still put this one about me not being able to stand animals. Dogs especially, yes I said it! I'd share a quick anecdote to buttress this point.
 I was at a family friends' place and this huge dog was walked into the sitting room by a about 10 years old boy, I screamed and put my legs on the couch. No shame. Sad thing was that I already refused him my phone for games. Just know he used the dog as a bait guys and he eventually played the games. I was so ashamed of myself that day! Lol. How do you people do it? I can't even touch a dog comfortably. So the basic insecurity here is that I feel so not courageous when I remember this occurrence.

Whew. You probably read that under 5 minutes but just I actually used close to a week to come up with 10 insecurities. It's so hard really, at some point I thought I was in someone else's head cause why would writing about myself be so difficult? This is probably because as humans we naturally put up a defence mechanism that shields our insecurities from coming to the surface when it's time to tell it all. It feels sort of weird that I have no physical insecurities on the list. I definitely have some physical attributes I might want to be different but I'm not insecure about any of them. I have too many psychological ones already.

I feel the need to talk about how I dealt with some of these insecurities and how I intend to deal with them but I won't because it's just about sharing and being vulnerable.

What are some of your insecurities? I shared 10 of mine! Share one as many as you can.
What insecurities do we have in common? There has to be at least one, kindly share with mee?

I always want to hear from you. Kindly leave me your thoughts. xxx

Monday, 4 September 2017

SKIRTS: A love-hate relationship

Don't you just love how inspiration for posts come from the most unexpected occurrences? I definitely do. I'm currently on industrial training/attachment to an hospital and part of the rules and regulations is that we have to dress corporate. Good news for those who put on skirts/gowns every other day and bad news for someone like me who wouldn't mind wearing trousers to their wedding reception not because I don't want to look pretty in a dress but because I feel more comfortable in it.
Just before the training started, I tried to picture how everything would be like and groaned when I realized I'd have to be on skirts almost every day and I remembered everything I dislike about putting on skirts. I thought Fridays were exempted until my supervisor said something about my trousers on a Friday even though she was putting on one herself saying something about mine just being 'different'. I was unable to get her to explain but at least that spurred me on to write this post on how I feel about skirts and share my love-hate relationship with it that I guess might be sort of general to an extent and most people would relate to.
Wumi is one of my favorite style bloggers and I just love this skirt and how she styled it. Original post HERE

1. A Somewhat restrictive posture : Especially if you hardly wear skirts- both sitting and walking postures. They say this is just psychological but I feel you'd never know whether you sit properly or not until you start wearing skirts on a regular. I'm always reminded of how much I love pants every time I wear skirts as I have to keep checking that I'm sitting properly. I can remember a secondary school friend who once said that her dad told her to start wearing more skirts because he didn't want her to get 'spoilt' with pants in the sitting right sense. When it comes to walking, I feel smarter and more comfortable in pants. I always feel like skirts are restrictive especially the straight ones. This is probably definitely because I'm not too used to it but then it is what it is. LOL.

2. Transportation Hassle : My first memory of a skirt induced transportation hassle has to be my first year in school. I went to visit friends after church (which is why I was on skirt) and then there were no cabs going towards my destination. Just bikes. It was really sunny but I kept waiting as I used to be really scared of bikes then plus I was not ready to mount a bike with the skirt I was putting on. I eventually had no choice though and while I was getting down from the bike and trying to mind the slit of my skirt, I managed to get my leg too close to the silencer. It was so painful, I got a scar and I nursed the pain while mentally making a note to not ever try it again.

3. Underwear headache : I've not had enough experiences with this for it to be a major headache but I've had a few significant ones and there's a constant reminder of this issue everywhere especially with leather skirts. I don't enjoy the view of someone else's underwear lining and so on the day I was running late for a group presentation and rushed out of home putting on a new skirt for the first time, I was very unhappy and uncomfortable when my friend told me I was dishing out that view. I obviously couldn't go back home so I had to do some tweaking here and there to successfully go through the day.

4. The Religion Angle :  This doesn't really count to be honest but I just felt like talking about it. I attended a girls only Missionary school and we loved to ask questions; especially ones relating to the 'risk factors' of not going to heaven with the most popular ones being wearing trousers and putting on earrings. We never got tired,ever. I thought it was because of the 'missionary' in the name of our school but I got out of there and realized it wasn't just us. It was everywhere especially among students. I met people who actually equated your level of 'righteousness' to whether you wore trousers or not. This of course was super disturbing initially but I've come to understand certain things so I just ignore anyone who's being extra.

RANDOM FACT The skirt is the second oldest piece of clothing, outdated only by the loincloth.

