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Life|Hello December!

It's the last month of the year! 2016 seems long and short at the same time. It feels just like yesterday when there were chants of Happy New Year and at the same time, it feels like I've been blogging way earlier than this year! There has been so much to learn in this journey and so much fun too.
The taking stock format for me is here to stay. Here's saying a very big thank you to whoever started it. So, basically throughout November, all these went down...

Learning - Or maybe relearning that life is too short to let worry steal some of it. I had to face this for more than half of the 30 days in November and it's getting better.

Hoping - That the decisions I made these past few days are the right ones and not a virtue of me being irrational.

Wanting - A surprise christmas gift. Maybe I should publish a Christmas wishlist post?

Wishing - That I could sometimes take a sneak preview into what's going to be the outcome of certain situations. Uhm, did curiosity really kill the cat?

Praying - Well, yes praying that everything turns out fine.

Reading - My books. I have my first paper today.

Wondering - Wondering, still wondering how and why Gala is now N70 and it's still as slim as ever. Hello Plantain chips. Hello Doughnut.

Thankful - For electricity and water. There was light issue (= Water issue) in school and I had to use sachet water for virtually everything. I can't describe the joy I felt seeing my buckets get filled when there was finally water.

This picture of my really excited sister and an uninterested me has to be my favourite picture of the month. 

Proud - Of every lady that is beauty and brains.

Appreciating - Once again every single person that visits my blog and reads my posts. Thank you. Gracias. Merci. Grazie

Amazed - By how much can happen in a day and the little positive changes I've observed in myself this past month.

Needing - Strength. A whole lot of it. To do a whole lot of things.

Trying - As usual, to consciously Choose positivity and happiness

Annoyed - At the creepy cockroaches in my room. They just seem to be everywhere. Like, can't a place be dark in peace?

Enjoying - Killing these cockroaches. No more team Leave them to crawl. I was in class the other day, saw one and I just decided to let it go. Few minutes later, it fell from the wall onto my body. Somebody was super pissed!

Realising - How much I enjoy skincare research and reading everything about it. I have two posts on it. One where I shared few Beauty Hacks that I've tried and the other where I shared Skincare mistakes  that may be causing breakouts. I'm currently reading up on something interesting and I can't wait to share it!

December has to be one of almost everyone's favourite month because holidays, festivities, end of a year and all that. Here's to hoping it's full of good news and sweetness.

What lessons did you learn in November?
Is your birth month December? Share the date please.
What are you looking forward to in December?

I'd love to hear from you. Please leave me your thoughts.
Have a pleasant December. Best wishes. xxx


  1. Great points you've mentioned there! Some of which I need to take on board; thanks for sharing!

    Funmi x

  2. I can relate to so much of this, 2016 ran by for me, and I'm so grateful for life and for health (even though I'm a tiny bit under the weather right now.)
    And I have refused to spend more than 50 naira on Gala, here in my area it's still 50, thank you very much!)
    And yesss, it's my birthday month!
    I'd be turning the big 18 on the 27th and I'm super psyched!

    Happy new month, darling :-)

    Imaobong |

    1. Aww, trust you're
      feeling better
      now. Lool, ikr!
      Happy birthday
      in advance dear

  3. Awww. Loook how cute you are!! Hope your first paper went well.

    Have a great month hun!

    1. Hehe, thanks
      Kachi! Yes, it
      did. Thanks.
      Have a pleasant
      month too

  4. I didn't know we had this much in common lol... I tire for cockroach ooo... I hate killing things normally, but two nights ago I got so kill-crazy like you won't believe....thks year was just so speedy...amma do my own new month post 2mao

    1. See ehn, I hate
      cockroaches more.
      So creepy. I'd
      check your
      blog for it

  5. I'm so grateful for dis year, can't believe it's d 12th month already wow! Looking forward to Xmas day & the hols, I've worked so hard to stay fit hope I don't blow up with too much to eat. Also looking forward to stepping into optimistic! Hapi nu month Laitan, all da best in ur exams.

    1. Lool. It's
      festive season.
      Please eat.
      Thank youu!

  6. Love how you set up this post. Very enjoyable to read

    1. Aww thanks.
      Just when I thought
      it was boring.
      Thank you

  7. Babe, so true on the learning thing!! And I'm really wishing someone gets me a CassieDaves Blog planner maehn! Have you seen those bad boys?!
    Swera down the economy is annoying!!
    Im annoyed I haven't been able to find time to blog *cries baby doll tears*

    1. I want one too!
      Like I'm still
      trying to decide
      if to divert funds.
      Aww, you'd be
      fine hun.

  8. Was just telling a friend ''where die the year run to''? Just yesterday we were all wishing everyone happy new year and its like tomorrow is another new year..

    As for 2016, inspire of the whole lots of ''changes'' one experienced from the present govt and its policies, the fact that I am alive and healthy is enough to say thank you.

    I would have hated December if the Federal govt went ahead and increased the tariff on internet data packages ...

    Happy new month Ola.

    1. Lool, like it
      would have
      been epic. But
      they still might
      tho. Really
      grateful for
      health oh.
      Thanks for

  9. Happy new month dear.
    All the best in your exams.
    My Style Look Book Series

  10. Aww wish you luck with your exams Laitan! When I heard that gala is now 70 naira my jaw dropped! I couldn't believe it o. Wow. I'm also really into skincare research. Right now I'm researching Korean skincare, can't wait to read your next skincare post. Happy new month. xx

    1. Lol, you're the
      baddest. I don't
      go that far. Hehe.
      I'm yet to draft
      the post but soon.
      The N70 thingy is
      really jaw dropping
      Happy new month

  11. Very lovely post and you guys are so cute! Nice one!

  12. Looking forward to Christmas 🎄 🌲...that's the one sure time I get to see them family members.. it's always a good time... And December 31st..the beginning to an end... .Epiphanies and retrospection.. ..gathering and taking account of all the memories....Good and bad... Sweet and sour... And being Grateful for life...


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