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Choosing positivity

It's a new week! (This post should have gone up since last week but procrastination got me) I know virtually everyone dreads Monday for one reason or the other. For most, it's because another weekend has come to an end. For students like me, it's because of all the lectures ahead even though we were longing for it during the holidays.

Well as for me, this week is going to be the beginning of something different so I've been looking forward to it. The past two weeks have been annoyingly terrible for me or should I put it as terribly annoying? Either one, I'm sure you get my point. I think if you're not yet settled down after two weeks of resumption and you have a choking timetable, you'd agree with me that 'terribly annoying' describes it all. As if going through all that stress was not enough, I had this very negative attitude towards everything. Where it came from, I don't know. I was just whining and beating myself up over things I couldn't change. I discovered this during my usual 'me' time.
Yes, acknowledging that there's something wrong is the first step towards making things better. Over the weekend, I managed to assure myself everything would be alright and I promised myself to be positive, positive, positive and believe me, it worked.
Enough about the past! It's a new week and I'm excited. No matter how tight my schedule might be, I'm going to smile through it all and stop being negative. And so because it's a new beginning for me, I kicked off the week with a very corporate look.
Of course I took pictures and I know I'm supposed to upload them but network is not too good here .My apologies.
Did I mention that I've been having trouble getting myself to read? Well, all that went with last week. I went to the library and tried to get some things done. It's a start even though I wasn't really concentrating. If you read About Me,you'll see I mentioned that I love reading .
I'm happier and I'm glad my 'fighting' spirit is back.
What about you? Any personal battle you won recently? Please share and remember, "Don't just go through it. Grow through it".
Have a wonderful week and don't forget to put God first and watch everything else fall into place. xxx          

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