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Quick Life Update : The Abusive Relationship I Am In

I trusted him completely but he broke my heart and still is in the business of breaking it. His promise to always be with me Everywhere I Go was alas a lie. He said that only to catch my attention and make me his. He gave me mouth-watering packages that offered me less for more but it turned out to be a façade. I'm tired and frustrated. I can't carry out my normal routine with all he's been doing. I trusted him just this once and he disappointed me. I never should have promoted him from the zone I placed him in initially. I remember all the times I heard people complain about theirs and I was always relieved I wasn't in their shoes but guess where I am now? I guess that's what life does. Sit in a corner and laugh at you. Nice job.
He looks so attractive on the outside but deep down, there's nothing exciting about  him. A big fat faΓ§ade. I miss the things I could have been doing if I hadn't made the mistake of trusting him too much. His favourite colour is Yellow. Funny how it has conflicting attributes; representing Hope, Happiness and Loyalty and also Cowardice,  Deceit and Betrayal. If only I had realised this earlier on...

Okayyy Guys, it's not a. 'HE' but an 'IT' ! I'm in an Abusive Relationship with my Service Provider; the great MTN! They're doing me baaaaaad. Like you don't want to know the amount of energy I put into not getting frustrated these days. I've always placed the MTN network in the calling and texting zone till I decided to upgrade them just this once and they're doing me dirty. I mentioned earlier on that their network here is attractive on the outside and has nothing exciting on the inside. It's for real. The signal would be really full, showing 3G and I can't even use my browser! Such falseness. Publishing my Previous Post last week was a lot of  hassle and I didn't even bother publishing the other I planned to.
I was telling a friend that I wouldn't be as pissed if I didn't have a blog to tend to and those days when my phone was practically useless made me realise how much I love the Blogosphere and the strength in it that I sometimes draw from. I felt like I was away for weeks. Even though I get to think more creatively, WALK DELIBERATELY , admire my Fingernails , I miss reading posts from my favourite blogs, promoting my posts and many more. I'm just trying to tweak it and find what works best.
 But then, it's life and there are 2 sides to every coin. With MTN, I get to browse in my room and even though it takes minutes for pages to load and hours for messages to deliver, I'd probably still stick with the other service provider I'm used to that's completely absent in my room but really fast in school where I am most of the time. So, one for school and the other for my room! Moral Lesson? There's always a blessing in every disappointment.

I've got two tests this week; one today and the other tomorrow, say a quick word of prayer for me? Thanks!
So what about you?
      What's your biggest network hustle?
      Am I the only one MTN is doing bad or there's another witness?
     What do you miss most when your network fails?
     What do you do in such times?
I'd love to hear from youu! Kindly share me your thoughts.
 It's November tomorrow. Very interesting. Hope you had a great October. How did it go? Have a pleasant week. xxx

P. S : Nothing personal against MTN really. It's just their network which I know is relatively good in other places.


  1. Remember is song by Michael Jackson, You are not alone, I am here (there) with you. I have stopped using your service provider for my internet subscription over 4years ago.

  2. Lool
    I was wondering who this bad boy was!
    It's not just you darling, I have used every network but MTN so I dunno how their signal is but where I am right now has terrible coverage for every network!
    My WiFi is supposed to be 4G and everyday remains a battle whether I'm trying to use the 'gram or blog work -- can't wait to be out of here in a couple of weeks!
    (Oh and,a happy new month in advance. God's been super faithful!)

    Ima |

    1. I'm technically tired
      of all the
      service providers.
      The effect it has
      on my blog is crazy!
      Thanks hun. Happy
      New Month to you

  3. Hahahaha!! Immediately I started reading this post I knew you were referring to a service provider but I thought it was the green! I understand the struggle hun. Its so annoying. Mtn used to be so good but I guess something went wrong. I use airtel now though and its been a jolly ride since. Success in your tests and a happy new month to you.

    1. Lool. Are you
      sure you didn't
      scroll down first
      *side eye*. The
      green guys have
      to be the worst
      with all I've been
      hearing. Thanks boo

  4. Lol girl you got me, here I was wondering who the guys was. Now when it comes to the network hustle, well it took me a lot of time and trials with all the networks to figure out which network works best in the different areas. Hence as you can imagine I have sim cards with all networks. However MTN is pretty stable in my area but Etisalat is faster, only thing is that it's more expensive. Now glo was too unfaithful so I'll probably throw the sim away. Now when my network is stressing me, I put my phone on airplane mode and most times it refreshes the network. May God give you wisdom in your various tests. Happy New month. Princess Audu

    1. Lool, right?
      Airplane mode
      doesn't even make
      a difference anymore.
      I don't even know
      what sim to get next
      but I do know
      trying out diff
      network works.
      Thanks for reading

  5. It;s annoying when your network is horrible, especially as a blogger. I haven't used MTN for browsing though. I use glo and it's not so bad and very affordable.

