Saturday, 27 February 2016


Lessons I learn. Moments/Experiences worth sharing. My random musings and my idiosyncrasy. This page is all about these. I want to try to strike a balance between living life and describing it.
Life is all about learning and relearning and I intend to share my many experiences and lessons via this medium. They are actually going to be stuffs you can relate with or probably have gone through at one point or the other.
Life just gets better when you realise you're never alone and others have gone through similar experiences and come out strong.
Live life. Learn lessons. xxx

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  1. Cassie visited my blog.. Yaay. Thanks b

  2. yayyy! i hope to learn a thing or more from your lessons shared.
    Ps: i'd keep checking on your blog.

    Beautifully June Blog

  3. Thanks b. You're welcome anytime.


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