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Life|Hello July.

Happy New Month beautiful people. I'm sorry I couldn't come up with a better topic. Oh boy, time really waits for no man. We're already in the second half of the year. There's just this aura about July. I think it has to do with the fact that it's the 7th month and that makes it a perfect one. It's the 4th day, it's been good and definitely going to get better.
Lately, I've been feeling uninspired. I just keep on checking my blog as though I expect a miraculous post to pop up. I've not been writing and digging up a blog post from my draft didn't tickle my fancy. I just started blogging a few months back and it's not legal to be feeling this way but here am I. You can read my first blog post HERE. Writing this is just therapeutic for me as I've been having too many conversations in my head.
Anyway, I'm going to be sharing lessons I've learnt and relearnt over the past few weeks and also what I've been up to.

- I've been reading Joyce Meyer's The Confident Woman. I've been on this book for ages. That's an exaggeration but you get the drift. It's an amazing book really and I can't wait to share all I learnt in it. Has anyone read any of her books?
- I've learnt that with blogging, Consistency is king and Content is Queen. I saw this on someone's blog;I can't remember whose but that line has been ringing bells in my head.
- I've come to realize that life is meant to be enjoyed in the present. Eat that chocolate;don't save it for tomorrow, go see that movie, go out with that friend, do what you're passionate about because you really only live once and you shouldn't spend that one life living in regret of what could have been.

- I finally put together a skin care routine. I've been struggling with this one a lot. Been very lazy about it actually. I'm coming through now. Thanks to this POST by Cassie and the ever reliable Google, I'm coming through. These black spots gotta go! I've come to learn two things however from the whole skincare thingy - Patience is key and so is Consistency. These spots didn't appear in a day. They definitely can't go in a day.

Photo Credit: StyleCaster| Pinterest
- I've been seeing more movies. Before, I used to be all about novels but then the tides are ever changing. Has anyone seen Central Intelligence? I had a good laugh.
- In some way, I'm beginning to get interested in stuff other than school work. What are they called again? Extracurricular activities? Yes, those. I've never been one to partake in such but again the tides are changing and like I stated earlier, you only live once.

- "Success won't just come to you. It has to be met at least halfway" - Frank Tyger
- "If you listen to your fears, you will die never knowing what a great person you might have been" - Robert Schuller.
- I learnt that you can use bicarbonate of soda (used for baking) if you can't seem to place your fingers on potash when preparing jute leaves. I knew this since actually but I never got to try it partly because of fear/doubt and because there's always potash. I mustered all the courage I could, tried it and of course, it worked. In case you're still wondering, I'm talking about Ewedu. Hahaha.
- Anything worth doing at all is worth doing well. It's better not to attempt at all than to attempt and put in minimal effort.
- I'm learning to constantly listen because I've come to realize that opportunity sometimes knocks very softly.
- Life is this beautiful thing God gave us to make a difference with.
All the best in July. Have a pleasant week. Lots of love. xxx.
What life lessons have you learnt recently? Please share with me.

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  1. A nice post you have got hereπŸ˜€

    My life lesson recently is that FAILURE IS GOOD.

    We try so hard to avoid failure, but failure is the real evidence that we’ve tried. If you avoid failure, you avoid taking action.

    Have been trying to get through something's, but i didn't get it right. I almost gave up but i didn't...
    Finally i was able to get through it..

    We have to rxpect and accept that failure is part of the experience. Learn from it and move on. pictures too 😎 😎

    1. Thanks for sharing.
      Thank you. Not giving up
      is keyy

  2. I looooove your blog, Olaa. The blogosphere is a great place to be. If you would like some tips or motivation you could check out the "Blogging" category in my blog. I just started a series and I'll be sharing LOTS of things I've learnt about blogging so far. You can do this! I love that quote: "Consistency is king and content is queen." How profound!

    Ewedu is called jute leaves? Haha just learnt its tush name.

    One life lesson I have learned lately is that we really don't need all the clutter. It pays to be as minimalist as possible in our feeding, clothes, tasks, etc. It helps us enjoy life better.

    Have an awesome new month and a very blessed rest of the year!

    1. Aww, thank you so much.
      Off to your blog to
      check them out. Being
      minimal when it comes
      to things like that
      definitely pays.

  3. Happy new month, I wish you the best. :-)

    4 months for dark spots to heal, that's nice to know! I have the occasional pimple now and then, the spots make me quite unhappy.

    The lesson that I learned recently is to "Do it afraid", regardless of fear or doubts one must pursue their dreams. :-)

    Thank you for sharing.

