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The Insecurity Tag : 10 Things I'm Insecure About

I came across this tag on Instagram (Follow me HERE ) and I realised reading about the insecurities of other people really made me feel something not exactly because I could relate with their insecurities but because it warmed my heart and inspired me in ways I can't explain. This is why I decided to share a few of mine: both the ones I used to have and the ones I still have. The tag says ten and I hope I'm able to come up with that many.
In real life, I'm covering my eyes because you're about to read my never been told secrets. 

1. I used to be really insecure about my face in Secondary school because pimples ridden. I remember that when I was in SS1, it was at its peak and I used to talk to people especially seniors with my face down. I got tired of hearing "What happened to your face!?" every time someone was sending me to go fetch her water or whatever the errand happened to be.

2. I'm pretty insecure about not having any stereotype talents. Singing, dancing, acting, drawing and the likes. I'm not exaggerating when I say I used to think I was the only one God created like that. Really dealt with my self confidence for a long time. Those were the days when social media wasn't the hype but now that it is, it has made me see that there are other people like me who are making waves in their unconventional fields. I've now accepted that I'm still a creative despite the fact that I can't do all what is traditionally tagged as creative. I'm however not going to pretend that I don't sometimes wish I could sing well or dance or draw!

3. Even though I get told that I have nice dentition a lot, there's still something about it that I'm quite insecure about. I have extra tooth on both sides of my mouth that makes me not want to open my mouth too wide while laughing around people I'm not very free with. Funny thing about this is that I know they can't see it but I just keep being careful.

4. My mood swings. I'm insecure about them. How it can take me from 100-0 is annoying and I hate the fact that I sometimes can't control how it makes me relate with people when it comes on.

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5. I know gone are the days when being smart was restricted to academics alone but I still feel really bad about not being a mathematical 'genius' cause I developed interest in it wayyy too late which makes me feel like a fraud when people tell me I'm smart if we're talking academics.

6. I'm insecure about my ability to totally overthink any thing possible. Exactly why I hate being idle cause when I am, my mind begins to wander and a random fact? I could be psychic (I don't mean the crazy crazy psychic powers Lol!) . So just imagine how much energy I have to use when bad thoughts pop up.

7. I know almost every lady can relate with this maybe not as serious as I do but I do feel really insecure about my 'abilities' as a lady when dysmenorrhea comes knocking and I'm all over the place. I've met people who have it worse but there's still this part of me that gets angry because I can't just pull myself together cause of some hormones.

8. I could be really secretive which is why an insecurity coat comes on whenever someone I know asks for my blog url or tells me they read my post. I know that's the essence of the whole thing, to get everything out of my head and have people read them but I can't help but have my heart beating faster while thinking "Oh no, this person is about to get into my head."

9. I tend to be really indecisive which is one crazy insecurity I have. It leads to a whole lot of other insecurities because when you're supposed to make a choice between two very simple options and you can't, you'd start to consider yourself dumb. That isn't cool.

10. Every other insecurity has been quite serious and though I'm not very sure this counts, I'd still put this one about me not being able to stand animals. Dogs especially, yes I said it! I'd share a quick anecdote to buttress this point.
 I was at a family friends' place and this huge dog was walked into the sitting room by a about 10 years old boy, I screamed and put my legs on the couch. No shame. Sad thing was that I already refused him my phone for games. Just know he used the dog as a bait guys and he eventually played the games. I was so ashamed of myself that day! Lol. How do you people do it? I can't even touch a dog comfortably. So the basic insecurity here is that I feel so not courageous when I remember this occurrence.

Whew. You probably read that under 5 minutes but just I actually used close to a week to come up with 10 insecurities. It's so hard really, at some point I thought I was in someone else's head cause why would writing about myself be so difficult? This is probably because as humans we naturally put up a defence mechanism that shields our insecurities from coming to the surface when it's time to tell it all. It feels sort of weird that I have no physical insecurities on the list. I definitely have some physical attributes I might want to be different but I'm not insecure about any of them. I have too many psychological ones already.

I feel the need to talk about how I dealt with some of these insecurities and how I intend to deal with them but I won't because it's just about sharing and being vulnerable.

What are some of your insecurities? I shared 10 of mine! Share one as many as you can.
What insecurities do we have in common? There has to be at least one, kindly share with mee?

