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2 Months Hiatus : Where have I been?


Not literally but Wow, would you guys believe that I barely even checked my blog throughout the about 2 months hiatus? I wasn't exactly that busy, maybe I was, thinking about it now but I also just don't like reading what I've posted because I don't want to go all "Omg, that's way too much information" and then probably delete a post. I've been away for so long and the hardest thing about being away for me, is coming back. Gosh, it has been so hard! I went from being busy with school work to having a break and then being busy with another school related program. During my break, I actually brought out my notepad, drafted posts, wrote down bloggable topics, searched through pinterest and every other thing. I avoided Instagram a lot because trust me, no matter how confident you think you are and how high your self esteem is, seeing that other people are posting and carrying on with the blogging process would definitely do a little something to your mood. Trust me on that one. I literally ran away from Instagram, Twitter and the works and tried to get myself back in the game with no progress until I had a mini epiphany where I realized I was probably just causing more harm by locking myself up staying off those platforms, what if all the motivation and 'ginger' I need was on there and so I corrected that immediately and believe me, it has been helpful in a way.
I didn't want my comeback post to be the typical one where I'd talk about why I've been away, excuses and all that just like the one I'm doing right now. I think it's cliché but hey, being cliché never killed anyone, not that I know of so here I am giving reasons why I've been off not because I want to but because I'm hoping it removes all the cobwebs in my mind, head and of course on the blog! Even though I had days rolling into weeks when I didn't even think about, I realized a lot of things about my blogging game and even myself in respect to blogging.
A selfie because I realized I barely have pictures of myself on the blog

1. It's all about the purpose and the reason why I started : Even though I didn't exactly know what I would be blogging about and how I'd go about it, I knew I was going to be a lifestyle blogger so I had to remind myself that I didn't start out with the intention of having a daily lifestyle blog. I honestly just wanted and still want a healthy distraction for myself, a place to get all the words in my head out, a place to connect with lots of people amongst many others.

2. My favorite thing about blogging is actually reading other people's blogs and conversing on various topics  through the comment box : I missed missed this! And it's not because of the blogging rule of thumb that says you have to comment on other people's blogs so you'd get comments on yours. No! It definitely started because of that one reason but one year plus of blogging albeit not too consistently, it has gone way beyond that. There's ALWAYS something to learn even from the most random posts. I really missed reading lots of blogs and I can't wait to get back to that.

3. Getting comments and feedback : This means a lot especially when you haven't published any post in ages, haven't done any form of promotion: There was this day I was walking to class alone and then this person calls me 'Laitanbee' and I was surprised and then she says "I love your blog". Whaat! I put away all the questions in my head and I think I might have smiled a little too wide. I honestly couldn't help it, you found my blog when I've literally buried it somewhere and you love it!? Thank youuu. The days when I wake up to emails notifying a new comment that is sincere and continues what I was discussing in the post also meant a lot especially because I didn't see them coming. And also the increased pageviews. These things go beyond words and numbers, really.

4. Blogging is like an avenue to many other opportunities : This one deserves a post on its own, really. Every blogger can relate. Blogging by extension has helped me to realize one thing I'm quite passionate about. Even though this wasn't directly, I'm still super grateful that I started this whole blogging thingy and sometimes it feels God brought me into blogging because of this.

5. Being traditional has its own disadvantages : Traditional in this context means pen and paper. I'm really old school when it comes to writing. I tend to get ideas, think faster if I have a pen and a paper. Not too good because some days I'm just too lazy to pick out my book and pen which is pretty annoying as some ideas tend to fly away as soon as they come. Once the first idea is written with a pen, it tends to multiply and then typing becomes easy. The idea just has to be written with paper and pen. I'm trying to put this in check by carrying a very small notepad around in my bag instead of my bulky blog book.

I started writing this with nothing really in mind. I just needed to get myself back into the blogging business and I think(hope) I have. It's not a coincidence that while typing this and leaving it unfinished at different times, I had direct messages from two people on twitter (where I believe I have the least link clicks) one telling me she misses my blog posts and the other person saying my posts helped them not to sleep during a slow day at work. That was all the motivation I needed to complete this post. It's always so nice getting feedback from readers and I'm grateful for it and for you for reading this post up till this point.
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What major life lesson(s) have you learnt or are you learning at the moment?
If you blog,what's your favorite thing about blogging and what do you do when inspiration seems to have fizzled out?

  Yes, I'm back and I always want to hear from you. Kindly leave me your thoughts. xx

P.s : I actually couldn't come up with a better post title and I didn't want to risk putting off clicking the publish button to tomorrow. I honestly can't be bothered with SEO. 😊😊😊


  1. Sometimes man just has to sit down, breathe in and out, and continue. We are expecting loads of posts very soon😭😭

  2. Welcome back Laitan, I missed youuuuu!
    You're totally right when you say blogging is an avenue for a lot of opportunities. One life lesson I learned recently is not to have such high expectations of other people. People tend to disappoint, not because they want to but just because they're human. No one can have your back like you can.

    Once again, welcome back honey <3
    Coco Bella Blog

    1. Missed you more
      hun. Yeah, I
      have learnt
      that a lot
      of time and
      it still keeps
      coming back.
      Thanks for
      sharing and
      for being
      amazing 💜

  3. Hello Sumitan... Glad to know you back blogging. Life lesson... Reduce your expectations reduce your disappointments... Only you can truly make your self happy.... God strengthen you dear.. Keep it up

    1. Why is everyone
      learning about
      Lol. Yeah,only
      you can make
      yourself happy.
      True.Thanks hun

  4. Oshey it is a comeback something. To be honest your blog gives me quite the inspiration, maybe even improved my writing skills. Did I just type type that? 🙊
    Great blog post as usual, hoping to see more blog posts.

    1. Ahh, you just
      typed it! And
      it makes me
      so happy, lol.
      Thank youu 😘

  5. Woa! You have a very wonderful blog. I will be doing much reading here. Great post all the way. Cheers!
    I blog at

    1. Thank youu and
      yes please do.
      Coming over to
      your blog in a

  6. Welcome back hun. I'v added your blog to my home page and been waiting for you to return. So, we're expecting lots of posts now

    1. Hey booo!
      Thanks! This
      means a lott.
      I'd deliver
      the posts
      Thanks b.

  7. Welcome back laitanbee,thank God, I thought something had happened,but here you are,welcome back dear

  8. Well good to have you back anyway. Hopefully better and
    Surviving the Nigerian Police

  9. I'm glad you are back. I absolutely love your blog and you are one blogger I always wait on to read her new posts since before I started blogging. And I feel ya on the whole traditional thing pen and paper thing. I'm like that too

  10. I'm glad you are back. I absolutely love your blog and you are one blogger I always wait on to read her new posts since before I started blogging. And I feel ya on the whole traditional thing pen and paper thing. I'm like that too

  11. This post has been opened on my browser forever, I'm glad you're back baby girl, I was also away from my blog and I know what you're talking about, I thought I was the only one that thinks some information might be too much then delete, not just me then.
    Hope your mojo is back 100, off to check for new posts


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