I absolutely enjoyed writing this post because it made me realize I'm back to thinking like a blogger - sourcing out inspiration from random situations. I definitely missed that.
And then what day could be better to put up this post than the day I finally summoned the courage to wear trousers to work! Hopefully I totally get away with it.

What about you? Are you a skirt or a pants person? Why?
What are your favorite things about rocking a skirt? Or the least favorite?
What's your take on the skirt-trousers religious controversy?
What's your favorite way to style skirts?
What's your favorite type of skirt? Straight, flared, A-line, which?
Guys reading this(You're the real MVP if you're still here and you're a guy, Thanks!), which does it for you? Which would you rather see a(your) girl rock? Skirts or pants and what are your reasons

I always want to hear from you. Kindly leave me your thoughts. xxx

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

2 Months Hiatus : Where have I been?


Not literally but Wow, would you guys believe that I barely even checked my blog throughout the about 2 months hiatus? I wasn't exactly that busy, maybe I was, thinking about it now but I also just don't like reading what I've posted because I don't want to go all "Omg, that's way too much information" and then probably delete a post. I've been away for so long and the hardest thing about being away for me, is coming back. Gosh, it has been so hard! I went from being busy with school work to having a break and then being busy with another school related program. During my break, I actually brought out my notepad, drafted posts, wrote down bloggable topics, searched through pinterest and every other thing. I avoided Instagram a lot because trust me, no matter how confident you think you are and how high your self esteem is, seeing that other people are posting and carrying on with the blogging process would definitely do a little something to your mood. Trust me on that one. I literally ran away from Instagram, Twitter and the works and tried to get myself back in the game with no progress until I had a mini epiphany where I realized I was probably just causing more harm by locking myself up staying off those platforms, what if all the motivation and 'ginger' I need was on there and so I corrected that immediately and believe me, it has been helpful in a way.
I didn't want my comeback post to be the typical one where I'd talk about why I've been away, excuses and all that just like the one I'm doing right now. I think it's cliché but hey, being cliché never killed anyone, not that I know of so here I am giving reasons why I've been off not because I want to but because I'm hoping it removes all the cobwebs in my mind, head and of course on the blog! Even though I had days rolling into weeks when I didn't even think about, I realized a lot of things about my blogging game and even myself in respect to blogging.
A selfie because I realized I barely have pictures of myself on the blog

Sunday, 18 June 2017

9 Chores : From Mundane to Therapeutic

To be honest, I never knew there was such a thing as therapeutic chores especially as I literally grew up hating the word 'chores' especially on Saturday mornings. Though, I used to go on and on to friends about how washing plates was therapeutic for me, made me feel better and cleared my head, I thought it was just one of those things plus I assumed it was so because my major chore as a child was washing plates. And then, one day, my head was really cleared to the extent that I had to search the internet for the term Therapeutic Chores and see if others could relate. I was expecting to get asked if I meant something else but no, I got a page full of websites talking about chores that were therapeutic.

I actually do not enjoy chores. I'd rather be doing something else. I found out that some people actually go about the house searching for things to clean but not me. Even after I drafted this post, I was in an unpleasant mood one day, needed to get out of it then I remembered the cleaning the house thingy. Trust me, I rolled my eyes still because sweeping, dusting and all that don't do it for me. This means therapeutic chores is relative because trust me, my eyes widened in amazement when I found out some people consider ironing a form of therapy for them. So, let's talk about these chores that may actually seem mundane but are actually therapeutic

1. Cooking : Does this even count as a chore? But if it does, Oh yes please. Especially when the kitchen is big, clean and super comfortable. And for me, a plus is when I know I'd be feeding someone else. I don't really enjoy cooking when I know I'd get to eat it alone. Weird but can anyone relate?

2. Laundry : This is majorly a chore for me in school and on a scale of 0-10,I find this therapeutic on a 5 which is really fair as I don't enjoy washing clothes at all. It's super stressful especially the rinsing part. I think the washing and scrubbing of the dirt away from the clothes is actually the therapeutic part of doing laundry.

3. Shopping : Not totally but I enjoy getting new things so yes, it has been quite therapeutic for me but can we just move to the part where I can buy everything and anything I want online? Yes please

4. Gardening : There's just something extremely calming about seeing the green of nature. I've never tried my hands on gardening before but I know first hand how satisfying admiring the beauty of nature can be especially when you're walking deliberately.

5. Making your bed every morning : Honestly, I don't think this has been very therapeutic for me. Partly because I'd rather still be in bed and partly because I just don't pay attention. I'm not an early riser so most times, I just do it just for the sake of doing it.