I always want to hear from you. Kindly leave me your thoughts. xxx


  1. You have such a gorgeous smile Laitan! I can so relate to overthinking everything, I do the same. And the worst part is that I always think of the WORST lol. Sameee, I used to feel some type of way when I realised I don't have any 'conventional talents' , thank God for the advent of blogging sha. Thank you for sharing this with us, it couldn't have been very easy. xx
    Coco Bella Blog

    1. Demilade,thank you
      darling. Your
      on this blog
      are everything
      and more. I
      really appreciate
      you. Wasn't easy
      but I did it! xx

  2. I hate being idle, it kind of depresses me, like I should be doing something with my life, except that's the time for resting or watching a movie. I also shared my insecurities — "flawless flaws" — on my blog too. I had to come out with some things that people don't even know about me. This is nice to read.
    I have a friend too who thinks she doesn't have a talent, I used to tel her it might not be artistic like every other person's own, it can be different or even in thinking ability. I'd refer her to this when I can.

    1. You know this!
      Idleness comes with
      a different kind
      of depression. Off
      to your blog to
      read about it and
      yes, please refer
      her to this. xx

  3. Lol... me too.. I'm really scared of dogs.

    1. Fear. Dread. I'm
      tired of fighting it
      Maybe that's how we're
      wired? 😂

  4. This was super interesting. Your 1 to 4 is just me, me, me, me! I had all of those insecurities too. My pimples dread phase started way back ss1 and it was terrible. I had huge ones all over my nose, sometines about 3 at once.I could barely talk to anyone. When they heal, they leave a sort of swell scar, you'd look at my nose and wonder what happened you get? Oh memories! When I even got to the Uni, though the nose pimples reduced, not completely. i had this friend, eevn till date, that calls me 'koko'. Now i rarely have the nose zits but my nose is rough and on meeting me, 90% of the time people ask me 'what happened to your nose?'.
    It doesn't really affect me as much now, maybe because I have other body parts that i feel more insecure about, lmao, or maybe because i've seen people with worse facial conditions. See, when they ask me those questions, sometimes i joke around that i took the same medical treatment Michael Jackson did that made his nose fall. I mean, I can joke about it! Winning!

    Sorry for the long comment.

    1. The beauty of sharing
      this is to let myself
      and other people realise
      we're not alone.
      There are worse facial
      conditions babe and
      I learnt this from a
      guy's face so that
      did a lot to me.
      Lol, stay joking
      about it hun. Plus
      I saw your picture
      via Bloglovin and
      you're really pretty 💕.
      Oh, I appreciate the
      long comment. Keep
      them coming! 💋

  5. This was nice to read. I used to feel the same way about not having conventional talents, and the fact that there were just so many things I loved to do too made it more troubling. It made me seem a bit unserious, but that's all in the past now. So I can look towards better time consuming stuff lol. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hey Zinny! Oh, I can
      so relate, lol. It's so
      nice knowing I'm not
      alone. You inspire me!

  6. I think my biggest insecurity is turning out less than I have imagined for myself, if that counts as one,but I'm learning daily to surmount that bit of me, this could be totally related to "overthinking",hence same antidote; get busy!!
    Well done laitanbee coming on here is never a waste of time.Cheers!

    1. Oh, it definitely
      counts as one! Yaay
      to getting busy. That
      means a lotttt. Thanks!

  7. Im insecure about my teeth too, my smile actually, i cover my mouth when i laugh. Im super indecisive nd im tired of it. My eyes are super tiny nd i try not to smile too hard so they dont become slits😂😂
    I love this post.. Im not sure im brave enough to share mine just yet.

    1. Being indecisive gets
      tiring tbh. But I'm
      putting in a conscious
      effort. One where I
      don't overthink things.
      Worked for me today and
      I think you should try
      it out. Oh, I haven't
      noticed the eyes. Definitely because
      you look fab with it.
      Someone told me the
      first step to
      overcoming insecurities
      is letting them out!
      I'd love to read yours.

  8. The over thinking part,I can relate!!! And yea,I hate dogs!!! A lot!!!

  9. " I used to be really insecure about my face in Secondary school because *** pimples ridden. " I think you missed a word or two there.
    I feel like I am a psychic too, my mind can't help but over analyze things.

    1. No. I actually did not.
      Cutting out 'it was'
      is acceptable.
      Thanks for the
      comment and for

  10. One of the so many insecurities I've had so far on over 20 years of my life is this baby face of mine.

    It was so annoying back then in my secondary school days. So much the juniors were always *whynin* me with it. Well i was happy seniors were wearing Trousers then so...��. I was safe .

    But fast forward to six years after, I'm still hunted by this young naive looking face.

    So many times I've tried to man it off, BuT no, it keeps coming back.


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