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Why I Love : Keeping my nails + Interesting Facts

Okay Okay, before somebody freaks out, I'm not talking about the vampire kinda nails. Not like they've ever gotten that long ; something always breaks them. I'm talking about not having my fingernails looking all low and well trimmed.
I've come to realise that I love mentioning what births my posts just as I did with this post, my first post and many more. I'm thinking of starting a series where I share different things I love and to be honest, apart from wanting to know other people's reasons, I can't point out why I'm starting with reasons I love keeping my nails but let's get to it, shall we?

1. To ease boredom : Okay, now I remember. A boring meeting/atmosphere I was in birthed this post. And because using my phone would have seemed rude and stuff, I kept on and on with cleaning my left fingernails with the right just to keep myself busy. Huge lifesaver.

2. To avoid sleep : This works hand in hand with boredom and works 80% of the time! I don't know why it failed to work on the day I talked about in this post but I discovered this trick since my secondary school days  and since then, I've been hooked. Can you relate?

3. Defence Tool : Even though this sounds downright hilarious, it is like the major reason I started keeping my nails in the first instance. I think I read something about people being mugged or thereabout and a girl legit chased her attacker away with a pocket knife. Well, that wasn't Nigeria and I remember wondering what I'd have done if I were in her shoes. I had to make do with what I had so I impulsively started growing my nails with the mindset of scratching an intending attacker. Thankfully, I've never had to use it for that in years now.

4. Beauty/Aesthetic : I was drafting a random facts about me post and I mentioned that the smell of nail polish irritates and chokes me. So while you probably would find my toenails painted and not my fingernails, I've gotten really cool compliments on them and I guess that's a good thing. You'd randomly find me admiring them after giving them a good clean when I'm bored. Have I been coming across the wrong nail polish or they all actually smell the same?

Writing this just made me remember that I used to have a thing against keeping nails back then in school. And because keeping nails was a No No from our teachers, I used to be one of those seniors who told junior students to go cut their nails and you can imagine my irritation when I was told to cut mine too after I started. Nice job karma.

While mine aren't particularly long, there are some cons to keeping nails
- It houses dirt/germs : The main reason we're told not to keep it! But for me, I love cleaning the 'physical' dirt I can see whenever I'm bored or sleepy and then washing my hands as soon as I'm chanced.

- Self-inflicted scratches during laundry : Am I the extremely careless one or this happens to someone else? It's always very painful and annoying!

- Might injure somebody : Well, this is a clear cut case of a defence tool being used on the wrong person.

Interesting Facts : 
The habit of biting ones nails is called Onychophagy.
Your stress level can affect your nail growth.
Nails are actually a window to your health.

I never even cut my fingernails these days so they don't get really long. They just break off and it's so sad but I'm appeased as long as I can still do with them what I love about them. What about you?
        Are your nails always low and trimmed or long?
       What's the best thing about your current nail situation?
        If you keep your nails, which of the stated reasons can you relate with?
       What other reasons did I overlook?
       If you don't keep yours, what are your reservations about it?
       Since we're talking about nails, do you paint your nails?
If yes, what's your favourite colour? And have I really been using the wrong nail polish or they actually all smell the same?

I'd love to hear from you! Leave me your thoughts and let's discuss. xxx.

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  1. Onychophagy: wow....

    My friend is an expert in this... It comes to him naturally and before you know it, his hands is in his mouth biting it.'sometimes I 'v had to slap his hands off before he realises what he is doing..

    Keeping nails, is something I don't like at all

    1. Aww, you didn't say
      what your reservations
      are. I think we all
      know someone who
      chews on their nails.
      Thanks for reading

  2. Wow! these are interesting facts, when I was younger, I was an expert in biting nails hahaha, my son is also doing it now but I try as much as possible to stop him. Great post dearie.

  3. Like Zoey Deschane said and I totally agree:
    "I hate plain nails. I get sad."
    This is literally me.
    My nails are always colorful, it's something I have always been into -- even my friends know I get a new color on at least one a week, (and they never fail to steal the bottles when they can. Hehe.)
    I also do not keep long nails.
    Momma is a medical lab scientist and germs and all of that are her specialty so she never fails to bug me endlessly when I try to!

