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Why You Should : Walk Deliberately

I'm the type of girl who tells her friends they are her eyes and that they'd get into trouble if she trips or falls down while fiddling with her phone. On the road. I recently came across two posts about social media and how we're always all about our phones. The constant need to do it for the 'gram', update our snaps, stories just so our followers know how much fun we're having. I can't recollect the other blog I read from but you can read the other HERE. That wasn't even the problem.
The problem was that despite the fact that I read these posts days apart, I was doing the same thing while reading them. WALKING. Though it wasn't on a particularly busy road, the second time I realised this, it got to me in a really inexplicable way. Maybe that was pretty understandable because I always try to make the most of every single time I could to network but what about the other day when I was going somewhere, had no one waiting for me, no appointment to keep in hours yet I was still walking hurriedly. I actually had to put in energy to slow down. I began to walk deliberately, taking graceful steps with my LONG legs and when I finally got to where I was going, I realised there's quite a number of things to enjoy from deliberate walking.

1. The footsteps around : And its sound. To be honest, it used to annoy me but I'm learning to enjoy it. There's a beauty in it. Trust me I'm not talking about the sound of people dragging their feet. Just listen carefully and you'd hear the one I'm referring to.

2. The beauty of nature : This is highly recommended especially on one of those 100-0 days. The cool breeze too! There's so much to appreciate about them as they have a way of calming nerves.

3. The stares from random people : A little bit creepy I know but enjoy it. It's really fun and on some days I crack a little smile and other days, I stare right back till they're forced to look away because I'm spontaneous like that. Sorry not sorry.

4. The way your leg automatically knows when to lift itself : Especially with staircases. Simple Biology or not, I'm still completely awed by this. There was a day I literally tried to walk so slowly to see if I could actually control it and I didn't know when I got onto the next step. Some amazing stuff.

5. The Supremacy of God : Like He made every single thing there is to enjoy so need I say more?

Walking deliberately doesn't necessarily mean walking slowly. It's about you realising how walking isn't exactly normal just as No Day is Normal and appreciating the beauty within and around it.
 My new task is to reduce the frequency at which my head is constantly bowed staring at my phone even though 90% of the time I'm busy reading and not chatting but it's still the same thing, right?
The less I do this, the more I get to walk deliberately!

    What do you need to stop/reduce so as to walk deliberately?
    Would you randomly smile at someone on the road? Or you think it's weird?
     Been in any accident no matter how minor because you were busy on your phone?Or maybe someone you know?
    What's your most favourite and least favourite thing about walking?

I'd love to hear everything and anything from you. Leave me your thoughts, please? Have a pleasant week!



  1. I love to walk briskly as a means of keeping fit just around my vicinity. I do so very early in the morning with my head phone on so I get little or no distraction. Yea people bump into objects chatting while walking or even crossing the road which is kinda dangerous. It is important to walk deliberately like you said.

    1. Walking with
      headphones is
      really good and it's
      best done on a
      road that isn't
      busy. Thanks for

  2. Totally need to reduce phone time while walking. Got hit by a bike once and got a major head scare. I may have been on my phone at that time (the dude was also drunk). Since then, I've tried to be a bit more intentional. || Bloglovin'!
    5 Useful Habits to Adopt this Month (and always)

    1. Aww Kachee boo,
      sorry about that.
      That definitely
      happened in
      Nigeria. Lol

  3. Walking is one thing I try to do more often especially the fact that I am normally sat for most of my time at work.As for randomly smiling at someone, that is something I do if I make eye contact with a stranger. Its only courtesy. I have tripped over because I was distracted by my phone - which was so embarrassing lol.

    1. Sometimes, I just
      forget about
      courtesy. Lol
      Lool, if it's
      about tripping
      over, then I'm
      the master

  4. I enjoy taking strolls a lot. Just like you said, it gives me time to appreciate nature. I hardly look at people while walking though. I'm always focused on where I'm going or listening to music that I seem far gone. I've hit my foot against a stone once while walking and chatting and I was so embarrassed. Since then I made a conscious effort to keep my phone away and just enjoy my walk.

    Evita In Progress

    1. I do that
      sometimes too!
      Lool, I guess
      our phones
      are more evil
      than they seem


  5. This is such a sweet post, Bee. So much wisdom embedded. Thank you.

    Walking can indeed be a therapy sometimes. Taking it all in and breathing it all out. Hmmm . . . 