6. Ironing : You find this therapeutic? Hey, superhuman! Ironing is like the worst chore ever for me. I actually dread ironing, it's not pleasant but I do and when I have money, I'd get myself an ironing machine first(if it exists) before a washing machine. I can remember something funny I did in secondary school. I was doing the resumption routine at home and when it was time to iron, I desperately wanted someone to just help me out so I cooked up a lie to my parents about how I used to pay a classmate to iron my clothes for me in school when I actually never had to iron in school. Of course, I didn't get the sympathy I wanted. I got scolded and oh, I ironed in silence.

7. Sweeping : Not exactly my cup of tea but yes it is therapeutic. There's just something about making a place or a thing clean that detoxifies the mind so yes to this.

8. Decluttering : Definitely. Especially if it's someplace really familiar. Say for example, your wardrobe. Just rearranging the clothes does wonders to the mind. I do this every weekend but this doesn't mean you won't come a day after and meet it tidy. Your room in general, kitchen, bookshelf amongst many others.

9. Washing Plates : Last but of course not the least. In a super comfortable place with a wide sink and a pleasant smelling dishwash, I understand what therapeutic really means. I don't think I want to learn how to use a dishwasher. I don't think I want to ever get one. I might be back to edit this in years time but right now, dishwasher is a No.

Writing this was therapeutic even though I kept going back and forth in my head about completing it but here it is! I missed blogging soo much. Not just posting here but reading posts on other blogs. That's another level of therapy for me. School is super choking right now and exam period is almost here so I'm not promising I'd be back next week but I'd be back.

Here's a really helpful link that gives more information on the whole therapeutic chores notion. Check it out HERE. At long last, these chores are not new. It's just about setting our minds to getting something positive and calming from them.

What about you?
Which of those chores do you find therapeutic?
Any other chore not listed up there? I'd love to know. Myself and other readers might just find it therapeutic.
What chore did you ever fake sickness for just so you avoid it?
What other forms of therapy work for you? Sleeping, listening to music, reading, writing? Let me know please.

Reading comments is super therapeutic for me and I always want to hear from you. Kindly leave me your thoughts. xx

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Least favorite things about being sick

This is a totally random post. Words were forming too much in my head and even though I know it's not much to blog about, I remembered one of the reasons I started blogging - to reduce the story forming rate in my mind- and decided to type and post it afterall.
I generally hate everything about sickness but being under the weather for few days last week made me remember every one of the reasons.

1. Smell of drugs: Makes me nauseous and I'm sure everyone can relate. Then, there's always the tendency to throw it up which is why injection is bae. Immediately I got injection, I felt really better.

2. The general helplessness : Having to depend on others for almost everything. It isn't fresh.

3. The pain, tears that lead to headache : I'm one of those people who cry cause of illness. We know crying worsens everything but we really can't help it. The doctor asked me why I was crying, I gave her the honest answer that I didn't know and she found it funny.

4. Having to inconvenience others : Because helpless and we all need a caregiver when we are sick. On the day I fell really sick, 3 of my friends missed a class.

5. Trying to remember what it feels like to be fit as a fiddle with the constant headache : While someone was trying to tell me that she can't remember what it feels like to have malaria, I was trying hard to remember what it feels like to not have bodyache and general tiredness.

6. Vain or not, not being able to carry out skincare routine properly : I'm not even vain but this had to make the list. It was impossible to wash my face at night because I'd rather use that energy to eat so I had to depend on coconut oil and wipes which kind of helped. That's a beauty hack right there.

7. Lagging behind on the blog front : I don't want to believe I'm playing the blame game but I couldn't even finish up the post I was going to publish and I couldn't promote my posts. A little confession however is that school work is way too stressful so maybe, just maybe I might not still have done this in any case.

8. Piling up of school notes : One of the most annoying on this list because piled up notes aren't pretty and tests can come anytime. Personally, getting myself to read after a long hiatus is more stressful than anything.

9. Spending way more than what was budgeted for : Thankfully, no hospital bills were incurred but money that wasn't supposed to be spent on sickness was spent.

I honestly thought I wouldn't have up to 5 things to list but look at me forcing myself to stop at 9. Sometimes, the illness comes without any form of warning and sometimes, it does warn us. In my case, I had being seeing symptoms of a typical malaria case but I chose to ignore it and use only PCM when it became unbearable because 1). I refused to listen to my mum when she kept telling me not to leave home without antimalaria drugs and 2). I had so many commitments and I didn't want to spend extra money on drugs that I'd probably not use but heyy just take a look at No 9. Prevention is always better than cure, people.

Is it weird that I enjoyed writing this post? I think list posts are always fun.

