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Hi guyss,
Let me just drop in like I went nowhere. Happy New Year!! It's 2017,yo! That means 2007 was just 10 years ago and 2020 is in 3 years! Which is more scary? If you ask me, I'd say the latter and that's probably because most people talk about vision 2020 for certain projects and all that and moreover I don't think anyone ever witnessed a 1010. Okay, I digress.
I'm typing this right now on my phone by 1am with the post title space blank because I don't know what I'm going to write on. I just had a huge spontaneous moment some seconds ago and here I am.
It's the second week of the new year and I'm just kind of uninterested in a lot of things, well except Twitter as I've left the scroll and retweet gang and I've been tweeting. You can follow me HERE.

I don't know if this is bad or not but I can already envision the last post of this year by December and how I'd talk about the first few days of the year and how they didn't go too well for me. Hopefully, it would be accompanied with how things later turned out fine with pleasant surprises and testimonies! Amen.
Okay, so even though I never planned to do this, I've decided to share some of my plans and hopes this year for myself and of course the blog (Why does 'the blog' sound sweeter than 'my blog'?)because I feel there'd be one or two things for somebody to pick up as I've learned from that of others.

For myself
- This came unplanned but I've decided to put in much more effort into looking at the positive side of situations. I'm not sure what the in-between of an optimist and a pessimist is but I think I've always belonged there - on the fence. Not anymore tho. I want to be optimistic and I want to do it consciously because really talk is cheap. I think this decision was birthed when I realised that no one really answered the question I asked in my Last post  about what areas of the blog I should improve on. I know thinking that everything is perfect is complacency so I wouldn't do that. Lol. I'd do what an optimist and a positive person would do and believe that I'm doing just fine. With room for improvement of course instead of beating myself up over something that isn't really a big deal.

- It's 2017 ; it's okay to say NO! - This line was dancing in my head few days ago when I realised that I couldn't do what someone expected me to be able to do. I was torn between giving it more time and just backing down and I went for the latter because what I was expected to do isn't something that comes naturally to me. Even though it made me feel like I wasn't all that "cool" and I really hate disappointing people, it sure made my headache lighter. Long story short, I've said No twice this year, one for the blog and another for myself and it made me feel relieved!


If you follow me on Instagram, you should have seen this. I love it. Follow me HERE

- Try out new things that I know I'm capable of doing but can't venture into because of the fear of failure. Simply because if I don't take risks, I risk even more and it's better to just 'do it' than to start thinking of what could have been. I really want to pick up new hobbies too.

- Definitely work on my secret place and better my relationship with God. The importance of this cannot be overemphasised. Really.

- Enjoy where I am on the way to where I'm going. I'm currently reading a book with that title. I think it's really deep and I can't wait to feel all the goodness in it and bring it to life.

For the blog!

- The normal thing to say is that I want to be more consistent but I've found out that when defining a goal, you need to put in strategic actions. So here and in my journal, I'd say this year, I want to double the number of posts from last year. That's definitely not achievable except through consistency.

- Concentrate less on blog stats! There was a time last year when I was so obsessed. I'd publish a post this week and i'd start following up on it. If this post isn't doing as well as the previous one, I'd start wondering why and this causes headache to be honest. It takes the fun out of the whole thing and everything just kinda revolves around numbers which shouldn't be. It hasn't really been heartbreaking but these days, I don't even bother checking my dashboard.

- Have a page in my journal dedicated to important blog dates. For example, on 14th March, this handle dm'ed me on IG about how she loves my blog or on this day, this person said they used the knowledge gotten from my blog to solve a particular problem and so on and so forth. I think this would definitely add some sunshine on a gloomy day.

- Send newsletters at least once monthly. I could have said increase the number of subscribed persons but that's not strategic enough. I wouldn't send newsletters if nobody subscribed, would I? So please, subscribe HERE. SUBSCRIBE , SUBSCRIBE , SUBSCRIBE to make this goal achievable. Thanks.

How's 2017 coming along for you?
What's your watchword for the new year? I'm yet to choose mine so maybe yours would help.

Don't forget to set goals this year and include strategic actions that'd help you follow them through. Have a great 2017. xxx.

I'd love to hear from you. Kindly leave me your thoughts. Thank you. xx

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