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Valentine's Day 2018 || What I'd Be Up To

My favorite thing about Valentine's day has to be the display of red outfits. I think red looks good on virtually everybody. There's just something hot and spicy about the colour that brings out everyone's extra beauty. Other than that, I've never been a fan of the day's celebration. I was going to say I don't even believe in it but then maybe my cupid hasn't found me yet so I wouldn't want to make hasty conclusions. LOL. I was chatting with a friend about Valentine's day and I realized that this day has never really meant anything to me, well apart from being exactly a month to my date of birth.

Therefore, because I'm tired of the everyday "What are you doing?" and "Where are you going on Valentine's day?" questions, I've decided to just answer it all here. What a genius way to get more people to read my blog. Hehe.
So, on February 14th, I'd be

  • Travelling. On a road trip to Ghana or to one of the Eastern states in Nigeria. Yet to decide on which it'd be. Exploring and learning and relaxing and everything in between. 
  • Eating lots of chocolates and cakes - empty calories, but who cares - while trying to not smear my pretty Valentine's day inspired dress. 
  • Writing love notes and hoping the recipient enjoys them enough to give me a perfect feedback. 
  • Going about performing acts of philanthropy. 

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I think I have a pretty good drawn out plan for someone celebrating Valentine's day for the very first time. I know you're probably wondering how all of these activities would be possible in just 24hours. Well it is, because that's literally my daily routine fine-tuned into a romantic manner as I'd actually be
  • Travelling and Exploring. Only it's through the pages of a book. Hahaha 
  • Writing lots of notes in my school's Industrial Training logbook while hoping the recipient (my supervisor) gives me an A grade.  
  • Eating not exactly chocolates and cakes but definitely lots of pastry. 
  • Being a philanthropist in my own right by showing love to the most random persons. This should be everyday but I'd putting in extra effort. 
  • Noticing and laughing at all the weird red and white outfits my Ibadan people would be rocking. By the way, my most embarrassing Valentine related moment was 4 years ago when I got to class putting on a PINK and white tee that everyone in class decided to see as red because it was February 14. I went back to my hostel to change. I wasn't ready for all the bants and teasing. 
    Because it's only right that I put up a picture of me in red. 😂
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I'm typing this post whilst feeling really sleepy not just to entertain you but also to let you know you can always put a twist into your almost mundane activities (if you have nothing planned) to make this day special for yourself and those around you.
Here's wishing you a whole lot of LOVE and LIGHT.

  • Do you believe in Valentine's day celebration? 
  • Ever had an awkward moment on this day just like I do? 
  • Where would you be spending Val's day? What plans do you have? 
  • What do you think about putting on red and white? Cool or not? 

I always want to hear from you. Kindly leave me thoughts. XXX


  1. Well I think it's just cliche to wear red lool

  2. Well.. I haven't for once considered putting on red on Valentine's Day.. Never celebrated one...Im putting on blue on blue tomorrow 😁😀😂

    1. Blue on blue is absolutely rebellious. Hehe. I wore green. That's pretty close.. Or not?

  3. I'm sort of the same as you, I'm not too fussed about it. If I had a boyfriend I suppose I would be saying a different thing though lol. I do like seeing what other people get up to. Love that your red dress! xx
    Coco Bella Blog

  4. Nice post, it's a great idea to do good deeds for Valentine's day.

  5. Red does look good on you, but I am definitely a fan of valentine! I believe people underrate it.


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