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September was a really outstanding month for me.  I literally spent the whole 30 days indoors. I went out just like thrice. My couch potato game is a 10. Most of the days followed the basic routine of waking up late, eating, fiddling with my phone, sometimes reading, sleeping very late and like that. Nevertheless, God was (is) still God throughout and I'm sharing my September lessons in the taking stock format.

Learning - That sometimes, seeking for the opinion/approval of people is like giving them a cutlass to cut you with.

Hoping - That I make the right choices as regards everything

Wanting - To change my blog theme. I've been eyeing some really cute ones on Etsy.

Wishing - That I actually bought one of the cute themes when I saw them and dollar exchange rate wasn't this high. Sigh, no such thing as perfect timing guys. Do what you have to do.

Praying - That Nigeria gets better.

Reading - Many things at a time with very little concentration because I basically spent the whole month on my phone surfing the net.

Wondering - Why network is this terrible in my room. Like the other night, I literally spent 30mins trying to publish this POST

Thankful - For my blogging journey thus far.

Proud - Of myself for finally making somewhat perfect pancakes for about 5 consecutive times. It used to be on and off thingy whenever I summon courage to do it but I can confidently say you'd score me a 7 and above if you eat it. And oh, I learnt lessons from my pancake failures and I'm going to share it very soon!

Excited - That I passed a certain milestone with my pageviews that I didn't even think would be attainable this year talkless of within a month when I made the decision!

Appreciating - Every single person that visits my blog and reads my post.  Thank you. Gracias. Merci. Grazie

Amazed - By the fact that I finally joined Instagram. It's a big deal for me because I never planned to. Reasons for this are enough for a blog post I'm telling you but before then, you can follow me HERE

Needing - All the motivation there is to read aggressively. So many things to read.

Trying - To consciously CHOOSE POSITIVITY

Annoyed - That my first class upon resumption is by 8am.

Saying - A very big THANKS to you for reading this post to the end and also for leaving me a comment (Well, that's in advance).

This taking stock format is really cool and I might as well use it again and also try to incorporate it into posts other than monthly recaps. I think it makes reading easier.

What do you think about it?

I'm back to school and even though I have mixed feelings about it I'm extremely happy that I just might reduce/stop MY SKINCARE MISTAKES

Any special thing you're anticipating in October?

What lessons did you learn in September?

I'd love to hear from you. Please leave me your thoughts.

Have a pleasant October. Best wishes. xxx

P. S - You can read my other monthly recap HERE 


  1. Its going to be great in October.. I don't even know what I am expecting seriously, I just want to be happy with my job in the office and get more money to buy that car I am hoping for...loooool..

    And for the network issue, I feel same way while blogging.. It could be so annoying at times.

    Wishing every well in October.

    1. Aww, that sounds nice
      and God would provide
      more money.

  2. Well, something i didn't really expect happened last month, but I thank God everything went well.

    Not expecting much too this month, i m back to school also and this month would be tedious.
    Am already having extension class first week of resumption

    1. Lool, we're both
      back to school
      mehn and the
      extension classes.
      Thanks for reading

  3. The network thing also happens to me. It really pisses me off. So frustrating!

    October is going to be hectic for me. In September, I learnt to just go with the flow. Life's running so fast so we have to learn to soar. Or something deep like that, you get?

    Mira La Belle blog

    1. Exams yeah, you'd
      be fine. Yup, I
      get your point.
      More like we
      shouldn't be
      satisfied with
      the status quo.

    2. Exams yeah, you'd
      be fine. Yup, I
      get your point.
      More like we
      shouldn't be
      satisfied with
      the status quo.

  4. What am I anticipating in October? Money, money, and more money! Lol. Have a fab new month.

  5. Great lessons and achievement from you. Kudos. Yeah i did achieve quite alot gradually living in my dream world. My blog wore a new look and i got a new drive to blogging. That, to me is the highlight.

    1. I noticed the new
      look and I love
      love it. That's
      more than enough

  6. Thank God for such wonderful life lessons. September was also a month of new beginnings for me and I'm entering October with a spring in my steps.

  7. Go for the Etsy theme! I love cute blog themes. Thank God for all you learned in September. I learned is that comfort can be detrimental to success. You need to stretch and keep reaching for the best. Have an awesome new month, dear!

    P.S. I read how you mentioned me in your interview. Thanks for the honour!

    1. I really want to go
      for it but exchange
      rate isn't smiling.
      Hopefully before the
      end of this year.
      I agree with you, complacency isn't
      Aww, you read it.
      You're welcome 💕

  8. October means school is starting in a bit too, and that's rather exciting and nerve-racking all at once
    And it means two more months and 2016 is over -- where did all the time run off to?

    1. I knowww right!?
      Nobody knows
      where it's running
      to. Have fun in school!

  9. Welcome to Instagram and I enjoyed reading this! You should do it more. Congrats on milestone page views. Go for the theme! I love switching things up. And perfect pancakes is definitely something to be proud of! Have a great month darling. || Follow me on Bloglovin'!
    Taking Stock: September Recap, Hopes for October

    1. I'm glad you did.
      It's really
      something to be
      proud of. You
      should have seen
      the way I was
      beaming. Thank you
      so much Kachee. xx

  10. Happy new month dear.
    I love the taking stock format. Big congrats on your pageviews milestone.
    September has taught me a lot of lessons, one of which is learning how to relax, basically doing things at my own pace and also spend less. I do hope October is a lot better than September.
    P.s- I saw your comment on Cassie blog, I do hope you receive your email bearing good news..
    My Style Look Book Series

    1. I'm trying to do
      things at my own pace
      too! Yes, to spending
      less. Thanks baby boo
      and Amen ooo❤❤

  11. This taking stock makes reading really fun. I love it, i really enjoyed reading this post. i learned a few things this past September, had a few post about it. It was a challenging month but I have better hope for October.
    Have a great October! :)
    Sauniya | Find Your Bliss ♡

    1. Yeah, right? Glad
      you enjoyed reading
      it. Thank you!

  12. Love the part about being consistently positive. Happy October

  13. Love the part about being consistently positive. Happy October

  14. My october is for sure going to be stressful but im hoping for the best✌
    You definitely hit home with the seeking people's approval. I also want to get new themes on Etsy but like you said exchange rate🙀.

    1. Lool, we're in this
      together. We'd be fine
      dear 😘

  15. Love how honestly you write.

    Keep these posts coming :)

  16. Congrats on the milestone reads.
    And welcome to Instagram!
    Mixed feelings for October since I'm going back to school.
    But I've learnt so many things lately.
    Nice post!

  17. Hy Ola.
    How's school, hope you ain't stressed?

    Just dropped by to say hello.

    1. You should see
      the way I beamed
      when I got this.
      Means a lot to me.
      Thanks dear. School
      is fine. Enough to
      stress one out
      but guess who is
      choosing positivity
      and happiness? xx

  18. Let's finish September first, then we'd talk about October.... Lol


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