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This thing called Fashion

I've read more than enough articles, posts, whatever and I'm still yet to come up with the word. The one defining my personal style. Simple & Conservative keeps popping up but sounds too cliché so nayyy.
I'm naturally not fashion oriented . Yes , I said it. It's not a problem, never has been ; to me anyway. When I hear about how some babes spend virtually all they have just so they update their wardrobe and how they can't control it ehn, I get really thankful for how simple that part of my life is but sometimes I just want to go out of my comfort zone and take risks. Fashion risks. Imagine writing on Fashion risks worth taking and you're just there in shell, scared of venturing out.

Because I was trying to adjust my hair and the sweetheart snapping me said pauseee.
I can't just keep up with the constant need to make up outfit ideas. Some days, I see people, pictures and I'm just like hey, I should try that, just go for this colour instead of that blah blah but I never get to do them. Just once in a 'red' moon partly because I keep forgetting to write them down and I'm just blank when the need arises.

Right from my childhood, if I know this particular outfit or dress style would attract attention to me, I'd never go for it. Like never. Even for hairstyles and that's why braids would forever be bae. Don't let me even get started on makeup. I really do admire it and all but when it comes to learning and applying it, I freak out. Wait, it's not laziness or is it? I'm yet to snap out of that conservative way of dressing but with the way I voraciously read fashion blogs ehn, I know change is on it's way. Patience is all that's needed.

Now, speaking of outfit inspiration, it just got better! Have you heard of Needle+ and have you ever gone through the hurt and heartbreak that comes with giving your tailor a beautiful material with the words ' Just sew anything' because well.. You've run out of ideas and she sews something really awkward and then you have to pay, probably wear it once or never?
Well, I have and I know I'm not alone. More times than I care to remember. I think the constant disappointment has to do with why I hardly wear native.
I can remember that I sometimes tried Google to get styles and all to help her ministry small but all the images were either all over the place or of very low quality making the search mundane.
The people at NEEDLEPLUS probably saw the struggle at my end(or so I choose to think) and came up with this really amazing site where you can get style inspirations for your next outfit without wasting your time.
You get to browse through really cool styles all on a spot, find one that suits you and save yourself and your tailor the headache of sewing something annoying.
And have I managed to make you think it's all about traditional attires? Forgive me, there are no limits. You also get to save styles you love to your wish list for later viewing. There's also an avenue for you to submit pictures portraying your style and outfits you want to share.
Enough of the long gist, peep the whole juicy gist and information HERE.

That's my life story people. What about you? How long did it take you to have a defined style or were you a lucky early bloomer? I really want to know, pretty please?
Love, Love, Love. xxx


  1. My style isn't defined right now I am still experimenting and playing with clothes but truth is I am loving the outcomes.
    In due time Your style sense will manifest.
    Beautiful pictures 👌🏽😍

    1. Yes, hopefully it
      would. Thanks
      Maureen for reading.

  2. My dear fashion is life,and I totally understand you yh?? But still defining a particular style is not my thing,i like dressing and look good but sticking to a particular style is kinda boring for me, so let's say I'm still experimenting for now ����
    Oh and I love your pictures!!and your Mickey mouse shirt��

    1. I think it's in
      the process of
      experimenting we
      discover what works
      for us.
      Thank you :-)

  3. Girl, you're so beautiful, that smile tho!

    Personal style is something we grow into so take your time dear.

    Am an edgy and versatile chick!
    Thats all I know currently about my personal style.

    1. Aww Funke, thanks
      Edgy and versatile
      sounds cool.
      Definitely taking
      my time. Thanks

  4. In your words , "More times than I care to remember. I think the constant disappointment has to do with why I hardly wear native".....we totally together in this mess girl. These tailors #sigh . There aren't all that cheap, but their work is poor and can't be worn with confidence. I have 3dresses o haven't entered to rock because I'd look like &"ekuke" in them. Ugh!
    Checking out needle+ now

    1. Lool. See ehn,
      I've given up
      most of the clothes.
      You should check
      it out!

  5. I can relate. I see an outfit and think I should try that and then when the time comes, I sort of forget!

    1. We're in this
      together. Lol
      I love your
      style tho.

  6. There really should not be any pressure to join a fashion bandwagon. For me, the most important thing is to be comfortable in what you're wearing. I might see a look I think looks beautiful but if I know I won't be comfortable in it, I never go for it. As for fashion risk taking, that is a whole ballgame altogether. I don't think I'm quite there yet, neither do I think I wanna go there.
    Sunday Recap: Maxi Top and Skinny Jeans

    1. I totally agree.
      Thank you for
      reading and
      leaving a
      comment dear

  7. That third picture is so beautiful! Your smile is effortless and cute!
    I don't think I've defined my style yet and honestly I'm yet to see how very important that is. I like an African touch on my outfits though so could that be my style? Beautiful lady, you are.

