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The Packing Series: Books

As I'm rounding off my undergraduate study, one thing I'm definitely not looking forward to is having to pack my stuff back home. I honestly don't know which I dread more, whether packing or unpacking but I sure do not enjoy either activity. I defended my final year project yesterday. See photos on my Instagram and the single most important thing I had to do next was to start packing. I decided to take it a day at a time and also start out simple. I started with books.

 Packing my books wasn't as simple as you might imagine it would be because I get attached to things a lot. For example, I still have notes from my first year for reasons I can't explain (oh, I just explained it- attachment) and I didn't end up disposing many of my other books even after giving myself the pep talk on how taking 'garbage' back home is counterproductive. The aim is to keep my load as minimal as possible but with the way I still held on to class notes and jotters alike, I know I'm deceiving myself or who knows, maybe it's just because I'm naturally partial towards books. Hilarious.

I skimmed through a few notes and apart from getting nostalgic, I managed to convince myself it contains information I'd definitely still need in my career. What's weird about this is the fact that I could easily get these information from Google and I most likely would dump the books somewhere at home but yet, I kept them. Do I regret it? No. Would I notice these notes are gone in a few years, scratch that months time if I just throw them away now? No, still.
But here's the thing that makes me feel somewhat better about my choice. I'm a sucker for keeping things for posterity sake. I'm that girl who would take hundreds of pictures with her phone camera on a special day but still make sure she gets a professional photographer to take pictures and print them out neglecting the fact that technology is as advanced as ever and if you lose your phone, you could easily retrieve your lost pictures via backup. After our final exams were over, I actually dragged some of my classmates to a photographer's place just so we could recreate a picture we took when we were in our first year! I'm that girl.
So yeah, in years to come, I want to be able to show off the note I wrote in 2015 to whoever matters and more importantly, because my course is one of those where facts are ever changing, I want to be able to laugh at that page in my note that says a type of food can/cannot be recommended for a certain disease condition because years have passed and findings from research is saying something else.
One other thing I think I should mention in this post is how embarrassed I was when I saw the amount of journals I managed to amass throughout my undergraduate days. Having that many journals isn't what I find embarrassing. The real embarrassing thing is how empty most of them were. I was always picking up a new one, writing in it for sometime, and then dumping it. I rinsed and repeated this enough to give more journals than necessary. Sadly, I have to go home with each of them because they all contain writings and information as necessary as necessary can ever be. I even found one that I dedicated to writing blog post ideas in. Lol!

Okay, if you've read to this point, what can I say? Thank you so much! I'm not sure why I'm doing this packing series especially as I'm not sure how it would benefit anyone but I had to remind myself that my blog is a PERSONAL LIFESTYLE BLOG! So, here's it. I hope you in a way enjoyed reading this and found a thing or two totally relatable.

PS: I've been doing a lot of freelance content writing and I have to say writing this without having to worry about getting up to the requested word count or overshooting it is definitely a breath of fresh air!
Thank you for reading. I'd like to know if you find anything in this post relatable so, kindly leave me a comment. xx


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  2. I think for me, in addition to everything you wrote above; I see my books including textbooks, exercise books, journals, e.t.c as memory anchors or save points (gaming reference) for me to revisit memories of my yesteryears (not referring to what was written in the books, but perhaps also that). Not that my brain does a terrible job remembering but there is the 'finer details' you might and can remember by seeing, touching or smelling keepsakes. That and the emotional attachments these things (books and all) carry which is the probably the more compelling reason why I keep them in the first place.

    1. Sooo relatable! Seeing, touching or smelling. I feel like I wrote this comment, lol. Thank you so much for reading and taking out time to comment

  3. Super excited to have you back! Or is it me, lol?!

    1. Thank you darling ! I'm not quite sure if I'm back but then let's see how it goes. xx

  4. Hi there, laitanbee Congratulations on your defense and I sincerely wish you the very best in your future endeavors, there's a name for people like us and I think we're called hoarders,it's actually a disease you can "Google it",lol well I'm one of those people that find it hard to let go of things especially having used them for a long period of time,I remember when I had to come to terms with disposing pieces of paper and jotting I had a while back,I kept on asking myself if I'd ever still need them even when it was obvious I didn't need it,lol eventually I did what I had to do,I guess it just shows the kind of people we are,we are the special ones, dedicated to who and what we have to. Another good read laitanbee, please don't stop writing, xx

    1. Ayy. Hoarders is just the word, tbh. It doesn't sound so cool to me tho so I think we need a team name lol. I hate to say this but I kept my jotters haha. I probably already mentioned that in the post, lol. We are indeed special and it's so good to know I'm not alone.
      Thank you so much, I won't stop writing. Fingers crossed. xx

  5. What can I say? She's finally back!

  6. Nice write-up couldn't help but read well i think I'm different from y'all here so amma just pass on this.

    1. Thank you! Would have been nice to know how you are different, lol. Thank you for reading and leaving a comment.


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