What's your least favorite thing about being sick? .
I was going to rephrase that and say "Most annoying thing about being sick" but some people actually have a few favorite things about being sick like all the attention, care and food. Lol. So, what's yours?
Are you more of a drug or injection person? And why
What are your personal rituals during sickness to hasten good health? For some people, it's seeing movies, reading books or even eating. I'm not even sure if I have one but thinking about the things I'm missing helps.
I always want to hear from you. Kindly leave me your thoughts. xxxx

Friday, 5 May 2017

What the location of your Breakout says about it

I enjoy reading skincare posts a lot and so I'm always on the lookout for topics to read up on and I definitely get a lot because the internet seems to be full of lots of inquisitive people like me and thankfully many experts/dermatologists to make everything easier. When I started reading this topic up, I had no plan to publish it as a post because I didn't think I'd see much as the question came out of nowhere but there was so much to digest and read that I knew I had to share on the blog.

More than 50% of the pimples that appear on my face are always on my chin. Always. I got tired and that's what birthed the research because even after abstaining from all the 10 Beauty Mistakes that could be causing breakouts I shared last year, they kept coming back! Reading up on it definitely reduced stress for me as the location of the breakout lets me know to a high degree the exact cause and what I can do to salvage the situation instead of worrying about what mistakes I might be making / why my skincare routine isn't effective. It's also fun being able to educate those people who make it seem like you don't have any way to see your face with their constant "Ah,You have pimples" or "See your pimples" and all sort. Enough about me, let's talk about breakout location.

FOREHEAD : I read somewhere that zits on here are often referred to as The Third Eye, super hilarious. Dermatologists believe it's caused by stress and maybe just maybe you're going through puberty. I think it's safe to say that almost all my readers are way past that age but you never can really tell. The stress part is like so accurate even though it isn't exactly limited to causing zits on just the forehead. I honestly think the forehead is like the worst spot to have breakouts because one it's the central location of the face. Everyone gets to see it especially if it's one of those huge ones. Two because I hear that trying to burst any form of pimple there could lead to tampering with a vein or two. If that isn't scary, I don't know what is. The key here is to stay hydrated with water.

NOSE : Okay,I think having a zit on the nose is just as bad as having it on the forehead for similar reasons. Imagine trying to look down at your nose and all you see is this large mole. I've been there and it's not cool. The surface of the nose has lot of dilated pores that tend to clog easily so if you aren't exfoliating-physically with exfoilants and chemically with water-adequately, you're at risk of having a mole on your nose.

Fun fact : A day after typing this out, I got a pimple on my nose even though I had just exfoliated the day before! It made it really oily and I could only look at the bright side and say writing things actually bring them to fruition. Lol

UPPER/LOWER LIPS : So, experts say we've been eating too much greasy/acidic foods and are expected to eliminate it from the diet but how feasible is that? It could also be caused by hormonal imbalance and I totally get this because once in a while, I get a zit somewhere around my lower lip.

CHEEKS : I listed the reason(s) for the occurrence of this in my Beauty mistakes post. Dirty hands, dirty mobile devices, dirty pillow cases, dirty makeup brushes. Of course, you use all of this in other places but the cheeks happen to be the weakest link here because it comes in contact most. So, the next time you get bored and about to do a 360° around your face, remember what's at stake.

ALONG THE HAIRLINE : For me, the breakouts around here are very subtle but I sometimes see and feel them. I like to think of them as opportunistic, arising mostly after a new hairdo. Oil from haircream also adds to the tendency of the occurrence here. You can also check to make sure you wash your makeup off completely.

CHIN : You know what they say after making a list and they mentioned the last thing saying "And the last but definitely not the least"? This is what they were referring to because the chin region is definitely not the least on this list as it's my absolute favorite! Hey, it's not like I enjoy having breakouts here but I've had way too many already that finding out the reason for its occurrence gave me a really satisfying feeling. I used to notice that it came with period cramps but I thought it was just normal pms until I found out it's totally hormonal/gynecological and I wish I could have found out why the hormones choose this part of the face but either way, I think it's fair enough considering the fact that it could have opted for the forehead or the nose.

I definitely enjoyed writing this almost as much as I did while reading about it. You can check out this really informative POSTthat not only goes into details as to what part of the body controls what segment of the face, it also tells you about how the time of the day your pimple appears could be a clue to what brought about its emergence. How sweet can that be?

Where's your PRL- pimple recurring location? I totally made that up. Mine is my chin
You have a big day tomorrow and all of a sudden, a pimple appears. What are you doing to treat it? Any hacks?
Let's talk, talk and talk!
I always want to hear from you. Kindly leave me your thoughts. xx

P. S: Don't forget to share this post with people because sharing is caring. And for days when a zit pops out of nowhere, feel free to bookmark this page to know what exactly is up!
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