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4 Secondary School Habits that never left (+2 I wish stayed)

If you already read My Jumping Tale post, you'd probably think I'm doing a sort of personal educational recap but I'm not. There's definitely a such thing as coincidence. This post has been sitting pretty unfinished till today when during my sister's birthday outing, one of the topics we had fun discussing was our secondary aka high school and all its drama. It brought back cool memories and I even remembered some people I'd forgotten about so I just decided to take advantage of that and finish this up!
Whether you went to a boarding school or not, one thing that is certain is there would be few habits or ways of doing things in secondary school aka high school that never really left you and probably might never do. I mean, it's 6 years as I'm pretty sure there were hardly any cases of jumping .
Even though I always have this nagging feeling that I didn't have as much fun as possible back then, I definitely have certain habits that stuck and I'd be sharing some of mine so we'd all get to relish those beautiful memories together.
My page in the school yearbook. Lol

1. National Anthem in Yoruba - Recently, I found myself having to prove to someone that I am a full-blown Yoruba girl by having to sing the National Anthem in our native dialect. I honestly had forgotten it even existed and couldn't be bothered so I was ready to give it all up till I remembered we used to sing it every Friday during the school assembly and then the very first line came, a few glitches here and there and I was done. I know it's not yet 10 years ago or a little bit close but this isn't something I hear every other day so it was quite surprising. Let's hope it stays this way years from now.

2. Class Sitting Position  - Even though I was younger than most of my classmates as I already said here, I was one of the tallest and there's no way a tall person would get a seat in front. It just never happened so I always found myself sitting close to the back in junior secondary school. By the time I got to senior class, I had to sit at the extreme back not only because of the height factor but because I was already enjoying it. Fast forward to now, everything about me is so accustomed to it that I tend to concentrate more while sitting close to the back than sitting in front.

3. Love for brown shoes - Back then if anyone had told me this would make the list, I'd have rolled my eyes at the impossibility. Apart from the fact that I'm quite choosy when it comes to footwear and then brown shoes were relatively scarce, there's Long feet problems  to consider so shopping for brown shoes to go with the school uniform was a big headache. I already explained it in the Long feet problems post but I'd explain again. It's either I find a really cute brown shoe that can't accommodate my feet or I find a not too pretty one that fits me. The struggle was real. Everything cute is always in small size. Whyyy? Thing is right now, I find myself really attracted to brown shoes in a funny way. Not exactly on myself tho because the struggle is still very much real.

4. Food Choices  - There isn't much to say about this honestly because I'm pretty sure everyone can relate. It's either secondary school aka high school (I enjoy writing this) made you like a certain food or dislike it with the latter being the case most times.

On the flipside,  there are two things I sort of wish could have stayed with me

- Waking up early : I'm not an early riser. Never have been and you'd think being in boarding school for 6 years would at least do something to change that. When I have to wake up early especially during the holidays, it gets really painful. I once had a roommate who asked me how I manage to wake up late despite the fact that I was a boarder because she knows someone who also attended a boarding school and is already accustomed to waking up as early as 5am. Not me,sis.

- Always having something edible in my bag : I'm not sure now why this was so but out of every 10 times you go through my bag, you'd definitely come across something edible 9 times. These days, maybe just 3 or 4 times. Priorities, maybe?

That pretty much sums it up for me guys. I had fun writing this and I hope you enjoyed reading it. If you did, could you please subscribe to the blog HERE?

What's the biggest lifestyle change your secondary aka high school initiated in you ?
I think mine was one of the few that wore brown shoes. What was yours? Brown or black?
Were you a day student or a boarder? What was your favorite thing about being one?
What foods did secondary school aka h.. (Okay, I'd stop) make you like or dislike?
Any extra secondary school gist you have to share? Please do. Let's have fun and maybe learn a thing or two.

I always want to hear from you. Kindly leave me your thoughts. xxx


  1. National Anthem in Yoruba! I only used to hear that on the radio, it's cool you learnt that in school. I was always at the front in secondary school because the teachers always wanted to make sure I wasn't causing any trouble. It stuck with me till Uni, I sat at the front all through. I attended both day and boarding school at various points. Cool post, I enjoyed reading this Laitan!

