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Life Diary||February

Happy New Month!

The third month of the year is here. And it's my birth month. Whoop. February was really sweet. Just 28 cute and fun days that went by pretty fast. I didn't take stock last month because I wanted a change but right now, I'm too lazy and busy at the same time (how contradictory) so I guess I'd just stick with it for now. Here it goes

Learning  - That nothing is actually perfect in reality. There's always some sort of covering up that happens - in every area.

Hoping - That I get some really pleasant surprises in this new month and that I make the most of the 31 days.

Wanting - A cute pink/purple Bible. All those ones with nice inscriptions by the side to make reading and understanding easier. Birthday gift idea!

Wishing - Someone would just hit me up and bless my bank account. Yes, just like that. 😒😒

Reading  - Currently, The Joys of Motherhood by the late Buchi Emecheta. Apparently almost everyone read this book in Secondary school so I'm a legal LASTma. In February, I read 6 books. All works of fiction and I enjoyed picking out lessons from them. I read
'All the Bright Places' - A book I found quite depressing but enjoyed still.
'The Notebook' - Another book that makes me a LASTma. I think most people saw the movie tho and they claim they were moved to tears.
'Hello Darkness' - Lots of suspense that gave me chills
'Are You Afraid of The Dark?' - By my all time favorite Sidney Sheldon. I literally devoured this book.

RelatedIf Tomorrow Comes

'The Other Side of the Story' - Basically made me understand how book publishing works. Not as easy as I used to imagine.

Wondering  - How much longer it would take me to finish reading this 'Enjoying where you are on the way to where you're going' book by Joyce Meyer . It took me a while to get started and now that I've started, I don't want to finish it because it's scarily too  good.

Related The Confident Woman - Joyce Meyer

Annoyed - By the fact that I'm beginning to get quite lazy with promoting my posts. Like, my brain keeps notifying and prodding me to schedule tweets and every other thing that post promotion entails but my body keeps putting up a form of resistance .

Thankful - For life, good health, family, this blog; basically everything there is to be thankful for.

Missing - My long sleeping hours. I started some sort of work on February 14th and I just long for those days when all I had to do was wake up briefly around 7am, sleep back and then wake up when my body is about to start aching.

Tired - Of people commenting on how slim I am and then going on to talk about how one of their neighbors/sisters/friends who was once like me and how they suddenly became unrecognizable after adding weight. This last month, I got it a lot. It's both tiring and annoying. Can anyone relate?

Realizing - How much a balanced account means to all these sales companies. I've been spending too much time on the calculator these days. Crosschecking and crosschecking 😓😓

Looking  - Forward to my birthday because well, it's my birthday even though I've been thinking of what excuse to give for having to skip work on that day. Also to all the books I'd read this month.

It's Ash Wednesday and the first day of Lent which means Easter is about 40 days from now. Let's make good use of its significance which of course worth more than silver and gold.

What was February like for you? What were the highlights of the month? What lessons did you learn?
What are your hopes/anticipation for March? Any particular thing you're looking forward to?

I always want to hear from you. Kindly leave me your thoughts. xx

Have a pleasant March.


  1. I want to read "the notebook", do you have it as hardcover or PDF. February was quite fast true, I read just one book "Blackass" you should read it, it's amazing. Cheers to your work and when is your birthday. I pray you get your wish and a bible.

    1. I sent you a dm
      on twitter already.
      I'd check Blackass
      out sometime.
      My birthday is
      on the 14th!Amen oh
      Thanks dear

  2. I also haven't read the Notebook. Plus your not the only one who has been less motivated to promote blog posts. I'm blaming my own on my school resuming. I've been very antsy. Joys of motherhood made me sad af. Its a great read but gahd, finished reading the book and was in shock for a moment.��

    Lemonadesociety.blogspot. com

    1. School can like to
      kill blogging mojo
      especially when you just resume so I can relate
      Lool, when I saw your
      comment, I wasn't yet
      done so I was wondering
      What kind of ending
      you were referring to
      Now, I'm done and
      I'm too weak. That
      book ehn..

  3. I can totally relate to being too skinny, at one time it really used to bother me on how often people commented that I was too skinny to even be healthy.. All that is in the past now, I love myself and how I look just fine.. Happy birthday in advance, I hope you get your birthday wishes.

    1. I think I'm more
      of slim than skinny.
      Wait, is there even
      a difference? Self love
      is major key.
      Happy Birthday in
      advance to you too
      dear and Amen.

  4. I finished consuming "If tomorrow never comes by Tracy Whitney" in February and it was far more interesting than i thought. You won't believe I've had the book version on my phone since the day you mention it on your blog but never bother to open it.
    And on a boring day, i just decided to catch a glimpse of it;) Got addicted and found it difficult to drop it until i read the last lines:)
    Thanks for letting me know about the story, and Happy Birthday in Advance!
    Yip! Yip!!
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  5. Happy new month, dearie!
    I have the exact Bible you want. Purple with inscriptions on each side. It is awesome. Wish I could gift one to you.
    Forget about what people say about you being slim and adding weight. Each person's story is different.
    Promoting blog posts can be a lot of work but promotion is queen! So may you find all the strength and motivation you need.

  6. Happy new month and happy birthday in advance.
    I used to be Lepa oh but somehow somehow, Lepa disappeared. Lol. But to me honest, there are people that can't gain weight no matter what you feed the, not everyone blows up after pregnancy or traveling abroad.
    Walahi Promoting blog posts can get tiring. I haven't bothered in a while and I really need to start.
    I barely managed to read any book that February. The ones I started I haven't finished. Too much stuff going on. It's been a while I read paperback fiction sha. To think I used to have so much time and I would read and finish books in one day. Good times! Yeah.

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  7. Happy New Month Love!!
    I watched the Notebook. Lovely movie, still one of my faves.
    I can totally relate with this post promotion thing oh, Lately I've somehow become too lazy.
    I hope it's not too early to wish you a happy birthday*winks*
    My Style Look Book Series


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