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TMI TAG - Too Much Information

  • Too Much Information. I've been using this slang quite too often these days. Like, I jump at any opportunity that allows me make use of it. So I was tagged on some blogs and at first was skeptical because tmi but I read many others, saw that I enjoyed reading them so why not try to make someone else enjoy mine? It's been on the blogosphere for sometime now and I really should get a LASTMA jacket! Funny how I read other bloggers post and I felt the questions weren't tmi but answering mine actually feels like tmi... 

1. What are you wearing?
Not tmi, so a yellow top and black pyjamas. Super comfy.

2. Ever been in love?
Tmi but yes! Cupcakes, ice-cream, shortbread and all that. Ok ok, yes.

3. Ever had a terrible breakup?
An Abusive Relationship, yes.  But terrible breakup, no. Not tmi

4. How tall are you?
I checked sometime in 2014,I was 1.8m or thereabout. Fast forward to 2016,I checked and I was told 1.77m. Reduction in height? I doubt it. Someone just doesn't know how to check well. So, I'd leave it at 5'8 or 5'9. Not sure.

5. How much do you weigh?
Same story. In 2014, I was 59kg. 2016,I'm 56kg. That's plausible tho.

6. Any tatoos?
Nope. Nonee

7. Any piercings?
Yup, my ears. Just the regular two.

8. OTP(One True Pairing) What's your favourite fictional couple?
If I were to have one, it'd be from a book. Can't think of any rn.

9. Favourite Show
The Spot! on Mo Abudu's EbonyLifeTV. I admire that woman and I loove Zainab Balogun. She's one of the presenters. I love Moments too with Toke Makinwa, Michelle Dede and Bolanle Olukanni also on EbonyLife. Okay okay.

10. Favourite Band
What's that? I don't have one.

11. Something you miss

12. Favourite Song
Ah, you should see my music library. You'd be amazed. That's all.

13. How old are you?
Tmi. A lady shouldn't be ashamed of her age, right? So yup, two figures.

14. Zodiac Sign
Pisces, baby. I think zodiac signs are cool. Like, really cool.

15. Quality you look for in a partner
Smart/Intelligent not only bookwise. Trust me that's the foremost for me.

16. Favourite Quote
I have numerous but this one from the amazing book The Confident Woman  that says 'Trial and error is the road to success and you can't drive that road as long as your car is parked' is everything right now. So, start moving!

17. Favourite Actor
This girl right here can't think of any at the moment. All evident in this POST

18. Favourite Colour
Typing this with my phone as usual and I'm staring at the colour of my keypad. Purple! πŸ’œπŸ’œ. I can't explain it.

19. Loud or soft music?
Anything goes with the major determinant being my mood.

20. Where do you go when you're sad?
Somewhere inside my mind. Like, I just zone out or look for things to keep me busy like on the days when I go from 100-0

21. How long does it take you to shower?
On days when I wake up around 7:30 for a 8am class, less than 5mins. Shh, don't judge. On regular days, it depends on my mood. Weird I know.

22. Ever been in a physical fight?
Never have. Never will. Amen

23. Turn on?
Intelligence. Decency. Nice shoes. I could go on but then tmi tmi.

24. Turn off?
Bossy and Judgemental personalities piss me off X1000.

25. Fears?
I mentioned in this POSTmy current struggle with fear/worry and I'm definitely going to dedicate a whole post to it someday. So for now, that's tmi!

26. Last thing that made you cry?
Pain. Okay, that's cheesy but really, pain. Some emotional stuff. Trust me, it's okay to cry.

27. Meaning behind your blogging name?
My name is oLaitan Bobade. I spelt out the 'B'. It might seem simple but I had a tough time picking out my blog name.

28. Last book you read?
My school book because exaamss. Does that count? If it doesn't then I'd say The Mortal Instruments - Cassandra Clare. Abandoned it tho.

29. The book you’re currently reading?
Oh, none. None at all. Maybe my Public Health Nutrition note? Maybe.

30. Last show you watched?
Africa Magic's Jara!

31. Last person you talked to?
My dad.

32. The relationship between you and the last person you texted?
My personal big head!

33. Favourite food?
I enjoy rice and beans cooked together with stew in a way I don't understand.

34. Place you want to visit?
Paris, France but that's lowkey a cliche to me. I really want to go see Athens, Greece.

35. Last place you were?

36. Do you have a crush?
I don't think so.

37. Last time you kissed someone?
Wayyyyyyyy tmi.

38. Favourite flavour of sweet?
I don't care about the flavour. Just be sweet.

39. What instruments do you play?
I'd say it hasn't been invented but then you'd know that means None. Wide grin.

40. Favourite piece of jewellery?
I just checked the dictionary and I don't think wristwatches fit into the description. Oh, well.

41. Last sport you played?
Contrary to the popular stereotype that comes with being tall I don't do any sporting activity. If only walking counts.

