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The Packing Series: Clothes And Everything in between..

I'm here picturing myself on the receiving end of this content and wondering if I would prefer it as a written or visual content. I'm tilting towards visual but nevertheless, I'm still putting together a written one.
Packing is stressful guys. Oh, I already said that in my last post but I just have to state it again, for the culture.


This was not as boring as I had anticipated. Probably because I did it at night and many boxes were checked (pun unintended!). It was 10pm, I had just finished seeing a movie, there was light, I'm naturally a night owl. Check, check. I'm definitely not here to talk about folding and categorizing clothes so, there's not much to talk about. What lesson(s) did I learn? Well, bracing the odds of going ahead with packing my clothes instead of lazing in bed and on social media that night made me realize and relearn that if you ever get the urge to do something in a particular moment, then you should do it. Someone pops into your head and you want to call them? You want to purchase something? Start a project? Like the Nike brand says, just do it! No overthinking and definitely no procrastination. Apart from the feeling of fulfillment I got post-packing, I got to relearn this important lesson the next day - Saturday when a friend I was supposed to meet on Sunday had to reschedule and come over on Saturday instead. I can't begin to go into how huge of a disaster that would have been because my room was a total mess and I would have had to overwork myself trying to make it presentable. Not like I didn't still feel overworked. Lol!
For bags and shoes it was quite a walk in the park, no stress. I only experienced slight stress when my hope of finding some long forgotten money in the bags was dashed but it's all good. Bags 1, Olaitan 0.

Kitchen items

This was the absolute worst and I'm not even exaggerating. Here's the picture, I had to wash almost everything in that kitchen from plate racks to containers for condiments and food items and to make things more stressful, water supply into the  rooms in my hostel had been cut off #pettylandlord and so, I had to transport these items downstairs and back. I'm honestly not the most hardworking person out there but facing the odds and stress that sunny day to fix things sure made me feel badass. There's a version of me that would have gladly taken these items home that way but I clocked the stress would be inevitable so why not live in the now and get things done? Right.

Toiletries, edibles and associated randos are not getting the spotlight. There's nothing much to say about them.

 I'm writing this a few days after the packing took place and definitely, the memory is still fresh but few months from now, not quite. This is why I'm writing this post. To be able to reread, remember and relive the packing moments of my final undergraduate days. Aren't words amazing?
Thanks for reading. xxx


  1. I hate packing, seems you really did a lot of work packing up,you're the real mvp, and as for living in the now,that's my life mantra, I try to live by it at all cost!!!


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