    1. 😊😊You should
      see my puppy
      face rn. Thank
      youu. It definitely
      says a lot about
      your style

  8. Style will always evolve as you evolve. Going with trends is not my fortè. As far as it's comfortable and it looks good, I'm okay. I admire some outfits worn by "fashionistas".I even try to take time out and do an OOTD but Lord knows that's work. I'm always happy to quit

    1. Lol @ happy
      to quit trying.
      Yup, Style is

  9. Girl i can totally relate. I feel like you just zapped all my thoughts into this post.
    The issue of make up ehen, that one is a no go area. I'm way too even scared to try it and all this youtube tutorials is even making matters worst for me.
    On discovering your personal style, i just go with the flow and i try to be comfortable. I think comfort is a major factor that should be taken into full consideration. Anyways, all this too much English. You look good by the way and pls continue to do your own thing and just be you.
    My Style Look Book Series

    1. Baby girl, thank
      youu. You don't
      want to know
      how glad I
      am reading
      this. I thought
      I was
      alone on this
      makeup issue.
      I told you
      already, I
      love your

  10. These pictures got me singing *Mickey mouse clubhouse* lol.
    Lovey pictures you've got here.

    I just love to see fashionistas.... I'm not one @ all. I just dress to look good. That's all.

  11. These pictures got me singing *Mickey mouse clubhouse* lol.
    Lovey pictures you've got here.

    I just love to see fashionistas.... I'm not one @ all. I just dress to look good. That's all.

    1. Lol. I'm singing
      along too. Thanks
      for reading dear

  12. I relate with this ehn. But my own issue is..... let's call it selective laziness. I hate shopping and trying on clothes, hence my everyday outfit is a pair of jeans and tshirts (God bless whoever came up with this). Sometimes I want to make an effort but a girl has no motive

  13. Lol!! I feel the same way too...its stressful a bit but it's so worth it when people complement. You're so cute btw.

  14. Hahah, funny enough, growing up, I was never interested in fashion and style. I don't know when the interest developed but I've found myself running with it.

    1. It's probably
      like this
      cause I'm
      still growing
      up. Lol.
      Thanks for reading

  15. Hahah, funny enough, growing up, I was never interested in fashion and style. I don't know when the interest developed but I've found myself running with it.

  16. I'm an early bloomer. But surprisingly I'm still trying to figure out my style. The most important to me is my comfort and knowing I look good on whatever outfit I'm wearing. I do admire people who couldn't be bothered about this things; as in no pressure. I'm like why cant I even be like this person sef. But in the end you gat to love yourself the way you're.
    Happiness is...

    1. Lol. Funny
      how it goes both
      ways. Yup, self
      love is everything

  17. Lol! I think I have always been fashion conscious and I am a risk taker ooo, I figured out my style when I started blogging and girl it's a lot of stuff lol. Some days I'm feeling the inner tomboy, some I just want to be all womanly and others, I'm a gangster but one thing is certain, if it isn't comfortable, I don't wear it. I think if you start with baby steps (wear one color you never thought you'd wear one day) then it would be easier to leave that safe fashion cocoon you've put around you. You do not have to break the bank, just invest in versatile pieces and if you need additional help, shoot me a mail let's talk. Forgive the long comment biko.

    1. Wumi, thank youuu
      for the long comment
      Lol. Put a smile
      on my face.
      I love love your
      style. Told you
      already and i'd
      start by raiding
      your wardrobe 😁

  18. I've always liked fashion but I've never been obsessed with it. I haven't completely defined my style but I've noticed that I tend to sway towards clothes that are well tailored, feminine and I guess timeless. Great post, love your honesty and your pictures are beautiful. xx

  19. This is so inspiring! I love the post:)

  20. I don't think I'd ever be able to define my style. I always want to try something new (which hasn't always being my style) but taking fashion risks has become something I'm always excited about.

  21. Fashion has always been my thing. And I always say this personal style will always beat trends. I like to experiment with my style though.

  22. Hi Laitan,

    Ah, I was a late bloomer, I only discovered eyeliner and lipstick years after I graduated from University.

    Fashion for me means comfort over trend, if I'm not comfortable, it doesn't work for me.

  23. For someone who has been through a million fashion phases, i'll just say style takes time. Not everybody can be over the top glam so eventually you will find what works for you.

  24. I feel your pain Laitan. I myself am a simple conservative girl prone to sudden mood swings and subsequently leads to a temporary style change. So basically am conservative when it comes to fashion. I love simple elegance but I can also be adventurous on occasion. I think sometimes we need to spice things up. I believe as you keep experimenting you'll learn what works for you and what you love. Fashion is basically what you make of it. Nice post.

  25. Early bloomer Enh?? I wish😂😂.....Defined style... Yhh.. I guess... Nothing to extravagant... I like keeping it simple...cause I'm not one with the eye👀 that knows in earnest what matches what.. .what top👕 fits well with what pants👖And then the shoe to match👢....So I prevent myself from having an unwanted headache by just keeping it simple...Its just of recent that I started putting real effort in the way I dress.... I'm more of a formal attire kind of person... .Native🇳🇬... Corporate👔 are my real comfortable and go-to dresses....I can kill it In those...😎....😁😁


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