    1. Thanks dear! It
      really helps
      with taking it
      all out. All
      the time!

  6. I always walk deliberately... My only concern is most times when walking with ''him'', he gets scared that I walk to close to the road and even when we change position so I could walk at the safer side, before you know it, I am at the other side again.

    But I focus though...

    Now to the health benefits of walking, walking in the morning like a mile or two between the hours of 6-8 is very good especially in older people as you her to let some of your organs engaging in some metabolic activities to keep them working perfect.

    1. Oh lol, that's a
      new one. Walking
      is definitely

  7. Ola,

    I read this post with a bit of guilt, I used to go on brisk evening walks but I haven't done so in a long time. It's a nice way to empty my thoughts and just breathe.

    Regarding the mobile phone addiction, it's almost as if my phone is glued to my hands, it's the first thing I reach for in the morning and the last thing that I see at night. It's a worrisome habit!

    1. Aww, I'd have
      said don't put
      it near when
      it's bedtime
      but then I
      realized it's
      probably your
      alarm clock.

  8. We tend take a lot of things for granted, like walking. This post reminds me of that. I love how you always manage to turn normal everyday moments to extraordinary wisdom. Keep it up, Olaitan.

  9. I love taking walks, Olaa. Just looking at the plants around me and breathing in fresh air is a great way to unwind. Hopefully, the weather gets a little warmer soon so I could take a walk.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Walks are def
      It's cold rn
      and I don't
      even want to
      go outside so
      I totally can
      relate with you

  10. I'm so guilty of this, most times I'm not chatting also reading but then I guess it doesn't change anything. I've been in a lot of minor accidents, constantly hurting my knee.
    I enjoy taking a deliberate walk with headphones on, it helps me observe my environment and appreciate a lot of things that I haven't noticed before.
    I have to conclude now by telling you how much I love reading your blog post. I always learn something new.
    My Style Look Book Series

    1. It's such a cold
      and lonely night
      over here and I'm
      sure you wouldn't
      want me to bore
      you with how much
      warmth this gives
      me. I appreciate
      you! And sorry
      about the knee

  11. I love talking and walking simultaneously because that's what i use to cure stress

    1. Talking to yourself
      or others? I
      do a lot of
      the former.
      Thanks for reading

  12. I used to take walking for granted until last year. I had stuff going on and everytime I took evening walks, it cleared my head and I was always a lot better. Great post Laitan. By the way, did I ever mention we're namesakes

    1. All these
      testimonies are
      encouraging me
      to take more
      walks. Aww, really?
      Little wonder I
      had an instant
      blog love for you.
      Thanks boo

  13. I do deliberately walk especially in the evening when the weather is cool!
    We both have No #3 in common and ah don't think its weird
    TuhamWorld's Blog

    1. Lol, really?
      That's pretty cool.
      High five!

  14. What a great post. I enjoy walking actually, and sometimes bop into random quick moves as I listen to music - I always do hope no one notices lol.

    Yes, I'm a stare contender too. I find it quite amusing. Hehe

    Hope you're having a lovely weekend.

    Funmi xx

  15. I don't think I have actually engaged in deliberate walking. I should try it someday.. Everyday am still in complete awe of God's marvellous works in us. Nice post dear. It's an eye opener

  16. I walk everywhere. To school,work, church except I'm really late. Unfortunately, the weather is a bit cold here so I'm always in a hurry to get to warmth so there's no time to look around.however, last night on my way back from work, i was really tired and couldnt be bothered to walk fast and so i started looking. Its officially Christmas season and people are decorating their houses and they all look so pretty. Had to even stop to take pictures. I do smile at strangers sometimes or say hello because it's just polite. The only time I look at my phone when walking is to change the song.

  17. Seriously... This not itching the eye thing is a struggle... 😥😥....Yes I can... So,where was I... Ohh... Walking Yhh? Lol...Well, I tend to walk deliberately at times...Putting on a smile and walking with a bold pace... But at other times... Not conscious at all... Either am late for a class and Am Rushing... close to running....or... I'm really just in a hurry to be somewhere. bad habit would be using earphones while walking.... I can remember a time when I almost got hit by a truck due to using earphones.... My friends that saved my life ni oo... Walking and texting.... Guilty as charged as well.... Gaming and texting.... Yuup... The game was just too sweet to be ignored at any point I guess....lool


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