42. Last song you sang?
Lool. I can't recall.

43. Favourite chat up line?
Hey with double 'y' or more if I'm super excited. I could have just typed Heyy as the reply to this question but I like story. Hehehe

44. Have you ever used it?
Heyyyyy, Of coourrrrseeee.

45. Last time you hung out with someone?
Last week maybe

46. The reason You joined Youtube?
To find out what goes on there. Lol, I don't have a channel so I technically haven't joined. Yet.

47. Last time you said you loved someone?
I love youuu! Yup, right about now.

48. Who should answer these questions next?
I'm guessing almost everyone's being tagged. If you haven't, you're tagged. And oh for some reason, I personally want to read Praise's post so babe, jump on it!

Exams start next week! I'm still amazed by the fact that I chose to go to a place where I get to sleep for as long as I want to, access to WiFi and better network in general just a week before exams. Somebody is going on a TDB marathon when she gets back to school. Who else digs Till daybreak reading?

What have you been up to?
On a scale of 0-10,how open was I with my answers? I hope I make average!
I'd love to read your thoughts on everything and anything!
Stay fabulous! xxx


  1. Aww, me I love you already,open or not, you just won my favourite blogger of the year award, your plaque is coming soon just wait on it!!! This has to be my best post ever, so "*i'm short of words to use rn*"...Nice Job, more grease!

  2. Heyyyyy dear! (See what I did there)
    I loved reading your answers,somehow I felt like you held back so much information. I'm going to be asking you this questions personally*lol*.
    Thanks for tagging me, been avoiding this tag for a while now.
    My Style Look Book Series

    1. Heyyyy dear, I
      see it. Lool,
      ask already.
      And you're
      still avoiding

  3. Love your height girl.. I am even thinking of dding some weight to reach 57kg.. lol... Lekpaness too much for me..

    But you are wearing a shade of red why did you say yellow? Calling the police to Arrest you for misleading us..
    wishing you the best in your exams. Concentrate while reading too. School sweet but exam na im de spoil

    Nice piece. You look so so beautiful girl.

    1. I'm still lepa
      with the 57kg
      oh. Aww lol, I
      actually took
      that picture
      weeks before this
      post. Thank you
      so much!

  4. Lol. Ok, you tried. You were still withholding sha but it's OK. I need to read that Cassandra Clare's book oh. I'm been postponing for too long. I love rice and beans too but my favorite is still Indomie. Lol. Great post.

    1. Yaay! You
      finally left
      me a comment.
      Thanks for the
      feedback hun. Means
      a lot. Dem Indomie
      gang! And you
      should! She writes
      so well. xxx

  5. Lol.. You withheld too much, all the ones I really wanted to read was the place you exclaimed wayy tmi. I am a Pisces baby too and I wish you the best in your up coming exams.
    I dig TDB too but it's bad for a student so do I as I say not as I do.

    1. Lmao. But I
      exclaimed that
      in just one na.
      Yaay, pisces!
      Thanks dear.
      Lool, I'm in
      class for a tdb
      now. How ironic

  6. Ola!! Ola!!! Ola!!! We are all the juicy information that I may or may not use to blackmail you in the future with? Lol... You held back on us... Cries.. But anyways had fun reading thjs

    1. Lool. The blackmail
      is what I don't
      want. I'm sorryyy
      Glad you enjoyed
      it still.

  7. This makes a nice read. I was smiling along the way.

  8. You actually evaded the real tmi questions. Lol. Still a nice read. And you're cute!

    1. Lmao, did I?
      Glad you enjoyed
      reading it and
      thanks dear! πŸ’œ

  9. Ahh! you totally skipped on the most tmi questions ooo. Anyhow, it was fun reading this and I like your gown and your smile!

    Evita In Progress

    1. Lool. That 'Ahhh' is
      super hilarious..
      Thank you. Thank

  10. Yours is so much fun than mine😩 ans you're so pretty. I'm with you on that 'walking'sport o please who has time and strength for all those other stuffsπŸ˜†.
    Nice post dear.

    1. I enjoyed reading
      your answers! Lmao,
      ikr? No Fitfam zone. Thanks boo

  11. Hey luv! You take 5 mins in the shower!!!! Girl I rate you. I could manage that unless my life depended on me doing that. Overall interesting responses.x

    1. I do oh.
      On days I
      wake up really
      late. Lol.
      Thanks Stephy

  12. I love purple too. That colour is just so pleasing to the eyes and speaks of royalty.
    Beautiful lady, you are!

    Puff Puff 101

    1. I loved it more
      when I found
      out it signifies
      Thank you m'am!

  13. Hey babe! Even though you held back so much information, I did enjoy reading this post.

    1. 😩😩 I promise
      to do better
      next time.
      Thank you

  14. Glad you succumbed! It was lovely to read, you love cupcakes too? Yay!

  15. TMI all over the place :p
    Neat blog. I like ;)

  16. TMI... More like TLI(too little info)...πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚....I loved it though.... It's Virgo♍ Baby😎....and I find Horoscopes Rilli cool,freakishly scary....i read my and it was like I was reading about myself.... It was damn right accurate...#goosebumps....


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