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A Mini Life Update

There's no such thing as a perfect comeback post especially when the comeback is not a thorough one. I mean, there would still be a couple of other comeback posts so why does this one have to be perfect? I've been thinking more about my blog these past few days because of two reasons which isn't a surprise if I'm being logical. I mean, the hosting company I use has started with the heartbreaking emails intended to notify me of the upcoming renewal of my blog's domain. This equals a saddening debit alert and there's no way, absolutely no way that won't make me think about how much I have abandoned and neglected this webspace of mine and wonder if I should just cancel the renewal. Just because. The second reason is that I'm finally on school break and so I have a little more time on my hands. This means I've been feeling guilty a lot more for not spending my free time on my blog and also thinking about life after school a lot more. My last post here is dated May 3rd and while typing this post, I realized I haven't even checked my blog analytics in just as long.

While I was away, there was always a part of me that was interested in publishing posts but when I remember how much work will have to go into promoting these posts, I just discard the thought. I always told myself there is no way I'd publish a post and just leave it at that - I have to actively promote it but then after having to deal with many many challenging issues these past months and also having been off Instagram for over 2 months, what were the odds of being efficient? Anyway, this isn't just a post where I just talk about my bad blogging habits. I figured I might as well share what's up with me and what I've been up to. To be fair, I've not been up to much apart from school work but still, here goes nothing

- Thinking more about life after school as much as I don't want to. As inevitable as it is, I've been shying away from it because of all the emotions associated with it but a brief conversation with my dad and boom, it's all in my face. What's next after school? What are your plans and the likes. Thinking about these questions have made me realize that I know what I want but what I do not know is the order in which I want to make them happen which is just as scary if you ask me. I'm however determined to not worry but keep praying and trusting God that things will fall into place.
And so on this note, I'm seriously considering posting a disclaimer that states that no form of 'So, what's next' questions are allowed.

- Working on my final year project and having moments where I wonder how I still have to do this all over again with even more workload if I eventually pursue postgraduate degree(s). Haha

- Realizing how much of a stress this friendship thing could be, sometimes. Or maybe I just suck at it. This deserves a post of its own, if I ever rise to the cause.

- Reading a few books in between school work. Some of them are

House Rules- Jodi Picoult. If you are a fiction lover and you haven't read any of her books, please fix it. She's amazinggg. I talked about another of her book- Small Great Things- in the literary conversation for January Here

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's two books on feminism - Dear Ijeawele or A Feminist Manifesto in Fifteen Suggestions and We Should All Be Feminists. Motive behind reading these books was being continually referred to as a feminist by someone whose judgements I really trust and even though I didn't think it was true, I decided to read these books for clarification. Well, let's just say the jury is still out on that one for me. I'd just say that I believe feminism is a mindset and the power is not in the title so, deciding to go by the tag or not doesn't make anybody less of one.

Sidney Sheldon's autobiography - The Other Side of Me. Even though it was movie making centered, I got to learn so much from this book.

I just completed James Patterson's Cradle and all. Mentally comparing this book to the other 5 or so books of his I've read, one thing I've observed is how much his writing has improved from when he wrote this one I'm reading. So many loose ends, I couldn't wait to finish.
- Spending more time on Quora. This app literally feels like home. I get to laugh and learn and ask the weirdest questions that bug me, anonymously or not. You can check it out.

Ah, this felt good- writing this post. Makes me sort of determined to keep on at it and while I know blog reading culture is dying and my final semester as an undergraduate is going to be tasking, I'm hopeful that I wouldn't abandon this space for as long as I have.

Thank you so much for reading this post! You're amazing. xx


  1. It's okay to still be confused about certain things like what and how life after school is going to be like, trust me you are not alone but the most important thing is not to let the pressure get to you. The moment you are pressured into making these decisions which ultimately determine how we lead our lives then you have lost control and trust me when it eventually dawns on you there will be no one else to blame but yourself, so take your time you don't have to answer to anybody but yourself. I love your blog laitanbee and I sure did miss reading your posts!!!

    1. "You don't have to answer to anyone but yourself". One of the multiple things I'm taking away from your very insightful comment. Thank you sooo much! xx

  2. Hey there Olaitan . Please don't stop blogging . Was really fun to read this and just know what has been happening with you . Ooh about the feminist thing , I was going to say that too but I said let me not find trouble lol . Glad to see you write again and hope to see more of your posts ! ��

    1. I'm actually laughing out re you not finding trouble by saying something about the feminist thing because you're no longer entirely anon to me. Hehehe. Thank you, I hope to write more too.

  3. After school, things will fall in place. Just get a good result and finish NYSC before you start to worry. Lol. We missed you.

  4. Thank you for posting and sharing this. Wish you the very best in your finals and after which, God bestow upon you the grace, wisdom and knowledge towards the path destined for you. You sure are a success dear... The world�� awaits your splendid magnificence.

  5. I'm sure you will have it figured out in due time. I'm happy to have come across your blog once more. Keep it up.


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