    The YC blog || Bloglovin'
    Striped Outfit Inspiration

    1. Most people I
      know complain
      about Glo..
      Way more than
      annoying dear!

  6. Lol. That wasn't fair. See how you "zobo-ed" us because of your service provider. Ahan!

    Same here - I Almost A Had Heart Attack 

    We've all had our share of this frustration. Haven't we? Yet we keep pushing.

    1. Lool, I'm sorry.
      Checking out the
      post rn. Thanks for
      reading hun

  7. You are just a fish. I actually thought you were referring to some guy. Well, mum seems to be the only network I know I'm nigeria.

    Lmao...Don'mind me.It just works perfectly for me and I don't see myself using other networks

    I suppose you haven't checked out my last style post. Pls do darl. Best of luck in your tests

    1. Well,maybe I was
      before transferring
      the aggression. Lol.
      So cute, the fish
      thingy. I call
      people that too.
      Mtn, really? That's
      a first. I'd check
      it out hun. Thank
      youu. xx

  8. Replies
    1. Lol, right..
      You people over
      there have no

  9. hmmm

  10. Thought its one of those heart matters stories. Lol. Nice one dear.I think that's why we have them in varieties. Please port ,grinning...

    1. Lol, the varieties
      are just the
      same. Thanks for

  11. At first I thought it was some guy. But really MTN just went from good to crappy, and I think it's since the launch of the LTE that I started having issues with our romantic relationship. I would have loved to get in bed with Etisalat, but the cost of maintaining her is outrageous. Cheers

    1. Lool. I love
      your pun! So
      cute. All the
      Thanks. xx

  12. BUAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I don't miss MTN or Glo!

    1. Pretty sure
      you don't.
      Nothing to
      miss mehn

  13. Hahahaha MTN!
    See me here reading attentively to find out who the abuse person is. Olaa take your time o.

  14. Lolsss... My uncle had this problem and now he hates MTN to infinity... But alas, my house is an MTN house, mum and dad been using MtN since they both started using phones, I was too but after experiencing their funky data attitude I now use Glo, which is barely better, but I still have My MTN sim for when there is extra MtN card lying around

    1. I've been using
      MTN ever since
      too, sadly. I'm
      really skeptical
      about Glo tho.

  15. I know what you mean. MTN is very useless. I can relate to it always being on 3G with a crappy network.

  16. Opening up about this couldn't have been easy. I pray you will find happiness soon.

    1. Lol my bad. Was quick to comment πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ™„

    2. Lool, it happens.
      Glad you still
      read through.
      Thanks hun

  17. Oh no, sorry about this darling. Have you tried contacting their customer services?
    I do pray your exams go well.

    Funmi xx

    1. Trust me it
      makes no
      Thanks a lot.
      God bless

  18. Lol, girl you just killed me with laughter. I actually thought you were referring to a guy.
    Mtn is the shitest network, no offence to all the mtn users out there but as someone that have tried a lot of service providers. Mtn is my least favorite. I don't even want to get started on all the struggles.
    I prefer Etisalat and Airtel, they are not perfect but they work for me.
    All the best in your exams dear.
    MyStyle Look Book Series

    1. Lool, right.
      Etisalat used to
      work for me
      but it's been
      acting up.
      I can't even
      make calls!.
      Thanks boo

    2. Lool, right.
      Etisalat used to
      work for me
      but it's been
      acting up.
      I can't even
      make calls!.
      Thanks boo

  19. And I was seriously reading this post ehn. Network wahala can be so annoying. I use glo here because it's faster and cheaper for me.
    Hope you're good?

    1. Lool, I gotcha!
      Never tried Glo
      . I just might

  20. Lol Great and super funny post. Was really captivated by the heading though!!

    My fashion Musings

  21. This heading tho!, glo is actually nothing to write home about too.

  22. Oh my! I was wondering who this guy was until I saw empty-hen! You are so funny, I feel the title of the post though. Well, I have never really been a fan of the network but find that the area you are may be the reason why it works poorly. My GLO network is great in some areas for instance but might take 30 minutes to load a simple page in others.

    Please do not be heartbroken. Feel free to find another bobo.

  23. Lol I ought to kill you right now! Such a funny introduction. I thought it was about a guy. I've given up on MTN already. They almost gave me heart attack. Managing Glo now at least they are slightly better.

  24. I don't even know how you MTN Subscribers do it cos I don't have that much patience. You got me with the tittle of the post though πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  25. This girrrrrl. You got me there for a sec. MTN has suddenly become my love recently. Dunno why

  26. Bobade!!! Chai... SMH.. That's all you get....��.. Nice write up tho.. ��

  27. Hi Olaitan,

    The intro to this post got my attention, Lol

    Nice twist. Ah, MTN, MTN, MTN... I do most of my browsing on my laptop, I use a non-telecoms ISP. Far more dependable, slow internet connection drives me nuts.

  28. Here...once again.... A very interesting heading considering the content of the write up.... This isn't even words and opposite.. ..U r a Genius.... πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘....πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚...So, how's the relationship now dear,you still in it cause it has gotten better Or you've found a better bae?


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