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4 Style Bloggers: On basic styling tips for short dresses

This is a very special post because it's the closest I can get to having something fashion related on the blog. At least for now till I finally adjust to my new timetable.

I always think of short dresses/skirts as a 'heys' dress - heys being the legit sound Nigerian men use to catcall-. I'd define a 'heys' dress for you right about now. That dress that basically gets you heys both with the mouth and the eyes. I don't know which is worse by the way. I think it has to be the former. I mean, every other person around gets to hear the heys and add to your embarrassment.

What inspired this post? Well, obviously I was wearing a heys dress and even though I could have changed before leaving home, there was no time because well I finished late and I also wasn't ready to disrupt the 'timetable' for the week. . I also remembered this popular tweet about how girls would wear short dresses and start pulling it down like we didn't know it was short before leaving home.
So, naturally, I was already thinking up tips and tricks to not looking too uncomfortable during the day and making a mental note not to bend too much. I then decided to make this into a post and ask these awesome fashion bloggers tips and tricks to  employ when this kind of dress is worn. Especially in this part of the world where an outfit revealing as much as your shoulders causes raised eyebrows from the elderly folks.
Here's what they had to say

Wumi Tuase who blogs HERE and whose wardrobe I'd definitely love to raid because any outfit she puts together just looks perfect for me in my head gave some really cool answers. She says "I'm throwing on a pair of panty hose. That's if I don't have a second option. I always do though and that's my go to outfit. Whenever I'm going somewhere and I'm wearing a dress, I always have a pair of jeans, top and jacket just in case my zip spoils. But if there's no time to change, panty hose/fishnets for me."

Lade of ToyinwithFashion says the best thing that can be done is to grab a long coat/jacket (kimono) that you can throw on. She also mentioned the use of fishnets/popsocks or a fitted skirt even.

Tega of Tegaenai actually happened to have been in a similar situation few days before I hit her up! She happens to be one of those people with the special gift of having an extra piece of clothing in their bag, so she simply wore a skirt under her dress because it seemed too short for the official environment she was in. She adds other tips such as probably making a quick dash for a jacket before leaving home

Sarah who blogs at  Princessaudu is another fashion blogger I really admire because of the simple, modest and chic looks she puts together so I definitely wasn't surprised when she told me to start with that she'd most likely not be wearing a short dress to start with but says if finds herself in such position with no time to change, she'd either throw a pair of trousers underneath the dress or style the dress as a top over a skirt. She also mentioned that she'd opt for sheer thick tights and flat shoes so as not to draw too much attention to her legs then pop in her earphones and ignore any form of awkward attention.

I totally enjoyed all of their answers and I definitely love the fact that every response was somehow related. Basically, Layering, leggings/panty hose/fishnets.

Having an extra piece of clothing, watching out for the wind, staying confident(major key), seating properly or discarding the dress totally. are survival tips you definitely know of but there's absolutely no harm in mentioning it again.

I've actually never been really into short dresses and I figured I'd probably not be in this kind of dilemma anymore until recently when I wore a top for the very first time and the zip got worn out. Like totally. It was very horrible to be honest. I had no other thing to wear and I planned to stay in the car till closing hours until I realized I had a scarf in my bag that I was able to use cover my back till I safely got to a tailor's shop. Whew. I guess it was nature's way of telling me to complete this post but I did not budge until now.
So, while I might not be able to go around with an extra piece of clothing everytime,a new addition to my bag on days when I'm wearing something zipped  is definitely a scarf. I can only hope I don't get tired of it, suddenly discard it and then be in huge need for it the very next day.

I hope reading this reminds you to always have an extra piece of clothing around even if it's as little as a scarf because zips can get worn out anytime and dresses can get short overnight. Lol

Have you ever been in a bad dress situation? I'm guessing we all have. Some are pretty hilarious, please share them
How did you get out of it?
What are some of your personal tips and tricks to dealing with such situations? We all need some of those.
How do you cope with wearing short dresses?

I always want to hear from you. Kindly leave me your thoughts. xxx
PS : Is it just me or that ending sounds quite cheesy like I was writing an essay. Hehehe
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  1. In this ilorin, once you wear short dress, if it's not heyss Baby they automatically think you're a prostitute. Know some people who could use these tips.

  2. My only advice is one of two options: ONLY wear tights or anything underneath if you WANT to and it might enhance your outfit. Otherwise, just wear your short dress with absolute confidence, not giving a rat's ass about what the heys men or old folk might do �� The earphone trick is DEF me tho!

  3. Baby girl, thanks for the feature. And I'm also for the comment above - if you make up your mind to wear a short dress go with your head high and don't give two shits what anybody says. Confidence is key

  4. I love this post! The 'heyss' part cracked me up😂 but I definitely can relate with what they all said, I always have either a scarf or a jacket in my bag incase something untoward happens. I'm also all for the confidence part, wear your thing and keep your head high...just carry scarf in your bag sha😊

  5. The 'heys' dress or skirt isn't really bad if properly styled. Except of course its extremely so short that a bit of wind can cause mayhem. I wore sthg similar in dis post & i a hunk it's cool.
    Lovely post Ola, ����

  6. The worst thing that can happen is when you wear a dress or top and the zip pops. While carrying extra clothes around might not always work, I think the idea og carrying a scarf around is a good one. And those hey dresses also depend on your body type, for girls with body it can draw so much attention but sometimes slimmer ladies with less body can get away with it. Toyin's idea of wearing a jacket or kimono is perfect too. Thanks for featuring me hun.

    Princess Audu 

  7. I absolutely love Sarah and Toyin. My faves👏👏🙌🙌💜

  8. Loooool the 'heys' really cracked me up. That was hilarious Laitan. All their tips are on point.

    One time, I was getting dressed for church and I decided to wear a shirt dress. It was a dress I had never worn , I put it on and the length was okay-ish. But at the last minute I decided that I would wear heels so I swapped my flats for heels. I didn't even think about the effect that would have on my dress. Only for me to get to church and realise after putting on the heels that the dress is way too short. Thankfully, I had a huge scarf so I used that to just cover myself and I certainly did not dance out when it was time for thanksgiving. Lesson learned mehn haha. xx

    Coco Bella Blog

  9. I do love this post! And I love how all our answers are similar. I almost never leave home with a cashmere for 2 reason. 1 outfit fails 2 I catch cold easily and start sneezing making other people uncomfortable. So I've learnt to always carry it with me. It's been a helpful saviour in time of need.

    And the name 'hey dress' really cracked me up ����������.

    Great post dear.

  10. Love this post. Sometimes those clothes have a way of tugging up by themselves. They look appropriate when you leave home then at some weird point they start bunching up and you are like warisdis.
    Hmm! My encounter with a worn zipper on my skirt. It been a while, but I still haven't gotten over the

  11. I love every tip here, but for me, I just walk like the world is my run way, I know my style so I know i will not wear anything short and it will be looking tacky or cheap, so I slay on with my short outfit

  12. I love Sarah response, the part about the eye phones. I really love wearing hey dresses but Nigerian will not let you wear your dress and breathe in peace. One tip I always use is to wear a panty hose or carry a jacket along. It always come in handy.
    My Style Look Book Series

  13. Lol. Interesting post. It's all about knowing what works best for you.

  14. Hey
    For a while I wasn't able to open your blog o..just saw a link on Tobi's blog and it opened.
    Love the tips and I also love everyone there. They all have unique styles.


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