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My Jumping Tale

Am I the only one who lowkey misses those primary school days when all that was our concern was collecting daily allowance to spend on yogurt and the likes? Can't be. I actually attended two primary schools. One where I started and was always getting into different kinds of trouble ranging from bursting into a class and talking to who I came to see without acknowledging the teacher a lot of times till he finally got tired of me and whopped my ass to getting my teacher all smelly and stained because I got unboiled eggs for an assignment instead of boiled ones and the other school where I spent just a session before going to secondary school.

I happened to be this exceptionally brilliant child in primary school which I guess made certain people believe so much in me that they felt I'd thrive so well in secondary school without necessarily completing my primary school education. So maybe I did thrive well but recently, I realized that I didn't thrive as well as I could have. This simple conversation on Twitter (Follow me HERE @l_laitan) made me realize this.

I remember feeling both happy and sad at the same time that I was going to secondary school earlier than I should have. Happy because it just felt so cool getting to 'mature' earlier than my peers that I gladly gave out the English textbook for the next class I had gotten as a prize to one of my friends and sad because I actually only just got to that school and I was going to miss my new friends.
I think this was a lil bit common then cause I got to secondary school and realized that I wasn't the only 'underage'. Getting to JSS1 and starting classes made me find out that maybe, just maybe I wasn't ready and trust me I really wasn't. Even though it never has been my strong point, maths happened to be the biggest hassle. Other subjects were good because all I needed to do was read and understand but maths was basically all about building on what you have already been taught in the last class of primary school! The funniest episode I can recall is the day we were being taught something that had to do with the use of a mathematical set and I was just lost. I couldn't even handle a compass well! I'm really laughing at myself right now. There was a time I totally stopped writing in maths class because I realized that comparing myself with these other girls that were pretty familiar with the topics wasn't going to help me. On those days, I'd just close my notes and be looking at the teacher, trying to understand all he was doing on the board. I remember having to start looking for a 'good with maths' best friend. Lol!
To others, I might have been doing fine but I knew that wasn't me at my best and I actually wanted more coupled with the fact that I was in a staff room one day and my class teacher said something like if I had waited for 'my time', my grades would have been way better and not just a little bit above average. Maybe she was right because I actually did have to enter the university with my mates I had left behind in primary school and I'd say I moved from a lil bit above average to something way better and it's been a really cool evolution.
I definitely wouldn't advice the whole 'jumping' thingy (that's what we used to call it) for anyone but there were amazing blessings in disguise for me that I wouldn't trade for anything in the world. For example, I don't think I'd be half as smart (not bookwise) as I am if I hasn't 'jumped'. I also find it really cool being one of the youngest amongst my friends and classmates even though most people don't ever know.

 Fun Fact : Writing this made me really nostalgic and that's a feeling I rarely have. I had to ditch one device for another after almost a week just so this 'story' I've never really shared could come alive. Who knows, someone might be needing it for my biography someday. Hehe

What's your take on the whole 'jumping' stuff?
Did you have to jump any class?
Can you remember any primary school mischief? Please share with me. Let's have a good laugh!

I'd love to hear from you. Kindly leave me your thoughts. xxx

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