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Life Diary || January

Even though I know you've read about how January took so long and probably whined about it too a thousand and one times, I'm sorry you'd have to read about it here again. New years' day feels like 6 months ago to me and I'm not even exaggerating. Despite the fact that I didn't really have much fun last month, I wasn't really waiting for February to come so that I'd start living the way I wanted to. It's all part of the process and it has to be enjoyed no matter how hard it may seem.
I think I experienced literally every emotion there is to experience last month because my tired was just tired and there were a whole lot of things to learn, accept and realize.

- Whatever is yours will always come back to you : When this hit me, I realized that I've always looked at it from the relationship angle because well, that's where I always come across it 80% of the time till I almost lost my subscribers. Long story, how that happened. Scratch that almost. I actually lost them but God came through for me and we're one happy family again. Feel free to join the fam by subscribing HERE. Anger and confusion can't really explain how terrible I felt, really.

- You know when you find a really good book and you don't want to ever finish it? That's my current situation with 'Enjoying where you are on the way to where you're going' just as it was with The Confident Woman . Trying to come to terms with the fact that there's basically two ways to be fulfilled : By working to acquire more, or by learning to desire less. Those words aren't mine but I couldn't agree more. Either you work hard to get more or you just cut down on the wants.
Also, joy is in your heart, and if you won't fill your head with the problem, joy will bubble out. When it does, it will minister to you.

- I just realized how old school I might be. If I'm trying to draft a post on my phone and I'm in a fix, all I need to do is get anything paper and pen and more ideas would come. There's just this magic that comes with holding a pen. Wait, does that count as old school? Feels like it.

- Although, I've always detested the "Where do you see yourself in x years time" question, these boring days have started making the picture clearer and clearer but I still really find that question disturbing when it comes from others. Am I alone?

February is here and I'm just looking forward to all that it would bring. It's the second day already and I had to mention to someone how it seems everyone was given birth to today which is obviously a huge exaggeration but I personally know many people who are celebrating their birthday today.
Are you February born? What date?

This blog is going to be a year this month as per when I published my First Post (which I always feel like editing the life out of but can't because it'd take the fun out of how I really felt at that time) but I'm seriously considering celebrating it also in July which was when I finally realized that I really wanted to do this, had a convenient posting schedule, stayed true to it and also when I decided to start bearing this blogger tag. I honestly don't regret not being consistent from the very beginning probably because I even forgot about this space during the almost 5 months hiatus and there was little or nothing to remind me about how other people have been churning out posts. It's an individual process, I mean.

How was January for you? What was your favorite thing about it? Judging from tweets, it's either it seemed extremely long or went by pretty fast, no in betweens. So, which was it for you? You already know mine.

What are you looking forward to and anticipating in February? The first day of the month already brought a miracle and I'm hoping for lots more. I really want to read more fiction books even though I've been on one for almost two weeks - it's quite bulky tho. I enjoy finding out the almost hidden lessons in them.  The last one I read is The Alchemist. That book is hands down the deepest fiction I've ever read. I'm not kidding, it took me a while to get over how deep it is and I occasionally still go back to check out the parts I highlighted. If you want me to send you the e-book, just drop your mail address.

I always want to hear from you. Kindly leave me your thoughts.

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Have a pleasant February. xxx

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