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The Small Things!

Have you wanted anything so bad but for some reasons you couldn't get it? I definitely have and it isn't a very pleasant feeling. I mentioned in my last post HERE that the first few days of this year have been somewhat gloomy for me for way too many reasons I can't share right now. Also, I wanted something badly, there was no way I could get it and that's equal to lots of frustration if not controlled.
Last week, I actually prayed for a surprise not exactly with what I wanted in mind. I just wanted something different and pleasant to happen and I wanted this surprise before the end of that week. Towards the end of the week, I started wondering why I hadn't gotten any surprise and then I realised I actually did get a surprise. Maybe not exactly what I hoped it would be but finding a thousand naira note in a bag I'd totally forgotten about counts as some surprise.
2017 I heard is going to be a year of pleasant surprises according to men of God and I'm so claiming that! This is just a little note from me to you charging you not to get yourself worked up if you actually don't get that surprise you long for. There are actually 'small' surprises that if you end up seeing for what they really are, you'd never trade for anything in the world. Simply put, enjoy the little things because one day you might look back and realise they were the big things.
Here's a list of 'small' things in my head right now that I think should be really enjoyed and not seen as routine.

- The sound of water filling your bucket. I mentioned that HERE.

- Good Network : I really don't have to say much here.

- Bladder control : I know this is really really off but the other night I was too tired to go use the toilet before sleeping so I decided to just hold on till morning and while thinking about it, it occurred to me that it's something certain people would never try and I was doing it like it's nothing.

- Food Security : Nothing much. Just what nutritionists call the availability and affordability of sustainable food all year round. No, I'm not using y'all to read. Lol.

- Positive Thinking : Works wonders. If you're a very optimistic person, don't act like it's normal. It really isn't.

- No breakouts : I've not been the most religious person with my skincare routine but some miracle has been happening. I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying the way my hand has been going round my face without bumps while washing it.
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These are just some of the small things I've personally been trying to enjoy more. There's a whole lot more like Ice-cream, Cupcakes, Bounty and the works. Okay, I kid. What little not so little thing(s) have you been enjoying? It can be a certain food, a piece of clothing, work of art, talent, a book you're currently reading,anything, anything. I'd love to know and hear from you. Kindly leave me your thoughts! xx

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  1. I know how you feel! But keep your head up. It'll all work out and those surprises will roll in! || Bloglovin'!
    2016 in Blogging, 2017 Goals (+ a genuine thank you!)

  2. OLA, something i have noticed overtime as i grew older is that, most times when i desire something so badly and i do not get it or know where to get it, its simply telling me i don't need it at that moment and most times its not something i even need at all, even money at that moment because i might spend it for the very wrong thing thinking its what i want.

    I had to learn to differentiate my needs from my wants overtime and to know the difference between them ven when the urge to ave something so bad comes upon me.

    Also, please for the sake of your health, do not hold urine for long. Empty it immediately the urge for it comes.

    Just as you stated about different men of God saying this year would be a good year, truth is i personally took those prophesy seriously to heart.

    Things will be fine ok...

    1. Hahaha, yes I
      know but I was
      trying to make
      a point, you get?
      Quick update, I'm
      not interested in
      the surprise I
      asked for anymore
      Lol, I guess I
      probably don't need
      it. Thank you Brenda

  3. Awesome post... appreciating the small things. Like stopping to complain about life and everything and appreciating the breadth you have. Some no longer have that 'free' air. Life isnt perfect but we can learn to love our lives and be happy, knowing that we aren't omnipotent God & therefore cannot control what happens in life. But we can decide to maintain a positive outlook & accept changes.

    1. Yes to loving
      the life we're
      living. Very

  4. Awww the sound of water filling a bucket.
    And bladder control... these little things count.
    AND positive thinking is so important - "as a man thinks, so is he".

    1. They sure do!
      It's very
      important, like
      too important.

  5. Little things like my man loving me even with my silly attitude... I'm really thankful for that. How are you doing olaitan

    1. Aww, you had
      to say this.
      I'm not jealous
      oh. I guess
      it's a lot
      to be thankful for.
      Thanks for
      reading love

  6. I know what you mean hun, I'm also going through some frustration with things I want not wanting to fall in my lap... But be positive hun like Kachee tee said it will work out fineπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

    1. Even though I'm
      replying this
      comment like a
      week later, I can
      still say
      Frustration is
      really frustrating
      ehn. I cried like
      a baby today. Lol
      Yeah b, positivity
      wins and most
      importantly God
      answers prayers.

  7. The little things really do count, Olaitan. I'm hoping for many more small and big surprises this year. And for you too. Have a great week!

    The Yoruba Chic Blog || Bloglovin'
    How To Style: Distressed Jeans

  8. I can imagine how you feel because that's where I am right now. 2017 started out pretty good but I am getting confused right now.

    I have been working towards something and I gave myself deadline of January ending. The month is almost over and I am beginning to panic.

    But 'v been holding on to loved ones and little things like someone to talk to, power, internet, bla bla. And just staying positive.

    Whatever it is, I know that we would get it all soon. This is probably a test of faith or something. To enjoy anything, you should have earned it in the first place.

    I hope that helps because I have been telling myself all these and it cheers me up.
    All the best dear!

    1. Hey Zinny, this
      is like your first
      comment here and
      it's literally
      everything and more.
      Please stop by some
      more. God is going
      to surprise you
      concerning that
      deadline. I'm
      certain! xx

  9. Great post

  10. This is such a sweet and inspiring post, girl my face has gone off, it was going well then all of a sudden period came and she's gone now but her work remains and i'm also happy about my SIWES defense that went well, don't worry that surprise is coming soon

    1. Hey b. I
      know more than
      enough about
      period woes and
      breakouts. Really
      sad something.
      Yaay, good for
      you and thank
      youu. xxx

  11. Reading makes me remember the day I saw 500naira at my pocket. I was so happy because I need the money for urgent matter. It's was like a gift from to me

  12. Great good for thought. I learn to appreciate the little things too. About getting worked up, It'd sound like a cliche but God actually is in control. My motto is from a bible verse, "..If he can feed the birds who don't work..he'd feed you".

    1. God is in
      control! Like the
      way He came through
      for me today I never
      expected it. Love
      that verse too.
      We're worth more
      than sparrows in his
      ever loving eyes.
      Thank you for

  13. I know how you feel but believe things will get better. No negativity thoughts. We should move forward, work harder and have faith in God. success is yours. It is well with you.

  14. I definitely get you. These past few days have been somewhat gloomy too but then we should really appreciate the little things of life. I loved this post and don't worry, the surprise is coming soon!

    ­­Subomi|My Fashion Musings


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