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My Jumping Tale

Am I the only one who lowkey misses those primary school days when all that was our concern was collecting daily allowance to spend on yogurt and the likes? Can't be. I actually attended two primary schools. One where I started and was always getting into different kinds of trouble ranging from bursting into a class and talking to who I came to see without acknowledging the teacher a lot of times till he finally got tired of me and whopped my ass to getting my teacher all smelly and stained because I got unboiled eggs for an assignment instead of boiled ones and the other school where I spent just a session before going to secondary school.

I happened to be this exceptionally brilliant child in primary school which I guess made certain people believe so much in me that they felt I'd thrive so well in secondary school without necessarily completing my primary school education. So maybe I did thrive well but recently, I realized that I didn't thrive as well as I could have. This simple conversation on Twitter (Follow me HERE @l_laitan) made me realize this.

I remember feeling both happy and sad at the same time that I was going to secondary school earlier than I should have. Happy because it just felt so cool getting to 'mature' earlier than my peers that I gladly gave out the English textbook for the next class I had gotten as a prize to one of my friends and sad because I actually only just got to that school and I was going to miss my new friends.
I think this was a lil bit common then cause I got to secondary school and realized that I wasn't the only 'underage'. Getting to JSS1 and starting classes made me find out that maybe, just maybe I wasn't ready and trust me I really wasn't. Even though it never has been my strong point, maths happened to be the biggest hassle. Other subjects were good because all I needed to do was read and understand but maths was basically all about building on what you have already been taught in the last class of primary school! The funniest episode I can recall is the day we were being taught something that had to do with the use of a mathematical set and I was just lost. I couldn't even handle a compass well! I'm really laughing at myself right now. There was a time I totally stopped writing in maths class because I realized that comparing myself with these other girls that were pretty familiar with the topics wasn't going to help me. On those days, I'd just close my notes and be looking at the teacher, trying to understand all he was doing on the board. I remember having to start looking for a 'good with maths' best friend. Lol!
To others, I might have been doing fine but I knew that wasn't me at my best and I actually wanted more coupled with the fact that I was in a staff room one day and my class teacher said something like if I had waited for 'my time', my grades would have been way better and not just a little bit above average. Maybe she was right because I actually did have to enter the university with my mates I had left behind in primary school and I'd say I moved from a lil bit above average to something way better and it's been a really cool evolution.
I definitely wouldn't advice the whole 'jumping' thingy (that's what we used to call it) for anyone but there were amazing blessings in disguise for me that I wouldn't trade for anything in the world. For example, I don't think I'd be half as smart (not bookwise) as I am if I hasn't 'jumped'. I also find it really cool being one of the youngest amongst my friends and classmates even though most people don't ever know.

 Fun Fact : Writing this made me really nostalgic and that's a feeling I rarely have. I had to ditch one device for another after almost a week just so this 'story' I've never really shared could come alive. Who knows, someone might be needing it for my biography someday. Hehe

What's your take on the whole 'jumping' stuff?
Did you have to jump any class?
Can you remember any primary school mischief? Please share with me. Let's have a good laugh!

I'd love to hear from you. Kindly leave me your thoughts. xxx

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Pps : I can't believe I'm actually naming this post "My Jumping Tale" Who does that? Well, someone that's tired of brainstorming for a better title and would definitely change it when she comes up with something better.

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  1. Average in primary school, average jss class, very smart and more then average in sss class. Wasn't able to get that but aways jealous of my friends that jumped then because it gave us little distance friendship.

    1. Lol, I'm pretty sure
      they were jealous
      of you too.
      Thank you
      for reading. xx

  2. This post ehn......  I really don't like the jumping thing. It sets most children up for failure.  Everyone holds so much hope for a child who's to immature to fulfil it and the effects are not always great. Technically, I didn't jump....  My primary school like a lot of others erased primary 5 and so we all jumped from 4 to 5. I was the youngest in my class (I was born quite late in the year and I think I started school really early) and was also quite bright. I almost jumped from pry 4 to JSS1.  Fortunately, my grandparents raised a storm and vehemently protested. Tbh I'm grateful to them for this. Found myself in the average age group, young but not too young. I had plans due to this early start which haven't played out. Right now at this stage of my life, i have mixed feelings about it but I'm glad for the path. I've gone from top student to average student to exceptional student due to this. I even love maths now when I used to cry every maths lesson from pry 1 till I finally graduated secondary school.
    I was miss goody goody 2 shoes in primary so no mischievous stories.

