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A Year Older||Happy Birthday To Me!

No, writing exams isn't going to stop me from putting up an obligatory, not so obligatory birthday post on here. You know why? Because I'm typing this as early as March 4th, 10 days before my birthday. Not really because it's a do or die affair, but because I'm en route and I think this is the best way to keep myself busy and awake while traveling. I'm hoping I get to make this super short.

This year, I really wanted something different and I wasn't going to wait for anyone to do that for me. Let's just say I had an epiphany and decided that irrespective of how busy the weekend before my birthday week is going to be, I'd like to glam up and take pictures. Of course, the fact that it is the weekend before I start my final exams is enough to discourage me and make me think of a different thing to do but when I realized that

1. I would be writing an exam on my birthday after having written two the day before and being who I am, I'd probably just want to go back home, rest and do nothing special. Whew

2. It's my last birthday as an undergraduate and taking pictures to document it would be perfect especially as I did in fact take pictures on my first birthday as an undergrad. I actually changed outfit four times hahaha. (Those pictures were only in hard copy and as at the time of writing this, I don't know where I dumped them but I'd see if I can include them in this post).
.... I decided that yes, I would be doing this regardless of what my schedule and bank account says.

Oh, here's one. Hilarious. Those cheeks are goneee, sadly. 

What is this awkward smile? 

So yeah, I did it and I have absolutely no regrets (it's super weird that I'm writing this in past tense already even though I've actually not done it). I mean, just look at these beautiful pictures of me! (Pictures I'm yet to take. Lool)

Let's take a minute to talk about how life comes at you fast. One minute, you're sure that by your next birthday, you'd be a graduate and all. Next minute, life happens in form of ASUU strike and you're still trying hard to not let school stress get to you. It's all good though, can't complain too much. I'm looking forward to writing about my undergraduate experience on here. More for myself but hopefully it entertains you.

I'm not sure when I'd be opportuned to post this, whether before or after my exam but one thing remains constant - Happy Birthday to me!
In my 2018 birthday post, I said I was looking forward to all that God has planned for me and oh, he had a lotttt and in spite of the ups and downs, I'm super grateful. In my 2017 birthday post, I said I would probably not use the eyeshadow palette my brother got me. 2 years on and it's still as good as new, lol. I started this blog in 2015 and reading that year's birthday post is making me cringe so bad especially because of the pictures. I'm not going to link back to it for obvious reasons haha so if you're really curious, you've got work to do. Sorry, not sorry.

Enjoy these beautiful pictures and oh, thanks for reading. xxx


  1. Happy birthday Laitanbee!!!Yaay another birthday post,I don't know why but somehow I'm usually looking forward to them...I hope you have something nice planned for today,please do try to have fun irrespective of exams and all other factors.Beautiful pictures by the way,you've clearly changed looking at both pictures,I'd say change is good! You've probably heard this countless times but do you realise how modelling would fit you perfectly? I mean between the height,face structure and smile I'm no scout but I'm pretty sure Beth models would kill to have you,keep that in mind, whenever you need funds you have untapped resources dear,lol. Happy birthday once again,may God grant you all your heart's desire this new year,Cheers!


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