    1. As in! Very
      nice to know
      πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. The spots are
      pretty annoying.
      Great results come
      from doing it

  4. I totally agree with this statement "Consistency is king and Content is Queen", unfortunately consistency is hard when you have so many things to do at the same time.

    Recent life lesson for me is that I should come out of my shell and live life achieving my dreams no matter how old I am.

    1. It's hard oh but we just
      have to keep pushing.
      Yes! Because you only
      live once.

  5. I want to watch central intelligence πŸ˜­πŸ˜”..

    I enjoyed reading all your lessons.

    Recent life lesson for me is not to put so much trust in people and always be ready to save your ass, because depending on people is deadly

    1. You should oh
      even though one
      movie box thingy
      gave it a 2.5/10.
      It made me laugh and
      that's what matters.
      I'm glad you enjoyed it.
      Thanks for sharing and
      reading Funke

  6. are beautiful.
    I agree with you about being uninspired about blogging. I think every blogger must experience that once in a while and if you get out of it and get to blogging again then you are determined to see it blossom.
    Nice lessons and I haven't seen Central Intelligence😭😭😭.
    About your spot, a diet cleanse (stay away junk world) would actually speed things up. Do it and drink lots of water, you'd see those spots fade right off in no time

    Beautifully June

    1. Thanks dear. Yh ikr
      but determination is
      keyyyy. Ah,I'm
      definitely gonna try
      it out. Thanks June

  7. I saw central intelligence like two weeks ago and it was awesome!! I loved it!
    Love all your lessons too.
    Might have been from my blog - the quote. Though its not mine, I've used it a lot in my posts and its one of the monthly quotes in my planner too.
    Shared some of my own lessons on my blog

    1. Ah, it's definitely
      from your blog
      then. Thanks for
      reading Cassie.

  8. Yaaay for your new blog design

    i quite agree with Lara that Consistency is hard. Sometimes not that i don't have topics to blog on but either am TOO LAZY or TOO BUSY to update them

    Recent life lesson is to get a gf and not wait for tommorrow (for it might be too late) | does that sounds weird?

    1. Aww, thanks. I
      can relate with
      you on that oh
      Hahaha, wedding

  9. ...and my birthday is 16th of July |

  10. New blog look, Sweet!blog post pictures,Beautiful!!Happy new Month Laiitanbee tho its coming late,please accept?This year is moving by really fast i must agree with you,I am really looking forward to a lot of things this month.I'm yet to see central intelligence,but the trailer got me laughing already.Doing the things you love is definitely the key to a good life,i mean i am a fashionpreneur-my girl came up with that word- and i wont say i am making much but i love what i do a lot!I wish you all the best for the rest of the month laiitanbee.Godbless.

    1. Heyy, thanks for
      taking out time
      to read. Keep
      putting in that
      love and every
      other thing would
      be settled.

  11. Enjoyed reading this, great lessons. Consistency and content, major key!!

  12. Oyeniran Adeyinka13 August 2016 at 05:22

    Just seeing this. Nice blog!
    When people are afraid to prioritize what matters most,they spend lifetimes swearing they’ll start without actually starting; swearing they’ll finish without ever finishing. An average human is lazy. With patience we gain power, with confidence will gain more power!

    About "strength of a woman"...uh, was drawn to the book on my shelf again... Thanks so much dear. How is August with studies? Regards to Omolade.

  13. OYENIRAN ADEYINKA13 August 2016 at 05:25

    Just seeing this. Nice blog!
    When people are afraid to prioritize what matters most,they spend lifetimes swearing they’ll start without actually starting; swearing they’ll finish without ever finishing. An average human is lazy. With patience we gain power, with confidence we gain more power!

    About "strength of a woman"...uh, was drawn to the book on my shelf again... Thanks so much dear. How is August with studies? Regards to Omolade.

  14. Keep learning everyday.. Read something, learn something... Knowledge is Wisdom.. .Wisdom is Power.... Power is Power!.... There is a compounding effect when you learn continually.... It just accumulates.... You begin to notice and relate one thing You just learnt with another you've learnt a long time ago... Good for the Spirit and Good for the mind.. .especially when it's something positive....Not how to kill someone and the likes..... Lool... Nice one here Sumitan.... Why can't I use emojis! Am wailing Right now...its not fair... Not expressing myself enough... Ohh well...will make the best of what I have....cause what I have is plenty! ☺

  15. Issalie😱😱😱....the Emoji went through.... Wow!... Just said I should try it again ni oo.... Now we talking.....Waves🌊 Of emojisπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜‰πŸ˜žπŸ˜πŸ˜›...coming through.... 😎


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