    1. Ah, I remember
      crying during
      one maths lesson
      in primary school
      too. Didn't help
      that my teacher
      was mean.
      Thanks for this
      comment. xx

  3. Funny enough my case was the opposite. I was'nt doing well in primary school at all. Infact I was the least intelligent of my siblings. I remember my mum punishing me for getting 13th position by not allowing me go for a children's holiday camp that we all always looked forward to. I wasn't smart or I didn't jump. When I got to secondary school I moved from Abj to Lagos. I was suppose to start from JSS3. But I didn't do well in the the entrance exam and was advised to repeat JSS2. I cried and cried ehhhh... My mates were in JSS3 and I will be repeating. That was a wake up call. Looking back now, I appreciate the fact that I was asked to repeat. I hard to work extremely hard, burn mid night candles. Had to find out what method of learning worked for me. And that's how I was among the best 3 in class till I graduated. I didn't stop there, I continued in uni and I've had good grades ever since. STORY OF MY LIFE.... LOL

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    1. Aww, the story of
      your life is
      cute. Lol.
      That repetition
      was really a
      blessing in
      disguise. Thank
      God it worked
      out well! Thanks
      for reading dear

  4. Nice post OLA... Seems almost everyone went through all that you did in your first paragraph. Most kids are like that. That aspect of greetings isn't just in them

    Also, as for the reduction in academic activities, i think its a two way thing.I used to know a guy who was very good in primary school. He came from the village and could barely speak even pidgin English not to talk of the ''standard English language of Kids'' in early primary school.

    He managed to pass first term, failed in second term and surprisingly topped my class by third term. And from then, it was one academic success to the other and by the time we got to primary 5, he was the one representing the whole school during inter-school debate, quiz etc.. Not even primary six kids could match him.

    But when he got to secondary school, he derailed a bit and managed to get admitted into university. By year 3, he was struggling all over again with very poor results.

    He finally retraced his steps and graduated in flying colours finally.. He was my neighbour that's why i know all this and he would come complaining to me why he isnt doing well.

    1. Wow, his was
      really unique.
      Thank you
      for sharing dear.

  5. Brilliant in Primary School and i guess Average in Secondary School though;)

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  6. That tweet is spot on! It almost represents my schooling experience! Fortunately or unfortunately my friends felt the same way so I wasn’t left out

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  7. hahahaha i think any African schooled individual can relate. I wasnt so bright but i turned out ok.

    1. We definitely can
      all relate.
      Thanks for
      reading and
      leaving a

  8. My jumping tale as a title really caught my attention, its a good one. As for the childhood days I miss them, life was so much easier. For jumping in schools our parents see it as a thing of pride. I actually skipped two grades since I moved back home from a different education system. I dont regret it though, I finished earlier and then again I was always somehow older than my younger friends that till this day people dont believe my age. However I do feel parents should let their kids grow and stop rushing the whole school proces, I mean you can imagine a 13 year old in SS2, what will they do in Univeristy? As for math, I hated it too and it probably had something to do with the whole jumping class thing. As for the primary school days, I was a good kid for the most part. Teachers liked me and I quite popular with my peers, probably because I was one of the few black kids.

    Princess Audu

    1. Aww, I'm glad it
      did. Isn't so bad
      then. The maths
      struggle ehn.
      Good to know
      I'm not alone.
      I totally agree
      with you. Thanks

  9. My education was pretty fast as well. I skipped some classes as well and somehow my dad just had to stop me at some point because he believed I wasn't matured and prepare for certain stages.

    Not so fun fact: I have never written jamb, like I missed out on that experience but for a whole different reason entirely.

    I got into a lot of trouble, like I was the leader of the mischief gang and somehow I always knew how to get out of being punished for my actions.
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    1. I'm not understanding
      the not so fun fact
      but it sounds
      like a little fun.
      Lool, why can I
      picture a naughty
      little you?

  10. Yeah. I can relate with with the jumping tale. And I like the title. I think I will follow your cue and just write the title that comes to mind.
    Eh ehn. I was brilliant too. My uncle called me "prof". Lol. I jumped and still beat my new class mates and had the highest marks in the school leaving exams. The unity schools one.
    Thing is, I didn't adjust well to boarding house. Dunno if it was age, but temperament was a factor. I hated it. And it affected my grades. I also had to deal with not being the most brilliant. You know Fggc schools. We were like 40 or 50 in my arm alone. And we had 5 arms. So imagine the first position was 13th.and I was shattered. It didn't get better until I got to ss2 and changed to art class.
    University though was freaking awesome. I got my groove back. Maintained my gp for ten semesters. And I didn't even read too seriously.
    Boarding house wasn't for me at all. I have a draft boarding house post. Let me just go and post it sef.
    How are you dear?

    The mysterious and powerful blood of Jesus Christ

    1. You like the
      title too. Thanks!
      You should.
      Following one's
      guts really helps.
      Lool, I know fggc
      schools and how
      many students
      are. Glad you
      got your groove
      back. Yes, post

  11. Lol at the jumping tale!
    I can totally relate. I did quite a bit of "jumping" and was a graduate by age 19.
    The part I didn't like was having to explain to others how I finished school so fast.
    It was an interesting journey, though.

    1. 19? That's a wow
      Lool, I can lowkey
      relate but then
      I guess I look
      the part so it's
      only when my real
      age is in the open
      people raise brows.

  12. Haha, the jumping tale, story of my life... I don't know why everyone always seem to think that I'm really smart, I mean, I probably am and I guess that's why I survived science class even when I knew deep down I could do better if I wasn't (remember my psychology classes? 😂😂😂). Anyways, I know its all for the best and I've learnt not to complain again since I can still do what I love not necessarily having a BSc in it and still have my BSc in Biochemistry. I guess it's a win-win for me... Really nice post.


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