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Why I Love : Keeping my nails + Interesting Facts

Okay Okay, before somebody freaks out, I'm not talking about the vampire kinda nails. Not like they've ever gotten that long ; something always breaks them. I'm talking about not having my fingernails looking all low and well trimmed.
I've come to realise that I love mentioning what births my posts just as I did with this post, my first post and many more. I'm thinking of starting a series where I share different things I love and to be honest, apart from wanting to know other people's reasons, I can't point out why I'm starting with reasons I love keeping my nails but let's get to it, shall we?

1. To ease boredom : Okay, now I remember. A boring meeting/atmosphere I was in birthed this post. And because using my phone would have seemed rude and stuff, I kept on and on with cleaning my left fingernails with the right just to keep myself busy. Huge lifesaver.

2. To avoid sleep : This works hand in hand with boredom and works 80% of the time! I don't know why it failed to work on the day I talked about in this post but I discovered this trick since my secondary school days  and since then, I've been hooked. Can you relate?

3. Defence Tool : Even though this sounds downright hilarious, it is like the major reason I started keeping my nails in the first instance. I think I read something about people being mugged or thereabout and a girl legit chased her attacker away with a pocket knife. Well, that wasn't Nigeria and I remember wondering what I'd have done if I were in her shoes. I had to make do with what I had so I impulsively started growing my nails with the mindset of scratching an intending attacker. Thankfully, I've never had to use it for that in years now.

4. Beauty/Aesthetic : I was drafting a random facts about me post and I mentioned that the smell of nail polish irritates and chokes me. So while you probably would find my toenails painted and not my fingernails, I've gotten really cool compliments on them and I guess that's a good thing. You'd randomly find me admiring them after giving them a good clean when I'm bored. Have I been coming across the wrong nail polish or they all actually smell the same?

Writing this just made me remember that I used to have a thing against keeping nails back then in school. And because keeping nails was a No No from our teachers, I used to be one of those seniors who told junior students to go cut their nails and you can imagine my irritation when I was told to cut mine too after I started. Nice job karma.

While mine aren't particularly long, there are some cons to keeping nails
- It houses dirt/germs : The main reason we're told not to keep it! But for me, I love cleaning the 'physical' dirt I can see whenever I'm bored or sleepy and then washing my hands as soon as I'm chanced.

- Self-inflicted scratches during laundry : Am I the extremely careless one or this happens to someone else? It's always very painful and annoying!

- Might injure somebody : Well, this is a clear cut case of a defence tool being used on the wrong person.

Interesting Facts : 
The habit of biting ones nails is called Onychophagy.
Your stress level can affect your nail growth.
Nails are actually a window to your health.

I never even cut my fingernails these days so they don't get really long. They just break off and it's so sad but I'm appeased as long as I can still do with them what I love about them. What about you?
        Are your nails always low and trimmed or long?
       What's the best thing about your current nail situation?
        If you keep your nails, which of the stated reasons can you relate with?
       What other reasons did I overlook?
       If you don't keep yours, what are your reservations about it?
       Since we're talking about nails, do you paint your nails?
If yes, what's your favourite colour? And have I really been using the wrong nail polish or they actually all smell the same?

I'd love to hear from you! Leave me your thoughts and let's discuss. xxx.

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