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SKIRTS: A love-hate relationship

Don't you just love how inspiration for posts come from the most unexpected occurrences? I definitely do. I'm currently on industrial training/attachment to an hospital and part of the rules and regulations is that we have to dress corporate. Good news for those who put on skirts/gowns every other day and bad news for someone like me who wouldn't mind wearing trousers to their wedding reception not because I don't want to look pretty in a dress but because I feel more comfortable in it.
Just before the training started, I tried to picture how everything would be like and groaned when I realized I'd have to be on skirts almost every day and I remembered everything I dislike about putting on skirts. I thought Fridays were exempted until my supervisor said something about my trousers on a Friday even though she was putting on one herself saying something about mine just being 'different'. I was unable to get her to explain but at least that spurred me on to write this post on how I feel about skirts and share my love-hate relationship with it that I guess might be sort of general to an extent and most people would relate to.
Wumi is one of my favorite style bloggers and I just love this skirt and how she styled it. Original post HERE

1. A Somewhat restrictive posture : Especially if you hardly wear skirts- both sitting and walking postures. They say this is just psychological but I feel you'd never know whether you sit properly or not until you start wearing skirts on a regular. I'm always reminded of how much I love pants every time I wear skirts as I have to keep checking that I'm sitting properly. I can remember a secondary school friend who once said that her dad told her to start wearing more skirts because he didn't want her to get 'spoilt' with pants in the sitting right sense. When it comes to walking, I feel smarter and more comfortable in pants. I always feel like skirts are restrictive especially the straight ones. This is probably definitely because I'm not too used to it but then it is what it is. LOL.

2. Transportation Hassle : My first memory of a skirt induced transportation hassle has to be my first year in school. I went to visit friends after church (which is why I was on skirt) and then there were no cabs going towards my destination. Just bikes. It was really sunny but I kept waiting as I used to be really scared of bikes then plus I was not ready to mount a bike with the skirt I was putting on. I eventually had no choice though and while I was getting down from the bike and trying to mind the slit of my skirt, I managed to get my leg too close to the silencer. It was so painful, I got a scar and I nursed the pain while mentally making a note to not ever try it again.

3. Underwear headache : I've not had enough experiences with this for it to be a major headache but I've had a few significant ones and there's a constant reminder of this issue everywhere especially with leather skirts. I don't enjoy the view of someone else's underwear lining and so on the day I was running late for a group presentation and rushed out of home putting on a new skirt for the first time, I was very unhappy and uncomfortable when my friend told me I was dishing out that view. I obviously couldn't go back home so I had to do some tweaking here and there to successfully go through the day.

4. The Religion Angle :  This doesn't really count to be honest but I just felt like talking about it. I attended a girls only Missionary school and we loved to ask questions; especially ones relating to the 'risk factors' of not going to heaven with the most popular ones being wearing trousers and putting on earrings. We never got tired,ever. I thought it was because of the 'missionary' in the name of our school but I got out of there and realized it wasn't just us. It was everywhere especially among students. I met people who actually equated your level of 'righteousness' to whether you wore trousers or not. This of course was super disturbing initially but I've come to understand certain things so I just ignore anyone who's being extra.

RANDOM FACT The skirt is the second oldest piece of clothing, outdated only by the loincloth.

I absolutely enjoyed writing this post because it made me realize I'm back to thinking like a blogger - sourcing out inspiration from random situations. I definitely missed that.
And then what day could be better to put up this post than the day I finally summoned the courage to wear trousers to work! Hopefully I totally get away with it.

What about you? Are you a skirt or a pants person? Why?
What are your favorite things about rocking a skirt? Or the least favorite?
What's your take on the skirt-trousers religious controversy?
What's your favorite way to style skirts?
What's your favorite type of skirt? Straight, flared, A-line, which?
Guys reading this(You're the real MVP if you're still here and you're a guy, Thanks!), which does it for you? Which would you rather see a(your) girl rock? Skirts or pants and what are your reasons

I always want to hear from you. Kindly leave me your thoughts. xxx


  1. LMAO @ wearing trousers to your wedding reception. You should do it o, it'll actually be nice. I've always preferred skirts to trousers, I don't know why. I just feel much more comfortable in skirts and dresses in general. In fact, when I was in Lagos I hardly ever wore trousers as the weather is warm enough to always be in a skirt. The whole skirt-trouser religion thing eh, what I think is that you should do what your heart tells you to. I don't agree with people who say if you wear pants you're going to hell, someone has actually told me that before lol.
    Glad you've gotten your blogging mojo back Laitan! xxCoco Bella Blog

    1. Lol, if only I've
      got the weirdness
      enough to pull
      that off. I feel
      you on preferring
      skirts. Hehe,
      People say the
      most. Thanks
      for your
      support hun.

  2. Love the first skirt image midi skirts are my favourite!

  3. Well I guess I am the real MVP!!!

    1. You didn't mention
      which you prefer
      tho. Thanks for
      reading all the
      way. Lol!

  4. I'm a skirt and trouser person. i love midi pencil skirts.. they are my favorites; just pair with a shirt or a camisole and blazer. As for the religion angle, I don't wear trousers to church, but I don't mind people wearing. Those things should not be the most important in our christian race, as far as one is not nude and looking modest, you're good to go.

    1. Everyone loves midi
      skirts! It's
      actually the
      suitable type for
      my physique. Love
      pairing with shirts.
      Exactly, just what
      I think. Thanks for
      sharing your views

  5. Man I really feel this post! I wasn't really a skirt person, I always prided myself on my many pants. However I wear skirts everyday to school and I'm tired sef. I've gotten used to entering okada with skirts, but I've had some seriously embarrassing moments lol! I am currently on the look out for some nice professional looking pants so life can go back to being least until Law school or something lol! The religion stuff used to give me anxiety, like how can I go to hell for wearing pants? Oh gosh! As for the underwear issue, there's seamless undies available which don't create those ugly lines lol, but the sizing is the next problem! I'm glad you're feeling the blogging juices flowing again. Keep it up! You know why you started this blog, you know where you want to go with your writing, and I know you're getting there, you'll fully awaken soon!

  6. Skirts!!!!!!!! My ride or die option anytime!!! Maybe cos I got the perfect figure to rock them...I really do have issues with trousers,I feel they don't give enough room to be creative especially them jeans!!! I have almost all kinds of skirt in my closet!!! And I know how to climb or jump on a bike with skirts....dresses too..

  7. Public transportation and skirt gets me all the time, I am wearing a dress now and as I was dressing up I just went in deep thought as to how will struggle with danfo and okada. Very Interesting read!


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