    1. Lool. Interesting
      quote. Plain nails
      for me is bae.
      Colourful nails are
      really cute too.
      Trust me I can
      relate. My mum
      is in the medical
      line too. Thanks
      for reading boo

  4. Wow! Didn't know stress levels could affect nail growth.
    I had a school mate whose nails were terribly short because she ate them all. She even had wounds on some fingers due to this. I felt sorry for her.
    I don't quite "keep" my nails but I don't leave them too short either.
    Interesting post, Olaa!

    1. I've used my big
      mouth to ask someone
      if she constantly
      kept her nails
      in her mouth
      cause of hunger.
      Thanks Precious 💜

  5. Onychophagy! Now, that's a new one...
    I've always kept my nails for as long as i can remember. It doesn't grow much though...

    1. Lol right? Same
      here. Thank youu
      for coming over.


    1. You really are
      lucky. Nice to
      see you here

  7. I have strong sturdy nails and I used to grow them long but these days longs nails irritate me so I am always filing it really short.
    I love how beautiful nail polish looks on my nails but it chips off easily so I mostly just go with clear Polish. I hate how it smells too, it's not just you.

    1. Really long nails
      irritate me too.
      I'm so glad you

  8. If I try keeping my nails, my skin will suffer for it.... my tips are too sharp so I stay trimmed and short.
    Great post dear!

  9. I used to be a nail biter when I was younger. I love keeping my nails as well but they always break, such a painful something lool. xx

    1. Lol ikr?
      Really painful.
      Thanks for
      reading hun

  10. Lately I've been slacking when it comes to taking care of my nails. Probably because i am also a nail biter. Great post.

    1. Aww, that's probably
      a reflex way of you
      doing it. Thanks
      for reading Sharon

  11. I usually keep my nails, I kindof adore them too.Was in a TDB class the other day and found myself in a crazy state of,what did u call it again?yh Onychophagy,trust me u don't want to be in my shoes rn, I hate how these fingers look, can't wait for them to just grow back and cover my shame,nd the part of hurting yourself while doing laundry used to happen to me a lot too, buh after a while I guess u kinda adjust and it'll subside.Really nice post btw, Cheers

    1. Lol @ shame.. I'm
      also in class
      for TDB
      I'm trying hard
      to adjust to
      the cuts!
      Thanks Anon boo

  12. My husband thinks my fingers are really pretty and when my nails are long, I quite agree with him! Love keeping them and never bit my nails. Unfortunately, they don't grow as much as I will like. || Bloglovin'!
    The Designer Luxury Handbag: To Buy or Not to Buy

    1. Aww, I'm sure
      they are. I guess
      I'm not alone
      on the growth
      thingy. Lol.

  13. My fingernails are always a conversation starter coz they're so long and strong that most people doubt they're actually real. I used to run into trouble during inspection when I was in secondary school coz of them. They grow so fast that I get tired of cutting and just let them be.

    Evita In Progress

    1. Wow, pretty intense
      Lol. I'd probably
      start a convo with
      you cause of it
      if I see you.

  14. I never knew they have a scientific name for biting nails. They always have a name for everything. I totally understand, my nails break too when they begin to get extremely long.
    Hey...shh...lemme tell u two weird facts about my nails:
    The thumb nail grows and after a while breaks from inside so I have to wait for it to grow more so that the cracked side would come out then I cut off the nail. That's y my thumb nail is always short. I'll leave the other weird fact on my blog later. *winks*
    I appreciate this post cos I can totally relate to it.

  15. I just gravitated to this post because it speaks currently to me. I bite my nails a lot but I recently got a manicure and it's so cool to be able to flaunt my nails like all you good people out there even if it was uncomfortable at first.
    Your no1 made me LOL. I do that too

  16. I'm a chronic nail biter. I have been trying to stop for years now. I've used almost everything under the sun. Plastered my nails, fixed nails. I even chewed my fake nails like chewing gum. My latest trial is this bitter thing you apply like nail polish. The sad thing is I can't eat anything with my fingers afterwards because everything I touch tastes disgusting so I rarely use it. I have never ever had long nails. Dream of them tho

  17. I'm a chronic nail biter *covers face* I've been doing it for as long as I can remember and I'm so addicted. I was going to make a post about it on my blog. Terrible terrible thing. Pray for me

  18. Not a nail person.... Try to trim them but not all of them... Prolly leave like two... Cause can be very useful...Prolly I want to scratch a card...or pick a blade or open something... Nails are the go to thing before I can think of anything else... Apart from that....they are on a low... When I notice they've grown beyond my cute ratings for them.. .lol...


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