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Blogiversary 01 : is 1!

Whoop Whoop. It's February 21st. The first day I hit publish on this web space of mine. I can remember writing that Post and wondering if it would be enough and if I'd be able to pull this blogging stuff off. I think I was too nervous the day I published it because not only can I not remember where I was on that day, I didn't even bother noting the date till I saw a blogger celebrating her Blogiversary and I went "Omg, I didn't note the date" like the blogger app wouldn't put in the date. Lol

I can't believe it's been up to a year. Like, I had to check again. It was so overwhelming that I had to take the whole of last week off. I didn't do anything blogging related. One of the very first posts I wrote was on how I got the idea to blog and even though I haven't published it till this day, I go over it and I realize everything can be summarised into one word : Epiphany. My story isn't the one where I've always wanted loved writing and was in need of a platform to express myself or put out my thoughts. I used to write down stuff and innocently create content without even knowing that was what it's called and even though I like to say that being a blogger and being a writer are two different things, there's definitely a correlation somewhere but I don't really consider myself a writer though I love stringing words together. I can't say exactly how I knew about this kind of blogging to be honest cause I didn't use to read other blogs (not like I knew they existed) and I wasn't even on
Instagram  (I joined 7 months later) - where most bloggers connect and I'd have been more likely to come across blogs. It was sometime after I had started thinking about it the more that I realized I had once come across someone's blog via Twitter . I was just having a sleepless night with my head filled with thoughts when I had one of those voila! moments where all these fresh, exciting ideas pop into your head and you can't wait to start making them come alive.
Fast forward to a year after and it's been a thrilling journey where I've come to learn a whole lot of things I normally wouldn't have learnt. I think the most important thing I've gotten from this blog is Knowledge, a whole lot of it. Tell me to make a list and more Confidence would come right after it. I'd probably dedicate a whole post to this someday. Of course like every other blogger, I underrated the stress that'd accompany this decision. Scratch that, I didn't think any stress would be involved. I knew nothing about consistency,networking,how much comments would mean to me and all of that but it's been incredible learning and relearning on the blog.

Here's a few facts about the blog. 

- I do all of my blogging- posting, networking, post updates to subscribers and the likes on my phone. Everything. The only time I use a laptop is when it I have to do something really technical. I think it's weird actually but then I've never really fancied laptops and the one time I tried using a laptop to blog, I was bored and I just switched over.

- I feel very uncomfortable reading through my posts once it's published. The post I felt most uncomfortable publishing is definitely not the post where I had to share Too much information but the one on Staying true to yourself.

- The post with the most comments is this post on The Abusive relationship I found myself in. Also, this post on what to do when you go from 100-0 and can't explain it

 - The Abusive Relationship  is also the most viewed post . Not much surprise there.

- I'm not very emotional but I once cried when I thought that due to some negligence on my part I had lost my subscriber list. The crying probably had to do with the legendary female hormones at that time of the month. Hahaha. Join the mailing list HERE

- I love interviews a lot partly because I'm really inquisitive and partly because I was an avid newspaper reader while growing up (I still am but I'm not as consistent) and I used to enjoy every form of interview in it. So, when I started brainstorming content for the blog, trust that it was one of the first but for some reason, I'm holding back on that. There was a day I was already typing a mail message to someone I wanted to interview but I just freaked out and till today, it's still sitting pretty in my drafts.

I can't even begin to explain how grateful I am to every single person that makes this blog come alive. For reading, the awesome feedback, encouraging and fun comments, subscribing, Thank you! You make the whole process worth it. There's no without you, please continue to stick around.
Your feedback means a lot. Please let me know the blog and post related areas you'd like to see me improve on or better still, what you'd like to see more of. Your suggestions are always welcome. Please send them my way.  Also,your favorite thing(s) about the blog.
Your comment means a whole lot to me. Kindly leave me your thoughts. xx. And please subscribe Here.

Cheers to a better and positively eventful blogging year. Let's raise our imaginary glasses. 😆😆

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  1. Congrats Laitan! I can definitely testify to the fact that it's not an easy journey. Well done for being consistent and more strength to you. You def caught us wit that abusive post!

    1. Kachee😊😊. Thank you
      Lol, I guess I did

  2. Congratulations Laitan!! Can't believe you do all your blog stuff with your phone, I'm the opposite. I prefer blogging and reading blogs with a laptop. Love your blog Laitan, here's to many more years of awesome content! xx

    1. Congratulations, Bee. Cheers to many more blogging anniversaries! 

    2. I actually do
      oh. Lol.
      Thank you hun
      For the support
      and everything.

  3. Congratulations Laitan! You're doing just great. Blogging is definitely a journey and I wish you more growth and strength. I like how personal and relatable your posts are. Keep being you! Cheers.

    Evita In Progress

    1. Thank you dear
      I'd keep them
      coming. 💜💜

  4. Congrats!!!!!! I still remember when I was still a silent reader of your blog. I'm with you on the newspaper thing. I love em but not consistent with buying them again. I adore blogs and constantly read them!!!
    Congrats on the bloggversary

    1. Aww really.
      Never knew you
      were a silent
      reader but then
      that's why it's
      silent. Lol
      Thanks for not
      being silent anymore
      I still manage to
      read newspapers
      every weekend. Lol

  5. Congrats dear. The big 01, so glad I came across your blog and cheers to many more blogging years and celebrating future milestones.
    My Style Look Book Series

    1. Praise boo, that means
      a whole lot to
      me. Thank you😘😘💜

  6. Congratulations on your one year blogging Olaa. I can believe you do all your blogging etc on your phone. I tried once and it was horrible for me, i have to have laptop. I can wait to read more from you for the upcoming years. :)

    Sauniya | Find Your Bliss ♡

  7. Aww congrats babe!! I just hit my 2nd one!! Thank you so much for sharing this with us! Dominica from London, xXx

  8. CONGRATULATIONS!! 1 year is not easy O! congratulations, blogging is certainly a journey with it’s moments but we keep hustling!! well done xx

    What to do when you make more money than your man

  9. Congrats dear. Blogging on phone is really tricky especially on blogspot. I know what I suffered on my old blogs when I had to write a post on the phone.
    Thank God for Wordpress. Writing a post on the phone app isn't half bad.
    Congrats dear. Writing out stuff isn't as easy as it looks especially when you have to be open and talk about stuff you are going or went through.
    Wish you many more blog anniversaries. May your ink never run dry.

  10. Well done....and Congratulations!!

  11. Congratulations on hitting the one year milestone, it takes a lot of hard work.

    Your blog is very honest and interesting. :-)

  12. Yay! Congrats dear!!
    Amazing to know that you do everything on your phone.
    Here's to more wonderful years!

  13. Congrats Laitan! I've enjoyed ur blog ever since I read one of your posts I can't r'ber right now cos I've read so many so far. May grease dear.

  14. Congratulations Laitan! You are doing a great job. With the kind of posts and feedback you have, I thought your blog was older (that's a good thing). I can't believe you use your phone mostly,it seems a bit stressful to me.
    As a newbie blogger, I can relate to some of the things you said. Its really encouraging.
    All the best in the new year ahead


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