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My Top 5 Favourite Things About Christmas

Christmas is in 2 days and I've giving up on having that Christmassy feeling. I guess there's really such a thing as outgrowing it. I think those primary school days were the really fun ones when we always get nice packages from Father Christmas and always get really anxious to see what we were given. On a general basis and in the spirit of Christmas, I decided to share my top 5 favorite things about Christmas in no particular order.

1. Hampers : I've got a special love for this and I can't even explain it. I can still remember the very first hamper we got years ago and how excited I had been at finding variety of items in the basket. A new hamper came in today and you should have seen me giddy with excitement.

This snap was from last year and the love is still as strong.

2. Giveaways - So, way before I had a blog that made me join Instagram, I used to say I'd join only because of giveaways and I meant it. There was this giveaway I was totally interested in but it had something to do with IG which was so painful. Sigh. That aside, the number of giveaways I've been seeing has been incredible! I've been lazy about some of them tho but I got lucky with one from Ebony Life TV just yesterday and it felt so cool! I entered for one other blog giveaway. Fingers crossed on that. Goodluck to all of us participating in giveaways.

3. Carols - Because Christmas songs are super melodious and kind of bring back childhood memories. What's your favourite Christmas song? The one that's been ringing in my head for days is 'Hark the herald angels sing, Glory to the new born king... 🎢🎢'. Confession : I don't even know up to 2 verses.

4. Wishlists - I honestly don't have one penned down but it's all up in my head. This is making the list simply because I love reading that of others. Even though doing that provides more items to lust over, I still find fun in it. Patiently waiting for when I'd be able to help someone tick off items off theirs. I don't mind Cassie's blog planner tho. Hehe.

5. That touch of red - So I came across a Instagram page that asked what the colour of Christmas should be, whether green or red and in the comment section was this really smart answer that said if it's all red, it'd be valentine and if all green, it's spring. I found so much sense in it as she went on to say it's green and red that makes up Christmas. Apart from the fact that I don't really dig the colour green, red is what virtually everyone goes for when choosing a Christmas outfit and it sure looks good. Am I the only one that doesn't have their Christmas outfit picked out yet?

More importantly, I love the reality of Christmas. The fact that it isn't just about the 5 things above but about the fact that we're celebrating God's love for us. The birth of Jesus Christ whose name and mission is all about saving and redeeming us. It's very easy to be lost in the whole 'Christmassy' feeling without remembering the basic significance. Way too easy but we have to be intentional about it and be continually grateful!

What are your plans for Christmas?
Apart from rice, what are you going to be eating/preparing?
Do we have mutual favourite things?
What are your favourite things about Christmas?

I'd love to hear from you please?
Kindly leave me your thoughts.
Lots of love. xxxxx

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