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    3 Classy Ways To Style Ripped Jeans

  2. I had totally forgotten Yoruba National Anthem was a thing. Your post brings back memories, although I can only remember the first line, "Dide eyin ara"

    I also wish the early morning thing stayed, but... *sigh.

    My school was a very hard-working one, you'd work your fingers to the bones. I still wonder how this laziness I now have crept into my life.

    One big takeaway from them days is how well I accommodate and tolerate people. I schooled with different, diverse, divergent mates. Today, even if you're an alien, I can still put up with you.

    I could keep going...

    Wonderful, cool post. Very enjoyable. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow I've never heard the national anthem in Yoruba before, I would love.I was a day student as I lived quite close to my school. It does make me sad at times that I'll never be able to relate to the 'boarding school struggle' lol. The food my high school actually made me fall in love with was egg roll (I know right?Of all things!) I also remember being the person to write the noise makers list, I hated doing this because then my classmates would be mad at me if their names were on the list lool. Nice post Laitan, brings back memories.xx

  4. Toh. I don't know the words to the Yoruba anthem oh. So kudos to you.
    Hmm! Waking up early isn't really my thing. The times I have to are not met with great enthusiasm so it's safe to say that Boarding house habit didn't take. Lol.
    You Really right about sHigh school putting you off some foods. I still don't like yam so much, and I can't forget the mess they served us in the name of food lol.
    I never liked front seat even though I am not tall oh. I quickly figured out that the front people are the ones who ate picked to answer I never resumed on time anyway so it was almost always back, or one seat to the back.
    Yeah, our sandals were brown too. I like brown stuff but not because of those sandals.
    Great post. I like.

  5. This post is everything!!!!! I feel you on the waking up early my life these days have me wanting to wake up by 5am but I just can't. Those days I was like cock!!! School didnt make me hate any food though (I didn't stay In boarding house sha) but it made me fall in love with Shapes biscuit lol *hides Face * I really loved this post

  6. I didnt like my secondary school days. Its surprising because i was a very brilliant chap and the assistant head girl. I think i was always getting into trouble. I only looked forward to prize giving days cus i knew i was going to cart away prizes

  7. I am surprised that you sang national anthem in Yoruba, like I only heard it maybe twice on a yoruba radio station.

    I was a day student,and it was in sec school I learnt to be aggressive. I used to wake up pretty early,so it is one thing that has stayed with me as well.

  8. This post brought back memories. I was also in the hostel for most of my years in high school. I also struggle with waking up early despite hostel life. I think it's because we were compelled to wake up early that's why the habit never really stuck with us lol.
    Thanks for sharing!

  9. Cant really relate to these points as I went to day school and schooled mostly abroad, tho the point about singing the National Anthem in Yoruba sounds interesting, I never knew we had that. I loved black shoes probably because thats what I wore throught out my secondary school days. As for snakcs, I loved aya, awara and then while in Thailand we had this drink, soft drink popsicles and oh the deserts too. As for secondary memories or gist, girl it's too long to type here oh. I liked this post tho.
    Princess Audu

  10. Well, I'm still an early riser no matter how late I sleep (which is REALLY late)I still wake up early.

  11. This post took me down memory lane. Boarding school was so much fun. National anthem in Yoruba!Now that's impressive.

  12. I can totally relate on the early to rise thing.. I could have also been a morning person if the morning started around past 10.
    Really cool post though

  13. Nice post. Brings back lots of memories.
    I was in boarding school most of the time and I have quite a few memories like waking up so early to take a bath to avoid the morning rush. Can't say that stuck with me though.

  14. This is cool, but i have forgotten most of my habits except the Christian song ''my head, my shoulder, my knee, my toes''... i still find myself doing that and demonstrating it. Even did that few days ago when i saw one my former classmates and we got talking.

    but then again, i still watch cartooons alot. This habit an never stop.

  15. Lovely post, Bee. You really do have some sweet memories. And you were always been beautiful. :)

    I still junk. I take biscuit flakes, cornflakes, goldenmorn, etc. The habit is deep mehn. 

  16. I learnt how to work alongside with anyone no matter how difficult or frustrating...

  17. Hahaha fun post.
    Waking up early is hard to keep but it's an important ingredient to success!
    I was a boarder for most of my secondary school life. It was such an experience! Maybe I'll write about that someday.


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